Constantine: Non Est Asylum

By | October 24, 2014

Constantine Non Est Asylum

The Constantine premiere, Non Est Asylum, opens up with John Constantine committed in Ravenscar.  Ravenscar is like a more realistic British version of Arkham Asylum.  Either before or after some counseling with Dr. Roger Huntoon (it’s hard to tell), John gets the ole zap from the electro-shock.  The line and its deliverance that stick out most to me during the first third or half of the pilot is when Huntoon says, “There are no demons!” and John firmly fires back “That’s what you keep telling me!  Now make me believe.”  Definitely puts you in the headspace that Constantine is in.

In the pilot we also meet Liv Aberdine.  She is the daughter of John’s late friend Jasper.  There has been so much speculation around who exactly Jasper Winters is and all the goodies he had acquired.  Much of the speculation doesn’t matter since the writers will more than likely explain a lot of that in next week’s episode: The Darkness Beneath.  One of the most important things to understand about Liv is that she will not be a regular character on the show.  If you have seen the pilot all the way through you know that she leaves but leaves John a map.  The original premise of the show was going to be Liv scrying out danger and John fighting it.  At least for a while.  The changes are going to be very welcome, interesting, and appreciated by fans.

Non Est Asylum Spoilers

Jasper’s Mill House holds several magical items including the Helmet of Nabu (Doctor Fate), the Ibistick, and Pandora’s Box.  Pandora’s Box was the odd looking skull thing.  There are also several rumors that the books of magic down there are THE Books of Magic, which would be truly amazing.

Updates (10/30):

NBC is pushing really hard for fan involvement, delivering online content such as behind the scenes and “extras” that you would expect to find on a DVD/Bluray.  Here’s a list of what they’ve released so far:

Modern Mystery: Who Is John Constantine?

To Hell and Back: Non Est Asylum

Behind the scenes photos

The Devils You Know: Ritchie Simpson

Sneak peak at Zed Martin


Since this is one of my favorite characters and aspects to the DC/Vertigo Universe, I’ll be keeping a close check on ratings numbers.  Unfortunately, NBC thought it would be good to premiere this show on a Friday… Monday would be a much better choice. (do we really need “The Voice”?)  So, the viewer count is 4.28 million US viewers.  A number everyone is frowning about, but in all reality is not too shabby for a Friday night up against game 3 of the World Series (Go SF Giants! #ChampionsTogether).

What do the numbers really mean?  Why are people so down about these numbers?  I have no idea why bloggers are already speculating cancellation based off the pilot’s 4.28 million viewers.  The Flash premiered with 4.83 million in a much better time/day slot and was previously introduced in another DC show: Arrow.  Speaking of Arrow, it only grabbed 2.83 million viewers for it’s season 3 premiere.  Ok, ok, ok, one more DC show.  Gotham.  Gotham is a show that is also getting a lot of “nobody is watching this, it’s stupid” treatment from other bloggers.  They’re all quick to praise Arrow and Flash, but the Gotham pilot scored more viewers than Flash and Arrow: 8.21 million!  That’s 2.23 million more than Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2 premiere!  So, 4.28 is a respectable number of viewers given all the data.  (by the way, I’m not even going to talk about The Walking Dead’s numbers… they shame the big two comics companies.  Congrats to Image and Robert!)