Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods

By | August 9, 2014

Luckily for me I had used Fandango to buy my ticket, because when I showed up at the local cinema I witnessed something that I did not see at Guardians of the Galaxy.  A sold out show and every single one of them a dedicated Dragon Ball Z fan.  I got to see t-shirts that I’m pretty sure were ordered direct from Japan!  Scouters everywhere!  Mom’s and Dad’s taking kids to experience Dragon Ball Z for possibly the first time.  There were even older parents going to see it because the show was such a big part of their child’s after school experience.  Did I mention it was a sold out show?  I would bet that my local cinema signs up for more things like this in the future.

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods

Dragon Ball Z on the Silver Screen

The movie itself was good.  It’s not going to win any fancy awards, but it was a solid DBZ movie.  Not my favorite, and I believe I have seen 13 of the 14 currently released.  Tree of Might is my favorite, by the way.  Well, Broly is pretty awesome.  No, I’m sticking with Tree of Might.

Anyways, if you like the show or the previous movies then you will love Battle of Gods (or Kami to Kami for my anime purists out there).  It’s combines some of the best comedy of the show with some of the best action scenes of the movies.  They also introduce a new Saiyan character (sort of).  The world destroying enemy is the God of Destruction Lord Beerus, an easily upset always hungry cat person.  He sets himself an alarm to wake up and face a prophesied enemy, the Super Saiyan God.  We find all of our familiar Dragon Ball Z characters gathered at Capsule Corp for Bulma’s birthday, except for Goku.  Goku is training with King Kai, mostly to avoid the party.

Battle of Gods Spoilers

Not only does Lord Beerus not succeed in destroying the Earth, Goku doesn’t actually defeat him.  Nobody does.  He acknowledges that with a little time he might be able to have a worthy opponent.  He did manage to use 70% of his full power.  It was amazing that the Super Saiyan God form that Goku took on actually only lasted a minute or two.  It was during the initial attempts at doing this group activity that it’s revealed to all characters that Gohan and Videl are expecting a baby.  Shenron is summoned and asked how to find or become the god Beerus seeks, and Shenron tells them that it would require five Saiyans giving their power to a sixth.  With Goku being the recipient, Videl steps forward and offers the in utero quarter-Saiyan.  This works out though.  One of the coolest things is that in the end, it’s revealed that Beerus is not the most powerful person in the universe.  Instead, it’s his keeper, Whis.  The very unsuspecting attendant that we really only see eat a lot.  I’m hoping the next movie, which has a Japanese release date of sometime next year (2015) will touch on this character.

This was one of the coolest movie events I’ve been to.  The fan energy and love was so present it was almost another character.  Did you see the movie?  Let us know what you thought in the comments.