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BlizzBuzz Episode 2: Reaper of Consoles

News from Gamescom2014 in Cologne, Germany.  Joshua Mosqueira, Game Director, Diablo 3 and Matthew Berger, Senior Level Designer, Diablo 3 tell us that Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition includes a feature called Nemesis.  If your friend dies a creature may form from them that looks like them and attacks you, if it kills you it… Read More »

Is the new Transformers movie a success?

The question that everybody has been thinking or asking that hasn’t seen Age of Extinction yet is “Is the new Transformers movie a success?”  I was so happy to learn that Shia LaBeouf was out of the latest movie.  Megan Fox’s character was so useless in Revenge of the Fallen, and LaBeouf’s character was equally as… Read More »

Holiday Geek Gift Guide 2013

It’s that time of year again, the Holiday gift giving season.  Every year my family try to beat out of me what I really want for Christmas.  Some members insist that I keep my Geek street cred, and force me to be creative in what I ask for.  In keeping with that spirit, I gathered… Read More »