First Look at The Flash coming to the CW this Fall

By | August 2, 2014

Back in 1990 there was a TV show that lasted only a season. It could be said that it was an ‘okay’ show… buuut lets leave it alone. What I am about to review only a few have seen and it is GLORIOUS!!! I was very lucky to have the opportunity to get a first look at The Flash, the new show coming to the CW this Fall.

Editor’s note: The Flash pilot appeared publicly on a popular video website, but has been removed due to copyright violation.  The editor and contributors of do not condone internet piracy or copyright violation.

The Story

The first episode moves along at a nice steady pace, has excellent character development, and has a strong foundation so long as they stick to the source material. Like most new shows involving superheroes of late it starts off with a tragedy. Young Barry sees his mother being attacked by yellow streaks of lightning that has the form of a man in it (gee, could this be a setup) and somehow Barry finds himself suddenly down the street. He manages to get back to his house only to find his father under arrest and his mother dead.

Now we fast forward, Barry is now a CSI that is always late, but excellent at his job, and has a knack for science (not surprised). On this particular day we see Barry go to an unveiling of some new kind of technology at Star Labs with a friend, who later gets mugged. Barry tries and fails to stop the attacker. However, later that same night something goes wrong and Star Labs goes ‘BOOM!’ and a massive electrical storm grows over the city. A single bolt from this storm lands in Barry’s lab striking him and knocking him into his array of chemicals and sends him into a coma.

Nine months go by until Barry awakes to discover that he has changed. It is a gradual change that appears to be just his physical appearance, but he quickly (pun intended) learns of the other aspects of his change.

The Cast

The CW has done so well with the success of Arrow and it seems to have carried over to The Flash. Grant Gustin, whom is playing Barry Allen, may look wiry but I feel that is what the Flash would look like. He has a runner’s build which is exactly how I would picture the Flash. Jesse L. Martin, Detective Joe West, acts as an un-official guardian for Barry after the death of his mother and incarceration of his father. He has tried to convince Barry of his father’s guilt only to learn that what Barry saw that night was true and becomes one of the few that know about Barry’s new found power. Tom Cavanagh, Harrison Wells, is the man behind the new tech of Star Labs, as well as the accident that occurred. Wells along with his team help Barry to understand and harness his new talents.

First look at The Flash Suit

First Look at The Flash Suit

Now I know this is one of the key points about the new show that you uber geeks want to hear about. Well, at least not this episode, Barry’s suit doesn’t come out of a ring but the look is modern and it is very fitting. It is supposedly made of a highly heat retardant material designed for fire fighters which works perfect for Barry, as you will see in the episode he ran so fast that his coat caught on fire as he was running to Starling City (oh, that means what you think it does). Which brings me to my top three likes about this pilot episode.

Three Likes

First Look at The Flash - John Wesley Shipp

John Wessley Shipp: Then and Now

First has to do with Harrison Wells. Yes he appears to be a man crippled by the accident but there is more to him and I look forward to how it plays out. Second, as I alluded to a moment ago, Oliver Queen does have a cameo in this episode which leads me to believe there will be more probably for both shows (gee, took DC long enough). And finally, and this is the best one, John Wesley Shipp is playing Barry’s father! For those of you that are too young to remember he played Barry Allen in the 90’s version of the Flash TV show. I find this to be the best in that it ties both the old show with the new.
I have nothing but positive feelings about this show. I can’t wait to see it’s official air date. I just hope that it will be just as successful as Arrow and that it will spawn more DC characters to get their own shows. Only time will tell.

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