BlizzBuzz Episode 6

By | September 18, 2014

NECA vs DC Unlimited:

It’s not a very fair comparison since NECA has only one character under their belt and DC has 4 characters from the StarCraft universe and more than 20 characters from World of Warcraft.  Initially, NECA’s Diablo Prime Evil figure has loads more articulation than the DC Unlimited figures, if that’s something that’s important to you as a collector.  The figure also looked good in the packaging, in case you never plan on opening it.  Coloration seemed to be spot on and I compared with an illustration from the Collector’s Edition artbook.

World of Warcraft:

10th anniversary celebration.  Launching two new features to celebrate alongside the Molten Corgi.  Molten Core will be available for level 100 players with the reward of a Core Hound mount.

Core Hound Mount

Southshore vs Tarren Mill PVP area with two brackets, one for 90-99 and another for 100.  As a reward, you get another title: Tarren Mill Terror for the Alliance or Southshore Slayer for the Horde.

Also, if you haven’t logged into some characters since 2008, those names will be released and someone could take your name.  They’re not saying these characters will be deleted, but you will go through the name change process that is a vanity service, for free of course.


This week the community reps launched a new thing called The Waypoint.  They’re checking out the community discussions and curating the best or most interesting stuff weekly.  This week was all about “What if…” Legendary Gems and Hellfire farming.

StarCraft and Hearthstone:

The World Championship series has been moved up way ahead of BlizzCon this year so that the finals can actually be held during BlizzCon… so many games now with Hearthstone added.  Speaking of Hearthstone, they have officially hit 20 million players world wide.

Hearthstone: 20 million players


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