Doctor Who Mummy on the Orient Express

By | October 11, 2014

It was a little startling to see Clara as this week’s episode opened due to the explosive falling out that happened last week.  It’s explained pretty quickly though that this is her “one last time” out with The Doctor.  Some of the issues that Clara was dealing with in Kill the Moon are present in Mummy on the Orient Express.  Spoiler Alert: She totally changes her mind about everything.  Going so far to lie to Danny (Mr. Pink).  Let’s get on with the episode itself… Spoilers here, there, and everywhere.

Doctor Who Mummy on the Orient Express

Doctor Who Mummy on the Orient Express

The setting is clearly futuristic, but not specified.  The Orient Express we’re riding on is a space train modeled to look like what could have been the original Orient Express.  Similar to The Titanic from Voyage of the Damned.  Clara and The Doctor arrive in the Tardis after an old lady has been attacked by a mummy that only she could see.  One of the coolest things I was looking forward to was Foxes performance of Don’t Stop Me Now (YouTube link).  It was there, but very subtle.  I can’t take all the credit for discovering it though.  I found out about it through the ConGT Facebook Group.  A group for information about the upcoming Doctor Who convention in my town.  Anywho, back to the show.  Capaldi is definitely owning the role of The Doctor.  Or am I just  now adjusting?  Might have to go back and watch those first few episode before I delete them from the DVR.

So, The Doctor lies to Clara again and gets her to lie to an innocent bystander.  It doesn’t necessarily endanger any lives any more than they already were, but still.  It’s pretty surprising that after everything, Clara decides to stay with The Doctor.  I think she’s finding the new Doctor’s charm.  It isn’t quite as obvious as Smith’s charm, which was borderline goofy.

The mummy itself is a monster of the week with a little more thought and character than previous examples.  I don’t think I’ll spoil everything for you, but I will add that the show does what it knows how to do really well.  Make you feel sorry for the monster.  I really enjoyed the episode as a whole, but with no mention of Missy I’m really beginning to wonder how it will all play out.  I’m also hoping Capaldi lasts more than a season.

Our almost full week of glorious nerd Television closes out tomorrow night with the return of The Walking Dead.  I know a lot of fans are excited to see it back, but I’m curious about fans of another property.  How many are excited for Constantine?  I know I am.

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