Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere

By | August 23, 2014

Just in case you needed to know:

Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere - Spoilers

In the newest episode of Doctor Who we find both Clara and the Doctor struggling with the Doctor’s new face/persona. In one chilling scene we see the new Doctor abandon Clara in the enemy’s clutches, after she had come back for him to insist that he leave. Clara doesn’t believe that she understands or knows the Doctor any more. Meanwhile, the Doctor is bewildered by the recognition he feels towards his new face. He mentions that it feels as though he is leaving himself a message, but he would rather just know why his face looks familiar and why he chose it. I am very anxious to see where this branch of the plot will go and how soon it will be wrapped up. I was actually wondering about this very situation about a week before the premier. The show has a track history of acknowledging when the same actor or actress is used in more than one role, but in this case there would be no one to remember the father of the family in Pompeii.

Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere: Vastra

We rejoined Vastra, Jenny, and Strax in this episode. I have enjoyed every episode I’ve seen with these characters, and tonight’s was no exception. Their chemistry is as vibrant as always, and we even got to see some slightly romantic moments between Vastra and Jenny.

Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere – “Did he or didn’t he?”

The big question I am left with after the premier episode of Doctor Who is “Did he or didn’t he?” The big showdown between the Doctor and the enemy was a battle of the wills. Did the Doctor have it in him to murder, or did the enemy have the ability to end his own life.

Another mystery unveiled is how Clara obtained the TARDIS phone number last season – a mysterious woman is tangling with the relationship, presumably keeping Clara and the Doctor together.

To top it all off, another mystery is presented in the final moments. We are introduced to a strange woman in Victorian garb. She claims that the Doctor is her “boyfriend”. My initial reaction to this was offense. How could anyone presume to replace River Song?! However, now that I have had time to step back and take a deep cleansing breath I can examine this comment as an exaggeration, a ploy, or fact. This is a new Doctor. He could develop a new love interest, but that would still be my least favorite option.

Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere - Missy

Could this new woman be the mystery woman who is pulling strings in Clara and the Doctor’s relationship? My first reaction when I heard that a woman gave Clara the number and neither of them placed the ad in the newspaper was… “Uh.. you guys travel in time. Why couldn’t it have been them?” I guess that theory might not pan out now though.

So far, I feel that Clara and the Doctor have begun to find their chemistry and that we can expect many wonderful adventures during this season.

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Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere

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