Dredd: the TV Series?

By | December 16, 2015

Judge Dredd: I am the Law

2012 brought back the best lawman to ever live and I don’t mean Sheriff Joe Arpaio (I am from Arizona). No, I am talking about BEST lawman in Mega City One: Judge Joe Dredd! Sadly, or thankfully depending on how you look at it, Sylvester Stallone did not reprise the role but instead was left to the talented Karl Urban, whom showed the true greatness that is Judge Dredd. The whole movie was about a drug bust gone awry but it was so captivating to watch him work. Not only that, but we got to see Judge Anderson, the finest Psi Judge to ever come out of the Hall of Justice. Now, this is truly sad, there is a lot of chatter and speculation about a sequel but so far nothing concrete. The more I have thought about it the more I am beginning to think we don’t need another movie …what we really need is a Dredd TV show! Think about it, does Ole Stony Face merit a mere hour and a half movie once every two to three years or does he deserve a weekly show? This is how I see it…

Mega City One

Mega City is vast, absolutely massive so that a single movie cannot fully show it’s full splendor …or, umm, griminess. Many things happen on the streets and Mega Blocks of the Big Meg that a weekly show would be able to reflect it. The city stretches from what was once Washington D.C. to Boston that is broken down into multiple sectors which gives a writer plenty of latitude to work with as well as many different kinds of people of numerous potential and actual crimes committed on a daily basis.

Mega-City One


Sure, Dredd always gets his perp but, save for the 1996 film, we did not get to see a classic villain in movie and there are so many to choose from. In the Sly film we saw Dredd go up against his brother Rico and the Angel Family Gang but what about the infamous Dark Judges? The havoc they caused alone could be the prime focus for several episodes if not an entire season depending on how many episodes there are. And, of course there is the Judge Child, the Apocalypse War, and a number of other events that would take forever to make movies for each one. There is conflict a plenty to be found in Mega City but why stop there?

The Rest of the World and Beyond

Judge Dredd’s infamy is known throughout the city and beyond to places like Brit Cit, Euro Cit, East Meg, Hondo (not the John Wayne film), and the Cursed Earth. He has had many adventure outside the walls of the Big Meg that can easily be adapted for the small screen. And, as corny as it may sound, it is not just Earth beings that cause crime in his city but off world punks cause just as much crime in his streets as human criminals. Alien Town is yet another place that Dredd has to hunt down perps. However, he is not as alone as you may think.

Judge Dredd characters


Aside from Psi Judge Anderson there is also Judge Hersey whom has teamed up with Ole Stony Face when facing the endeavor of ending another Block War. He also has help from the Wally Squad, aka Covert Ops, with their undercover work providing him with tips and clues in his never ending mission to maintain justice in Mega City One. Then, obviously, there is the rest of the men and women of the Hall of Justice that can be called upon to aid him, or be Red Shirts which is more likely the case. Let’s face it, Mega City is not a friendly place hence why Judge Dredd exists.
This is just an awesome idea that I would love to see. However, I have a stipulation for it to work: Karl Urban has to play Dredd. His portrayal was on the money and I am a stickler for consistency. If Minority Report can get a TV show then why not Judge Dredd?

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