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By | October 9, 2014

The Arrow Season 3 premiere was such an emotional roller coaster that I had to step back for a few hours before I could start writing this.  I feel that I should disclose that I did not watch seasons 1 or 2 of Arrow on television.  I recorded the pilot episode, because I’m actually a huge fan of the character…

Arrow Season 3 Premiere - Mike Grell Sketch

Green Arrow sketch by Mike Grell at Wizard World Nashville 2013

Unfortunately, I never got around to watching it.  We eventually deleted it from the DVR.  While surfing around Netflix one day Arrow came up as a suggestion and I added it to my list.  It was probably a few weeks later that I decided to sit down and watch the pilot.  I was blown away.  This was a character that helped inspire me to learn archery as a kid and I had the benefit of really only experiencing Oliver Queen after the brilliant and talented Mike Grell had given him a hood instead of a silly Robin Hood hat and made him a lot less silly.  FYI: if you ever have the opportunity to meet Mr. Grell, do it!  He’s very approachable and very amazing.  So… let’s just say that I pretty much binged on Arrow every night I could, watching 2, 3, even 4 episodes a night.  So good.  Unfortunately, I finished Season 1 months after Season 2 had concluded, months before it would be on Netflix, and quite a few weeks before it would be released on DVD/Bluray.  I turned to the only source I could find to get my Arrow fix: Amazon.

I bought the digital season and watched it through the Playstation 3 Amazon app.  I can’t really recommend this.  The quality wasn’t quite as good as watching Netflix on my Apple TV, but I steam-rolled through Season 2.  I was going to re-watch that awesome finale a couple days before the new season started, but I had the opportunity to watch it on a massive screen with a room full of fans to be followed up with Q&A by Manu Bennett (who had amazing stories to tell) at Wizard World Nashville 2014.

WW Ohio ComicCon

Spoilers! – Arrow Season 3 Premiere – Spoilers!

Here I am with the rest of the dedicated Arrow fans, desperately hoping the next week goes by fast.  So much happened!  Like the little heading says, the next section here is full of spoilers.  Well, for starters, they’ve changed the logo again.  This time a little more dramatically than the last time.  It has a more intricate look to  it.  Which is almost a commentary on the shows characters.  Things are going to get complicated this season.  There was a small name drop via billboard, Ferris Air.  Ferris was also featured in last night’s episode of The Flash.  There was also a major DC character that spilled over into Arrow in a BIG way, Ray Palmer (aka The Atom).  Palmer is attempting, and probably succeeding, to buy Queen Consolidated.  He doesn’t plan on stopping there though, he also plans to completely revitalize Starling City and proposes changing the name to Star City!  I hope it happens.  It’s been a weird adjustment to Starling for me.  I understand they tried to compensate by naming the county that Starling is in Star County, but this will be much better.

Team Olicity had its moments tonight too!  Ollie and Felicity actually went on a date and he began to really open up to her, before a grenade was launched into the restaurant.  This forced Oliver to reevaluate whether or not he is able to have a normal relationship while being Arrow.  The thing ends with an epic kiss, but it’s pretty clear that Felicity wants all or nothing.  We got a glimpse in last night’s “next on The Flash” montage of Felicity locking lips with Barry Allen (The Flash), so it may in fact be over before it really gets started between Oliver and Felicity.

Arrow Season 3 - Black Canary

Another bomb that was dropped on us as the show was ending was that Black Canary was murdered.  Multiple arrows in the chest and by black arrows with black fletching.  Usually a mark of someone from The League of Assassins.  Manu Bennett, at his Wizard World Nashville Q&A, did confirm that Matt Nable would be playing Ra’s al Ghul and would be a particularly nasty villain.  I’m not sure if I believe it was Ra’s himself that killed the Canary, but it could be very likely that he ordered the hit.

Keep watching the show and if you haven’t seen The Flash premiere yet, check it out.  It’s well worth it!  And they’re tying these two shows so closely together that you really want to watch both to be able to keep up.

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