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By | May 20, 2014

I was constantly hearing Blue Oyster Cult’s familiar riff as I sat to watch this long awaited re-boot and I have to say, it was truly a pleasure. I did not know what to expect from this movie story wise because, hey, it’s a Godzilla movie. Since the very first time we saw or even heard of Godzilla was way back in the 1950’s, when nuclear testing was the norm, with the Japanese film “Gojira.” Much like many movie, television, and comic book franchises Godzilla has evolved and this time I believe it was for the better.

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This film actually starts off by showing stock footage of bomb testing and the hunting down and destroying of Gojira. Then we fast forward to 1999 (now that Prince song is playing in my head) and we are on one of the islands of Japan (I forget which one but Tokyo is not on it, mores the pity) where a nuclear plant is going into meltdown… or is it? During the better part of thirty to forty minutes of the film it’s building up to the momentous moment, taking us from 1999 to the present, when we see our first monster and it is not the King of the Monsters. No. It is the monster that brings him out of his hibernation beneath the waves. What we see is actually a creature dubbed Muto. It was the cause of the nuclear plant to go into meltdown fifteen years prior. From here it is an all-out suspenseful joy ride taking us from the Islands of Japan to the Island of Honolulu, Hawaii all the way to the shores of the U.S. in the San Francisco Bay, where the monsters tear it up… uh, or down would be more accurate.

Godzilla then and now

Godzilla – What I liked

It is a Godzilla movie, what didn’t I like? And I will not even count that Mathew Broderick film from 1998. I can’t even call that Godzilla (I enjoyed it, yes, but it was not Godzilla to me). Just the look of Godzilla is exactly how I expected him to look! He was massive when you looked at him in the destroyed remains of San Francisco. Scale-wise he had to have been over 300 feet tall. There have been some comments rolling around the net saying that he is fatter looking than the traditional more memorable Godzilla. That may be so, but he still went toe-to-toe with two monsters and came out on top. Yes, that is right, he faces TWO monsters in this film. It also proves that just ’cause someone looks fat doesn’t mean they can’t breathe blue flames down your gullet ‘til your head gets separated from your body.

Godzilla – What I didn’t like

Really my only complaint is that at the very end there was no additional scene at the end of the credits. Why is that bad? Well, I will tell you: There is no indication if they will make another movie!!! That just won’t do! I needs my Godzilla fix! Levity aside, it wasn’t an abrupt ending, they actually try to convince the movie goers that he has fallen but true fans know better. He is the King of the Monsters! Nukes don’t stop him, other monsters don’t stop him, he will come to your town and show you who’s boss. Thus, why there should be another film. I want to see him battle Mothra, Batrah, Gohidra, Jet Jaguar, ect. The sky is the limit with this and if it is done right, which they seem to be fairly on the ball, then they can go the distance with it.
I am hopeful for this being incredibly successful at the box office and, as I mentioned, there is a lot of source material for this franchise to keep going. Well, that is it for me. I got to go and “…there goes Tokyo! Go go Godzilla!”

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