Frozen Review

By | December 18, 2013

I can barely wait to buy Disney’s Frozen on Blu-ray.

“I laughed, I wanted to sing along…”

It was a great Disney film. The structure seemed as familiar to me as the cycles of the moon. It was a classic plot structure, with various ups and downs along the way to the ultimate climatic moment in the final ten minutes. There was an unpredicted twist (that I will not disclose) that was a pleasant surprise to the moviegoer in me who was enjoying the predictable plot structure. I laughed, I wanted to sing along, and I held my small companion’s hand through the final climatic scene (after the twist was revealed).

I was somewhat wary of Olaf – I thought he might be the Jar-Jar of the movie, but I was surprised at the small role he played in the movie. I think Disney used his character in the best possible way. He provided a little bit of humor, but also functioned as a portion of the back-story, and most of all he proved himself a true friend to Anna. He was not just a shameless plot device.

frozen review

I was also nervous about the movie having two lead princesses, not to mention male counterparts and the reindeer and snowman. I’ve been to quite a few movies that had way too much going on (yes, I’m looking at you Spiderman 3). However, the sequence of events balanced out the characters well, and I feel like I got to know the characters well enough to feel a sense of fulfillment at the resolution of the story.

I highly recommend seeing this film to every fan of Disney four years old and up. It will be joining my family’s movie collection as soon as it hits the shelves. I’m also considering buying the soundtrack before then, my favorite song is “Let it go”.

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