BlizzBuzz Episode 2: Reaper of Consoles

By | August 20, 2014

News from Gamescom2014 in Cologne, Germany.  Joshua Mosqueira, Game Director, Diablo 3 and Matthew Berger, Senior Level Designer, Diablo 3 tell us that Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition includes a feature called Nemesis.  If your friend dies a creature may form from them that looks like them and attacks you, if it kills you it becomes even more powerful and hunts down someone else on your friends list.  If you kill the Nemesis, you receive some great loot and will send good loot back to the player that died and spawned the Nemesis.

If you link your Diablo 3 console account to your account, you can carry over your characters to Reaper of Souls. Playstation has some exclusive goodies including a Last of Us Nephalem rift and Shadow of the Collosus transmog gear.

On the show, I also showed off this awesome sword I ordered from my local comic shop.

NECA Diablo 3 sword


This is El’Druin from NECA toys and is an amazingly detailed plastic replica.  Wish they would do more like this.  Hopefully the relationship between Blizzard and NECA blossoms.


Curse of Naxxramas: Construct Quarter

Here is the deck list I used against Patchwerk:

BlizzBuzz Episode 2: Patchwerk Warrior Deck