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Supernatural “Form and Void”

The darkness is upon us, the world looks like the zombie apocalypse has come (and in a way I guess it has).  There are not many that are not the “monsters” that roam the earth. Sam is turning into one of these things. What does that mean for the brothers? Dean is taking the baby and the deputy up to her Grandmother’s house.

Supernatural: Form and Void

Sam has taken one of the infected hostage, determined to find out some answers. Okay, well we knew from the last episode that the baby was special and freaky stuff was going to happen with her. She throws blocks across the room saying FEED ME! I am a Mom and when the kids where little I always wished they could tell me what they wanted but that is taking it a bit far.

If I had a job like the boys I would probably answer the phone “Ghostbusters” too, but hearing Dean say it while shoving food in his mouth had me spitting my drink all over my computer.

Wait, is that Death’s theme song? (And might I add my favorite Supernatural song)  It has been a long time since we have seen a Reaper, I kind of hate that she is delivering the message that there will be no more dying and then coming back for Sam and Dean, but I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.  When one of the boys die for good, I know I will probably curl up in a ball on my bed and not leave for a week.

In less than one minute I went from feeling sorry for Sam, because he was having flashbacks about being in the hole, to seriously laughing until my stomach hurt, at seeing Crowley dressed as a priest. Seriously how does he plan on getting away with looking like that?

Supernatural: Form and Void

Can the darkness travel from body to body and possess people? It seems like it can and that it has possessed the deputy and she is killing because of it.

Sam is dying, and with the reaper’s warning of him not coming back, that has me worried, can he change that? Can he purify himself so that he is not unclean anymore? Did he just burn the zombie out of himself? He has found the cure! That was a happy moment!

The baby feeds on souls!!! Wait, she isn’t a baby anymore, she is more like a tween. Crowley just admitted to killing babies! He turned into a real jack hole! Of course Crowley gets to her first, I have no idea what that means for the future. I mean can the darkness be good? Isn’t the whole story of the boogie man all because the dark is scary? We shall see.

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