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By | September 13, 2014

Doctor Who: Listen

This episode of Doctor Who knocked my socks off and tossed them across the room! We progressed in Clara’s timeline and explored the Doctor’s timeline! WHAT?!? Just when I figured I knew where or when we were going next… BAM we are bedside with the little Doctor. Clara showed her merit as a quality companion this episode too. Last week’s episode was okay, but it just felt like too much fluff.

I was excited about this episode going into it, because I was anticipating a spine-chilling, scary episode. There were definitely moments where I was holding my breath, clutching at my blanket, and anticipating a moment that would make me jump. I have enjoyed the scary Doctor Who episodes in past seasons, but this episode is going to be a favorite for me. I loved the pacing from beginning to end. I really enjoyed the first scene where the Doctor postulates about the universal fear of the unknown “monster” under the bed, or the prickly hairs on the back of your neck.

Doctor Who: Listen - ClaraAfterwards we got a heavily edited version of Clara and Mr. Pink’s date that kept me intrigued and guessing as to what had gone so wrong from Clara’s look of exasperation. Once again we see that Clara and Mr. Pink are having difficulties due to the assumptions about soldiers that civilians can have. Hopefully, this issue will shake out fairly soon. I am enjoying the exploration of the topic, but for the sake of the characters and their relationships I would like to see it resolved sooner rather than later.

I feel that the end of the episode was very well written, but looking back it kind of negates the scary scene with little Rupert. I don’t want to think that the creature under the covers was just a prankster; I liked being scared of what in the world a creature that perfect at hiding would do if it were ever seen. I won’t fuss about it though, because of what Clara said to the young Doctor was heartfelt, moving, and clearly stuck with him throughout his life.

Doctor Who: Listen - Orson Pink

I nearly flipped when we were introduced to who the astronaut was. I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out who exactly he was and how he was related to Clara, until they eventually (practically) spelled it out for us/her. I do wonder how much of the Doctor’s obliviousness was real and how much was his charming personality. When it comes to the Doctor’s companions messing with their timelines and relationships, he has a fairly impeccable record for sniffing it out on his own.

Where did the toy soldier end up? Did Clara give it to the young Doctor? Did she keep it? I’m pretty confused because the way they shot the last scene had the background all fuzzy.

One last topic for discussion:

When will Mr. Pink take his first trip in the TARDIS? I miss having two companions with the Doctor. I want to see how he reacts, and now that Astronaut Pink let it slip that his great-grandparents travelled in time, I can barely wait to get Mr. Pink on the TARDIS joining Clara and the Doctor in their travels through time and space.

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