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Supernatural Hell’s Angel

We start out in the middle of the desert with Crowley. The Horn of Joshua, that is what Crowley is after. I am not a religious person so I am not sure what this horn is supposed to do. I guess we will find out soon.

You ever watch a movie that has gangsters riding around on the outside of cars looking for rival gang members? Maybe a couple right. Now imagine that the gangsters are demons and the rival gang member is Crowley. That is how Lucifer is out looking for him. I think that takes a bit of his credibility away, don’t you?
I am literally six minutes into the episode and I am already asking so many questions. The biggest one at the moment is, How the hell is Rowena alive? Lucifer broke her neck!
Crowley has the Horn of Joshua and lets the boys know that it is the only thing that will destroy Lucifer and the Darkness. It has been touched by the hand of God, my only problem with this is the fact that they already had a couple of things that were touched by God’s hand and they were one hit wonders. That has me worried for this horn. Will this too be a one hit wonder?
Lucifer is in heaven talking to all of the angels, I don’t think it is going well for him. Of course they all think he is evil (because he is) and he is just trying to tell them how God did him dirty. I am almost feeling sorry for him, almost. It is so strange to hear Lucifer come out of Castiel’s mouth.
Amara is getting stronger; this cannot be a good sign. Even Rowena is getting worried about the power Amara has. We shall see what happens……

What sounds like a good idea? Summoning Lucifer. Yea that sounds like how I want to spend my Saturday night.

What the hell has happened? Apparently Crowley is joining Lucifer in Castiel’s mind?  Can a vessel really hold an archangel, an angel, and a crossroads demon at the same time? I don’t think this will end well. The boys will have to exercise Crowley as soon as possible.

The Horn doesn’t work and Amara takes Cas/Lucifer. What could she have in store for them? I am sure it is nothing good. Will Cas survive this? So many questions, I only hope we get some answers soon.


Werewolves, that is what the boys are hunting. I am not liking the way that this is set up, only because it starts at one point and then flashbacks to 48 hours before. I am not a huge fan of shows doing that, only because I multitask when I am watching television and it makes it harder to follow when they flashback.

One of the “victims” of the werewolf attack pretty much kills Sam. We all know how Dean will react to this news when he comes back to save these ungrateful butt wipes.

Dean decides the only way to save Sam is to die. That means will we probably see Billy and we all know what he thoughts on the boys coming back to life is. I have no idea what her problem is because honestly if she played her cards right she could probably have a little fun with one of the boys. Instead she is solely focused on her job and how boring is that. If I was a reaper I would have so much fun with it, especially with the boys.

Sam wakes up! That means Dean is going to kill himself and Sam will be alive! That could mean that Billy could keep Dean. Thankfully Dean doesn’t die, but he needs to hurry so he can go save Sam! Speaking of hurrying that brings up a good point. Dean overdosed so he could get Billy to hand over Sam, wouldn’t the doctor put him in a padded room for trying to commit suicide? I know in the real world they would.

In the meantime, one of those victims that Dean saved has officially turned. This will not end well. Of course everything ends the way you expect it to. Sam is the hero of the day and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Supernatural SAFE HOUSE

Spoilers- Soul Eaters, yes they are exactly what they sound like. That is what the Dean and Sam face this week. What is different about it all?

The difference is that they have to go to a house that Bobby and Rufus had to go to a while ago. They took a break from hunting the darkness to take a pretty easy case that was supposed to be getting in and get out. Oh they were wrong.

Supernatural Safe House

Rufus and Bobby cannot agree on what they are hunting, Sam and Dean easily agree that they are hunting a soul eater and that they should find a permanent solution to the problem.

It was really nice to see Bobby again and to see him working a case made me miss him even more. He really was the glue that held everything together. You never get as happy as you do when you hear the word Idjit from Bobby’s mouth, it was like an old blanket and made you feel warm and comfortable.

I have a feeling that Bobby started getting cranky about the time that boys started hunting full-time. Rufus was probably born cranky though.

This episode was so great because you got to see some of your old favorites. We all have missed Bobby so much and the end of this episode was especially heart breaking because while Dean was in the nest he seen Bobby. I am sure that brought him some comfort or at least I hope it did.

Supernatural Safe House

A friend of mine made the suggestion of having a spin-off with Bobby and Rufus. How awesome would that be? Seeing how the old timers did things before the boys came around. I would totally watch it every time it came on. It would quickly become everyone’s favorite.


Imaginary friends are common in adolescence; you may have had  one as a child yourself. My child was one of those that had one.

Zanna are a type of magical creature that guides and guardian angels to children in need they come under the guise of imaginary friends.

When Sam was little he was one of those children that needed a little bit of guidance. He had an imaginary friend named Sully. Sully would talk to him about everything and anything that he needed to talk about.

Supernatural Just My Imagination

Dean has a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that imaginary friends are real. He can’t believe that they can have boyfriends as well.

The boys cannot use the usual disguise of FBI agents to get into a house so instead they have to say they are psychologist, and even wear the Mr. Roger’s sweater.

Supernatural Just My Imagination

Sam even lets it be known that he has been having visions of him and Lucifer in the cage again and he is taking that as a sign that he is supposed to get back in the cage. Of course Dean this this is stupid and that he shouldn’t get anywhere near the cage. I am inclined to agree with him.

This episode was great because it talked about something that we haven’t seen before. It gave parents a way to understand the reason why their children may have something that they do not understand. It is always nice to think that someone is watching over our children and if that takes an imaginary friend then that is what it takes. Being a parent myself it does make me see what my son was going through a little bit.

He needed someone to talk to about the problems that he was having and that he didn’t think I would understand. It was a way of him working out his own problems in his own way. I have a whole new respect for imaginary friends after this episode and just maybe there is a little bit of magic watching over our children.

Supernatural PLUSH

Sherriff Donna is back and she is having something weird going on in her town, like killer rabbit weird. I know every week is weird stuff going on when it comes to the boys, but for the Sherriff weird stuff doesn’t happen much.

Sam has been doing something weird as well.  What in the world could one of the boys do that isn’t considered weird anyway? Dean has caught Sam praying. PRAYING! When was the last time that one of their prayers answered? I cannot remember when that was. Anyway back to the weird stuff in Sherriff Donna’s town.

We have seen cursed items before, we have even seen suicidal alcoholic teddy bears (okay he was seriously my favorite), but this is the first time that we have seen a killer “Easter” bunny.  No matter what anyone does the head will not come off the person that is wearing it either.

Supernatural Plush

What could that mean? It means there is a ghost possessing people around town.  Have you noticed that there have been a lot of ghosts lately? It seems like the last couple of episodes have been about ghosts.  Not that I am complaining I kind of like it. The ghost episodes have a lot of humor and surprises in them and that is what we have come to love from Supernatural. The fact that there are twist and turns at every corner.

The ghost has possessed more than just one mask in town and one of them is Sam’s favorite. A clown! He has a real fear of them. Of all the things that the boys have seen Sam is scared of clowns! I find that hilarious.

Supernatural Plush gif

This episode is funny yet talks about some serious subjects and I would not suggest this episode for children. It could be a bit much for them and they do talk about some adult subject matter, more so then some of the other episodes that we have seen in the past.

SUPERNATURAL “Our Little World”

Castiel has been stuck in the bunker for a very long time and it is showing. A lot of weird stuff goes down in Fall Rivers, Massachusetts. It seems like every other episode that is where the boys end up. Back to Cas though, could he be the first angel with P.T.S.D.? He seems to be having a lot of the symptoms. Amara is growing up fast. Kids always grow up fast but this is eating one meal and gaining 4 years fast.

Supernatural Our Little World

The boys finally have it figured out that Crowley has Amara. It took them long enough! That would have been my first guess. Wow that wallpaper looks just like the switching channels episode with the Trickster. What is that sixties floral puke? I wouldn’t have put that up in my hotel if you gave me a million dollars for each flower.

Wait, Crowley doesn’t stay in hell? Isn’t that where the king of hell should be? That has to make it hard to rule it. How do you find a property that looks like hell? Yes, I would like medieval castle looking place that would be good for torturing souls and a base of command for hell. Looks like I have a lot to learn before I take over.

Can you kill the darkness? It seems like now would be a great time to have a light weapon. That is how I defeat the darkness in my house, I just turn on a light I doubt it would be that easy in their world though. We also found out that Crowley and his minions are living in an abandoned asylum. That seems more then fitting for him and his demons.

Metatron and Castiel having a showdown like they are in the O.K. Corral and somehow it is satisfying. I am not a huge fan of Metatron so would love to see Castiel whoop his butt.  It would be an epic battle, the fog would roll in and then there would lots of blood, lightening, smoke, and angel swords and when the dust settled you would have Castiel just looking down on the carnage in disgust.

Supernatural Our Little World

This is a great episode to see where things are with Amara, of course you end up with more questions than answers. It seems like that is how we are ending at the end of a lot of episodes. Of course this one gives you a HUGE answer that I will not reveal in this article. You will have to watch and see what it is.