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Arrow Sara – Is a revenge story with a twist

Tonight’s episode of Arrow Sara takes some interesting twists and turns and brings back Colin Donnell to play Tommy Merlyn in flashbacks.  There will be spoilers going forward.  You have been warned. Arrow Sara – Season 3 Episode 2 Following the events from the end of the Season 3 Premiere, Laurel brings Sara’s body back… Read More »

The Flash Fastest Man Alive

In tonight’s episode of The Flash Fastest Man Alive, Barry works through some issues, both emotional and physical.  There will spoilers throughout this article for The Flash and possibly Arrow.  Please be advised.  I’m really enjoying Geoff Johns‘ involvement with the show so far.  It’s good to have a big name from DC actively working… Read More »

Gotham Arkham (this episode gets behind the scenes)

This week’s episode of Gotham Arkham is the first to start unraveling the very complex plot that our main hero, Jim Gordon, stumbled onto when he began investigating the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.  Spoilers will be found throughout the article going forward, including a minor spoiler for the AMC’s The Walking Dead. Gotham… Read More »

Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

Be warned, it’s hard to talk about The Walking Dead season 5 premiere without talking about spoilers.  So this is the official spoiler warning going up for the duration of the article.  Also, I’ve noticed that Facebook ignores special descriptions for it when you share the article, so I don’t want someone inadvertently getting a… Read More »

The Flash Premiere – great opening w/ loads of potential

The story of the fastest man alive started tonight in the new CW DC Universe with The Flash premiere.  This pilot episode was slightly updated from the initial leaked pilot to include a scene with Oliver Queen in full Arrow suit.  The special effects seem to be a pretty perfect balance, giving just enough super… Read More »