ConGt 2015 Clarksville’s FIRST Doctor Who Convention!

By | March 18, 2015

About a year ago I started watching, by the encouragement of a couple of friends, Doctor Who (and boy was I hooked). With that being said, this past weekend I was able to attend my very first convention! It was also the very first year for ConGt which stands for Convention Gallifrey Today. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was very much impressed.

There were families everywhere and, being a mother, I am always looking for something to take my children to. The amount of children dressed in cosplay was amazing and seeing all of the little Doctors, daleks, and even a little adipose was so enjoyable. You could have sat all day and just taken pictures of everyone dressed up. Even the security was dressed up for the event, in kilts. Could that have been a play on a couple of the Doctors being scottish?

Amanda and ConGT Security

Me and ConGT Security


This year the special guests were Andrew Cartmel, Robin Burks and Ellis George. It was so neat to be able to sit and hear Andrew talk about writing on classic Who and ask Robin questions about how she gets her costumes put together. As for Ellis George I guess I was expecting a spoiled teenager and was I WRONG. She was so great to hang around very down to earth.

Andrew Cartmel, Ellis George, Robin Burks

Andrew Cartmel, Ellis George, Robin Burks (photo courtesy of Amanda Blount)

I asked the events mastermind Edward Owen what made him want to do a Doctor Who convention in a place like Clarksville, Tennessee and he said, “Being a fan, I knew how much I enjoyed going to cons, etc., and no one else was doing one anywhere around here so I figured I would!” We are so glad you did Edward, it was a great experience!

ConGT Clarksville, TN Legs Nose Robinson

Me and Legs Nose Robinson

There was so much to do this weekend you could sit down and listen to panels. You could go shop around at the vendor hall and grab a couple of Whovioners (see what I did there), sit down to have your picture drawn as a Doctor or a companion, listen to a podcast and even get a couple of autographs. Saturday night you could have attended a dance with the band Legs Nose Robison (who write, record, and perform songs about the Doctor). It was great fun watching a Dalek do some line dancing!

My favorite thing to do was just sit and watch all of the cosplay, there was a couple of times I thought I seen Matt Smith himself.

I asked around to find out what were some of the attendees favorite thing about the convention and the response was awesome:

  • Amanda Blount “A true family event. Everyone from all walks of life and all ages having good family fun. The price and location were perfect for those who never get the opportunity to enjoy events in Nashville.”
  • Bobbie Stubee Jenkins “As a vendor… My favorite moments were meeting all of the awesome attendees that came by my table, Nummy Nummies Designs. Talking with others who are as excited about my creations as I am put me on cloud 9! I made new friends, new customers and thoroughly enjoyed my first convention as a vendor. I will be first on the vendor list for next year!”
  • Wayne Tillett “My favorite part of the Con besides meeting all of the attendees of course was the downtown city of Clarksville on the river . Just beautiful !”

As you can see it looks like Clarksville enjoyed their very first Doctor Who convention. It was a wonderful time and I, and so many more, cannot wait to go to ConGT-2.

ConGT Weeping Angel

Don’t blink!

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