BlizzBuzz Episode 1: Warlords and Peons

By | August 14, 2014

Today AnonymousGeek launched a new show on it’s YouTube channel.  BlizzBuzz is a show dedicated to all things Blizzard Entertainment.  On the premiere show I discussed the Cinematic reveal for Warlords of Draenor that happened today and the beautiful update to Blizzard’s Career Site.


So, during the big live event in Los Angeles this morning, Blizzard had a couple game designers come out and basically run down most of the stuff they said on WoW-Source.  Read our shortened article instead of watching the video.  The biggest addition they had was stating that there would be a special currency in Warlords (fragments) and that in the PVP zone Ashran, you would be able to loot a defeated player for half of their fragments.  This adds a whole new twist to WoW that hasn’t been seen since Diablo 2.  Before rolling the highly anticipated Cinematic, they unveiled and premiered a video short series titled Lords of War.  There will be 5 episodes to this and will be spread out leading up to the release of the Warlords of Draenor on Novemeber 13, 2014.

Warlords of Draenor Release Date


Now is the time to join Blizzard.  If this is your industry and you want to work for the best, I would definitely recommend getting into Blizzard if you can.  Their service awards are just fantastic.  A sword for 5 years of service?  I once worked for a company that gave you a $3 pen for sticking it out with them for 5 years.  Don’t get me started on the epic 20 year service award…  With Project: Titan gearing up to hopefully make some big progress over the next year, you want to get in now and be involved with the game that most people agree will definitely change the industry.  Just check out the beautiful new careers website.


It is the goal of BlizzBuzz to be uploaded and public on our YouTube Channel every Tuesday.  If you have a comment or question for me and don’t want to leave a comment here, then tweet @anonymousgeek5 and use the hashtag #blizzbuzz