Arrow Sara – Is a revenge story with a twist

By | October 15, 2014

Tonight’s episode of Arrow Sara takes some interesting twists and turns and brings back Colin Donnell to play Tommy Merlyn in flashbacks.  There will be spoilers going forward.  You have been warned.

Arrow Sara - Oliver grieving

Arrow Sara – Season 3 Episode 2

Following the events from the end of the Season 3 Premiere, Laurel brings Sara’s body back to Verdant (the basement headquarters for team Arrow.  The team immediately begins researching and digging, trying to find out who the killer could have been.  Also in this episode, Roy (Arsenal) is forced to show Oliver the note Thea left, after he continues to leave messages for her with no reply.  Grief is big driving force for changes with Felicity too.  After buying the Radioshack Clone she was working for, Felicity confronts Ray Palmer.  He clearly sees that she is going through something much deeper than a loathing of him, so he comforts her somewhat.  In the end, she decides to come work for Palmer.

Meanwhile, the team has been tracking the too obvious mercenary known as Komodo.  It seemed too easy to me.  In the end, I was right.  After several great fight scenes, including one on motorcycles, Komodo reveals that he has no idea what Arrow and Laurel are talking about.  He has an alibi for the night Sara was murdered, which puts the team back to square one.  Not long after this, we cut to see someone taking down two Kendo sparring partners.  In walks Malcolm Merlyn, which can only leave the fierce warrior as Thea.  This scene is almost placed to give the impression that Merlyn is a possible suspect in Sara’s murder.  I’m not so sure.  Earlier in the episode, the suggestion was made that it could be someone from the League of Assassins.  Ollie brushes the suggestion aside far too easily, so my money is on either a member or Ra’s al Ghul himself.

The flashbacks tonight revealed that Tommy had responded to Oliver checking his email and took his dad’s private jet to look for him.  Of course, this means that Amanda Waller ordered Oliver’s first hit on him!  Ollie formulated a plan to discourage Tommy from looking for him, which had to impact both Tommy and himself.  Playing on the overall theme of grief this episode had.  That’s all I have to say about Arrow Sara.  This show continues to amaze me with it’s good writing, good acting and direction, and overall amazing story telling.  The next two months are going to be wild, what with The Flash going simultaneously.  All these great DC heroes finally getting a good chance at being fleshed out.

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