Constantine “The Devil’s Vinyl”

By | November 14, 2014

The Devil's Vinyl - Papa Midnite

Introducing Papa Midnite (James Shaw)

So far the show has been great, but I believe it’s actually getting better.  Some programs lead with a really strong pilot and then fail to deliver.  At this point I would guess that they held back a LOT for the pilot, just so they could keep pushing for good characters and plots.  The Devil’s Vinyl is about a legendary acetate recording of a man (who had sold his soul for music) being dragged to Hell during a recording session.

Here come the spoilers!

Papa Midnite makes his show debut as the man trying to get his hands on the acetate record (I say acetate record, because they refer to it as “the acetate” during the episode).  If you haven’t seen the episode yet, or any of the show, you can watch it for free on NBC now.  The main plot involves a woman who sold her soul to rid her musician husband of cancer 20 years ago.  With her time running out, the soul broker that had made the original deal approaches her to trade her soul for the mysterious record.  She uses her available resources and money to track down the acetate and takes it to her husbands record producer to have it analyzed to make sure it’s genuine.  After warning him not to actually listen to it more than once, he still does and it takes hold of him and he drives a sharp object through his ear into his brain.  This triggers a stigmata on the map to moisten and John checks the papers to find that his old friend, the record producer is dead.  Zed shows up in Atlanta and joins the crew officially, but Constantine doesn’t trust her.  When John and Zed get on the trail, he quickly comes face to face with Papa Midnite.  Midnite does inadvertently save John while he is trying to reclaim the acetate from rogue agents, but it’s because he’s trying to get his hands on the record.  Constantine destroys it by sending it back to Hell.

Quick note about the viewership numbers since I’m getting this out here so late… hours before the next episode actually.  Constantine is on the rebound!  800,000 more people tuned in for The Devil’s Vinyl than The Darkness Beneath.  At this point, gaining viewers is very important to get those extra episodes ordered and even another season.

One of the most interesting characters introduced in this episode was… the Mill House itself.  It’s bigger on the inside… and if you didn’t think that was enough of a Doctor Who coincidence, John even had a psychic playing card!  Although, his card shows people what HE wants them to see.  Way more reliable than the Doctor’s psychic paper.  Constantine really pulled out the toys this episode.  It even featured a Hand of Glory.  Papa Midnite was perfect!  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll really liked the character played by Djimon Hounsou in the Constantine film, but it wasn’t really true to Papa Midnite at all.