CES 2014 First Day on the Floor

By | January 9, 2014

AnonymousGeek’s Trey has made the long journey to Las Vegas this year to check out the exciting things coming our way via the Consumer Electronics Show.  Our CES 2014 First Day on the Floor info is coming to us via TopicTech, Trey’s epic YouTube Channel and Website devoted to the latest and best in Gadgetry and Gaming.  On with the first day!

Logitech has a pretty versatile new mouse, the G602, they’re showing off at the show this year.  Gamers should be excited for this and you can read some details about it by clicking the picture.

Logitech G602 CES 2014

Tadpole is boasting the “world’s smallest Bluetooth Speaker”.  We’re not sure on the legitimacy of that claim, but it sure is small.  Weighing in a .7 ounces and a price point of under $20.00, this might be a very interesting way to share your music in small impromptu gatherings.

CES 2014 First Day on the Floor

Absolute Signal Enhancement Case “Need an extra bar…?”

In the video below, Trey gets hands-on with Absolute’s signal booster.  A little extra signal without a lot of extra weight is ideal if you’re on the go and live in an area noted for poor reception or signal over-saturation.

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