Doctor Who – Dark Water

By | November 2, 2014

Editor’s Note: This article contains a scene by scene synopsis with the author’s reactions thrown in.  There will be spoilers, so proceed with caution.  If you have not seen Dark Water yet, you can purchase it by clicking this link: Doctor Who – Dark Water

This episode raised more questions than anything. It is not the best episode I have seen but it is not the worst either. I wish it would have answered more questions than it has brought up and I wish that Clara and Danny would have had a different ending this episode. I also wish that it would have been something different than Cybermen, but that does raise some more questions. What is Clara? Is she a Dalek? She has been in the past and future. I personally think you will find out that she is a Cyberman.

Blow-by-blow Synopsis:

Clara is trying to tell Danny about everything she has done wrong, meaning all of the adventures she has had with the Doctor after she told him she was done traveling. How does she start? She tells him she loves him. Aww, she loves him, but then the line goes silent. Danny has been hit by a car! He is dead. Wait? What just happened here? Didn’t we meet their grandchild before? He can’t be dead, they have to grow old together. You immediately start asking yourself, will the Doctor help? Will he figure out a way to save Danny? Clara trys to manipulate the Doctor into saving Danny by throwing the keys in a volcano, but you know the Doctor is on to her and all she does is show him how much she is hurting due to Mr.Pink’s death. Clara asks where they are going and what does the Doctor say? “Go to hell.” What? Is he really her friend? Did he really just tell her to go to hell? She starts crying and it seems like the Doctor doesn’t know what crying is. He is thousands of years old and he doesn’t know what crying is?
An interview? To get into the afterlife? Is this heaven? Is this hell? Why in the world are they in an office building? Did they really just ask Danny if he wanted coffee? Is that really a whole city? Ok as you can see there are a lot of questions about where they are. You soon find out that he is in the underworld or the nethersphere. The interviewer asks Danny if he has ever killed anyone. Well, he was a soldier so it isn’t that much of a stretch and then we are made to think that he has and that his “victim” wants to meet him. It is a child, you can tell that Danny is upset about meeting this boy and you can understand why. Maybe this is why he was so protective over the children from the last episode.

They have locked onto the time stream of Clara and Danny again so they know where he is. You see bones in fish tanks. Like full human skeletons in fish tanks sitting on chairs. They have been placed sitting down post-mortem, but who does that? Are we keeping watch on the dead? Wait… that one just moved. The dead are watching us! A woman meets them and boy does she come off as crazy. She says that 3W is in the business of after life or after care. Have you received the welcome package? The woman kisses the doctor. Not a peck but full on the lips kiss! THIS WOMAN IS CRAZY!!! She has a heart! No she has 2 hearts! Is she a time lord? She says she is a droid and calls on a doctor, her creator, to assist the Doctor and Clara on whatever it is they are looking for.

Doctor Who Dark Water

Dr. Chang as we have learned to call him takes them to his office and describes the water as something they call dark water. It will only allow organic material to be seen through the water. He then tells them what 3W stands for. Three words,  standing for “Don’t cremate me!” However, they are here for another reason, they are trying to contact someone. He will let them video chat with that person. What? They have wi-fi? Of course they have wi-fi they have Steve Jobs. The Doctor and Dr. Chang leave her to give her some privacy to talk to Danny. Before the Doctor leaves, he tells Clara to make sure it is Danny that she is talking to, ask him questions that only he would know the answer too.

Ms. Oswald does just that and the only answer Danny gives her is that he loves her. That isn’t what she asked. Tell her! He is trying to protect her, he doesn’t want her to be where he is but she loves him so much that she is willing to do anything to be with him. He won’t give her any other answer so she hangs up on him and both of them are heart-broken. Danny is given a choice so that he doesn’t have to feel the pain anymore. He can delete himself. WHAT? Delete himself? What does that mean? Where will he go if he deletes himself? Is there an after afterlife?

The doctor knows he is missing something, what is he missing? She isn’t a droid, she is the boss! She is a Timelord! The bones in the fish tanks, they are cybermen. Cybermen everywhere! They are actually in London not in an underworld. The cybermen are being told to burn everything. Everything will be destroyed. Who is this woman? She is Missy, you know, short for Mistress or Master as you may know! What will the doctor do? Will he be able to save Earth? We will find out at a later date. The questions will keep coming because this episode is to be continued……….

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