BlizzBuzz Episode 4

By | September 2, 2014

This weeks episode includes the very low key announcement from PAX Prime and a look at The Vault (Greed’s Realm).

PAX Prime 2014

Blizzard only had one unveil during PAX Prime this year and it was the addition of Chen Stormstout, Azmodan, and Anub’arak to Heroes of the Storm.  This isn’t really a new announcement, since they made it a couple weeks ago at Gamescom!


The Vault

So, if you could follow one of those pesky Treasure Goblins through their portal, where would it lead?  The realm of Greed, aka The Vault.  Amazing amounts of gold and some great loot from the boss, Greed herself.  I got two legendary items and two set items.  All in all, a great haul.  I’ve killed a lot of Goblins since Patch 2.1.0 for Diablo hit and it was my first pair of Goblins that spawned the portal.  None since.  Although I will say that while playing my new Seasons Witch Doctor I found and killed a Whimsyshire version of the Goblin that opened a portal to Whimsydale… that was pretty interesting.  Also, don’t worry about killing any Treasure Goblins you encounter while in The Vault… they haven’t made their runs yet, so the loot is pretty basic.  I only got a single Blue from them.

Diablo Seasons Witch Doctor

NEXT Week!

Be sure to check out next week’s episode, I’ll have a Beta walk around look at my Garrison.