Doctor Who – Time Heist

By | September 20, 2014

The puzzling heist…
(Spoilers going forward!)

Last week’s episode, Listen, provided us with on the edge of our seat anxiety. This week the audience and the characters uncovered the plot together. I loved the scene change from answering the phone to flinging a memory worm from their hands. Everyone experienced a “What just happened?” type of moment. I was also pleased to uncover the reason as to why they had all chosen to wipe their memories fairly early in the episode. The guilt-tracking alien made for a convenient reason to volunteer to have their recent memories erased. The less they knew about what they would be doing the less guilty they would feel.

Doctor Who - Time Heist

I will admit that I suspected the entire episode that the Doctor was “the Architect.” It seemed exactly like something any Doctor would have done if he needed to interact with his own time stream. I did not, however, expect that the Doctor’s ultimate “reward” was going to be saving a hostage/species. I was busy wondering the whole episode what was in it for the Doctor and Clara, but most of the time I assumed that they would find the TARDIS at the end of this bank heist maze.

I really enjoyed the teammates in this episode, Psi and Saibra. I figured out fairly quickly and easily what their ultimate rewards would be, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was right and that they would be able to use them. I’m not sure if it was my own personal distractions during the show or if the six devices that they found were not thoroughly explained on purpose until it was revealed that Psi and Saibra were still alive and well. I thought that it looked like they had teleported, but I was still confused as to what really happened until they showed back up. I’m also still a little confused about if all of the people in the bank made it out safely or if that was a gigantic tragedy.

Doctor Who: Time Heist - Head of Security

I enjoyed how that Doctor worked out who the Architect was, and his reaction to this realization. We missed out on a second date between Clara and Mr. Pink, but I think that next week will advance that portion of the plot quite a bit. I am really looking forward to seeing how travelling with the Doctor will begin to effect Clara’s personal life, and I am always interested to watch the Doctor pretend to be John Smith. I can’t wait to see Clara introduce Mr. Pink and the Doctor – I can practically feel the tension already.

I have to say that I am beginning to miss some of the well-known secondary characters, even such as Strax, Vastra, and Jenny. I think this is due to how familiar it became for the Doctor to travel with multiple companions in the last few seasons. I understand that right now we are fleshing out the relationship between Clara and the Doctor, but I am really looking forward to adding that third wheel next week.