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SUPERNATURAL Book of the Damned

O-M-G the feels in this episode! There were so many emotions from all of the characters that you did not know how to feel by the end credits. Just so you guys know Charlie is one of my favorite characters! The way she speaks to people just makes me feel all warm and gooey inside.But anywho you wanna know what is going on with the world of angels, demons, hunters and curses not my feels so let’s get to it. Oh and spoilers……..

The book of the damned, holy hell if there was ever a book to be damned then this one is it. According to Charlie this book is like 700 years old and was written by a nun after she received “dark visions”. If that wasn’t bad enough this thing is made out of that nun’s skin and written in her own blood. When they say dark visions they seriously mean DARK visions. Well this book was “owned” by a really strange family, that by the name of Styne.

Supernatural - Book of the Damned

While Charlie and the guys deal with the book and the Styne family, Castiel and Metatron are having a grand ole time together.Metatron seems to be enjoying being human and well Castiel is being very annoyed by and frequently punches him to shut him up. We all like a little violence when it comes to hurting Metatron because honestly who doesn’t want to see him take a long walk off of a very short pier?

Supernatural - Book of the Damned

Metatron is supposed to be taking Castiel to his grace, and they end up in a library. I guess if I was the scribe of God I would like being in a library too, but no he had another angel hide the grace for him and leave him clues to where it is, and one of those clues is ” What’s the maddest thing a man can do?” Surprisingly Metatron had other plans and tries to get the best of Castiel. Cass surprises him by finding his grace just in the nick of time and just like that we have full angel Castiel back!

Fast forward to the boys having their heart to heart of the episode. Sam thinks that the book will help Dean doesn’t. Whose plan should we follow? Sam does admit to Charlie that he loves being a hunter and he couldn’t do it without Dean. Excuse me I have to wipe the tears from my eyes now. I honestly think that is the first time that Sam has admitted to liking being a hunter. We all know he has been fighting it for years so to see him admit it was a real turning point for him.

Where does this all leave us? It ends with Metatron having the demon tablet and Sam teaming up with Rowena. We do leave with a couple of questions that weren’t quite answered like Why is everyone keeping the truth from Dean? They are keeping the fact that they are trying to help him away from him and that rubs me the wrong way on so many levels. Dean wants to get ride of this thing as much as they do so why lie to him? Let me also say that the chemistry between Charlie and Castiel is beyond great and I hope to see more of them interacting in the future.Until next time………..


Supernatural “Inside Man”

We are still on the mark of Cain and how to get rid of it. I really wish we could get back to the simpler times when it was a different monster every episode instead of using the same story line every week. Don’t get me wrong I still love the boys and will continue to watch no matter what but I would really like to be done with this mark.

To get rid of the mark Sam decides that he needs to speak to Metatron but the only way they can do that is by breaking him out of angel prison. Well, neither Sam or Castiel can go to heaven so how are they gonna do that? If only they knew someone already in heaven, someone who we all miss and love and want nothing more than to see him back on the show. You got that right they contact BOBBY!!!

Supernatural - Inside Man

I don’t know about you but I was so happy to see Bobby and when he called Sam and Cass an “idjit” a tear ran down my cheek. The plan is for Bobby to bring Metatron back to earth so that Sam can get the information that he needs out of him.

Meanwhile at the other end, you know Hell. Crowly is dealing with a witch of his own: his mother. All of us get a little annoyed at our mothers from time to time but if I had a mother like Rowena I would probably be just like Crowley.

She does give us a very piece of information before Crowley sends her packing. She tells us that the mark is a curse, an old one but a curse none the less. Do you know what that means? Curses can be broken.

A lot of things happened in this episode. We really didn’t get any answers but we did get further to the truth. We seen an old friend and shed a few tears especially at the end when Sam reads a letter that Bobby wrote him.

When will Sam and Dean learn that they are stronger together than they will ever be apart? I would like to see the two of them kicking butt together again. Maybe they can still call on Bobby when they need a little extra help? Could you imagine Bobby living in the “Men of Letters Cave”? It would be like moving back in with your demon hunting Dad.

We have to say goodbye to Bobby for now, but we will miss him like we always do. The good thing about Supernatural though, is no one ever stays dead for good. I have a feeling we will see Bobby again. Until then we have our memories.

Supernatural “Paint it Black”

Ever wonder what nuns did before they became a nun? I had never really given it any thought before tonight. I guess I thought they came out of the womb wearing little habits. We find out in this episode that that is far from the truth. They were normal people, they had love lives! Sometimes those love lives didn’t end very well either.

Crowley, Crowley, Crowley! If I was stranded on a desert island I would want Crowley there to keep me entertained. His quick is something of legends and his mom Rowena is just a peach. She really knows how to annoy someone to get what she wants.

This episode had me questioning a couple of things that I thought were truths. I would think that a catholic church would have precautions against things like demons and vengeful spirits. It just seems like a priest would want to make sure that his parishioners are protected even if that threat is of the supernatural kind.

Supernatural - Paint it Black

Speaking of nuns and churches, I really do think this is the first episode that takes place in a Catholic church. How in the world did Supernatural go so many seasons without being in a Catholic church? I know I am probably wrong but right off-hand I can not think of one.

I guess by now you have figured out who the vengeful spirit was and if not stop reading right now and go watch because there are some spoilers coming your way. The spirit is a nun from the 1520s and, why is she so mad? She is mad because she was friend-zoned. WHAT? I mean sure I have met a couple of guys that I was upset with because they didn’t move me out of the “one of the guys” category, but never enough to go psycho crazy on a dude.

Rowena on the other hand is having so much while she is down in hell with her lovely son Crowley. Have I mentioned that I love Crowley? She has FINALLY met with the witch coven leader and she is just having so much fun with her. No they are not drinking tea and gossiping about the queen. More like one is chained to a chair and the other is getting in a couple of hits in.

After everything is said and done Sam and Dean save the day and head on home, to find out more about that blasted mark. I am so over that mark. I really am. The story of it just seemed to get old with Cain gone. Oh well there is good news though….. it looks like Bobby may be back (at least for one episode). Sorry that was me squealing like a little school girl. I am so excited. See you then.


Supernatural “The Things They Carried”

Since starting this review these types of episodes have been the hardest for me to write. It isn’t because they are all emotional it because not a lot happens. Yes you have monsters and you have someone dyeing (hopefully the bad guy) but there isn’t a lot of action to speak about. There is more dialogue to these types of episodes and that isn’t a bad thing. I just find it hard to write about without giving away the whole episode, and what fun would reading a review that just tells you what happens be? I am gonna try my best…..

We meet the boys with Sam still looking at how to get rid of the mark from Dean. Why won’t he give it up already? We all know there is no “cure” and that Dean will just have to live with it. Of course they catch wind of a very odd death and decide that it is just their cup of tea and take off to investigate.

What they find is 2 dead bodies in what appears to be a murder/suicide and let me say that this episode deals with things that are hard on some people. It brings up suicide and how it affects our military mostly and that can be difficult to deal with. With that being said let’s get back to the make-believe monsters and we will come back to the real ones later.
They end up finding a suspect and an old friend in this town. The old friend that would be Cole (You remember him, he was that guy that went after Dean because he killed his Daddy.) You know the war hero. Well the suspect just so happens to be a friend of Cole’s.

The Things They Carried

The boys end up dealing with a very thirsty bug. They of course split up Sam to go be with the suspect and Dean to hang out with Cole. Cole and Dean end up making a cabin in the woods into their own little heart to heart sweat lodge. You have to watch the episode just for the touchy feeling stuff that goes on between Dean and Cole. Maybe someone forgiving Dean will help him heal from the mark? We can only hope.

When it comes down to it though someone has to die. That is how it has to be. It is sad but the truth of Supernatural and thankfully when the boys die it isn’t for long. The body count isn’t to high in this one though. Does that mean the writers are getting soft? I don’t think so, I just think that they introduced some very heavy information at the beginning and didn’t wanna over shadow that. I salute the writers of this episode for showing the people of Supernatural what some military members and their families have to deal with on a daily basis. With that being said I leave you with this……. If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide please call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 (800) 273-8255