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Supernatural “The Executioner’s Song”

What is DNA? DNA-a self-replicating material present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes. It is the carrier of genetic information. Does it just dictate how you look, or is it much deeper than that? Will it also tell you how you act? That question has baffled scientists since they discovered it years ago.


Let me just say I love Timothy Omundson and he makes an awesome Cain and in this episode we get to see him again. I wish we could have seen more of him this season. His character adds so much to the Supernatural family. The writers of the show could have done so much with his story line, but they didn’t. With that being said let’s jump right into the episode.

Supernatural - The Executioner's Song

Cain visits an inmate (a murderer) in his cell in prison and what does he say to him but the most awesome line ever, “Did I come here to punish you or to save you?” He says he is there to do both and then promptly kills him. The first time we met Cain though he was done with killing, so what does this mean? I am guessing when you are Cain that killing is kinda like a drug. You have to stay away from killing to stay clean and when the boys came a calling it was like putting the drugs into his system.

Castiel has found Cain’s “dumping ground” and Cain too. Why is he killing again? Cain reveals that he is wanting to get rid of his blood line. Does he think if he kills them all that there will be no more killers in the world? I doubt that. I think this is just an excuse for him to feed his blood lust.

The boys call Crowley so that they can get the first blade back and Crowley meets them. He tells them that he will hand it to Dean after they capture Cain, but they have to give it back to Crowley after Dean kills Cain. Why in the world would you give the king of hell a blade that can kill anything? I don’t think that is very smart at all.

Supernatural - The Executioner's Song

Of course they are able to capture him and soon the fight ensues. Dean has met his match now he can barely get a hit in. We find out though that the blade does not belong to the mark but it belongs to Cain and, no matter what, will always go back to him. This battle between Cain and Dean reminds me of another famous battle and surprisingly ends the same way. It would have made my night if only Cain would have looked at Dean and said “Dean I am your father.” That would have been EPIC! Dean really does not want to kill him and in almost a begging tone asks if there is another way.

Eventually Cain accepts his fate and the deed is done. No one knows how Dean will emerge, will he be demon Dean again or will he be the old Dean. When he does come out with the blade Crowley is expecting Dean to just hand over the blade to him but Dean doesn’t he hands it to Castiel.

This battle may be over and Dean may be alive but we all know that the war is not over and that Dean is in trouble. How much trouble? Only time will tell on that one. We have to wait to find out though because not only will the boys not be back for a whole month but they will be moving to Wednesdays. I will see you then……….

Supernatural “Halt & Catch Fire”

What is a spirit? When you Google the definition of spirit you get “the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.” That is an excellent definition, but it raises so many more questions. What is a soul? Are we just emotional creatures and do our emotions live on after we die? I doubt any of us will get the answers to these questions in our lifetimes, but I think that Supernatural does an awesome job in trying to give us some answers.

Your reading this blog post right now on a device, that is running the internet. Think about how many devices that you have in your house right now that runs on the internet, wi-fi to be exact. Most people have smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, tv’s, video consoles, etc. We seem to want to connect with someone but what if we ended up connecting with something instead?

Supernatural: Halt and Catch Fire


Imagine when you were in college that you did a very bad thing, like I know What You Did Last Summer bad thing. Now imagine that it wasn’t an actual person coming after you and your friends but the spirit of the person you killed. Yea this episode is just like that.

Have you ever had your GPS on in your vehicle and get mad at it and curse it a bit? I know I have, but I can also say that my GPShas never spoken back and it sure has not cursed back at me. I would probably pull over get out and never drive again, but that would be the smart thing to do and when are they ever smart in television shows? Of course the driver this time just looks at it and what happened well he ends up in a river. I know I will say thank you to my GPS from now on.

Ever been online and get a chat bubble pop-up from someone you don’t know? Well after you watch this episode you won’t be answering that chat anymore, this one was a real killer. <insert evil laugh>

You get the gist of what is going on. You know Sam and Dean will save the day but you will have to watch the episode to see how that happens. What this really hits on, and of course waits until the last five minutes to do so, is how Dean is gonna deal with that blasted mark on his arm. He decides that he is gonna try to find peace and not find a cure for the mark.

Sam of course protests this because they are so close to finding a cure. Really? Cain had this mark since he killed Able in the B.C. times and they expect to find a cure? I am sure if there was one Cain would have found it centuries ago.

Since Dean has come to terms with the mark does that mean they will be getting back to actually doing cases or will it still be a fight with the angels or with Crowley every episode? We still need answers on Crowley’s mother and a couple of other things and we do not have many more episodes in the season. Will we have to wait for a season 11? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Supernatural “About a Boy”

Dean is working hard to remove the mark from his arm, maybe a little to hard. That is why when Sam catches a case Dean agrees to go along and help. A person has disappeared leaving behind nothing but their clothes. The locals have no explanation for it unless you count aliens and we all know it is never aliens. Fairies, witches, demons, angels even little green men but never aliens.
They split up Sam goes to check out the house and Dean goes to the bar to check out the last place that the guy was seen. While there he starts chatting up a woman and they find out that they have a lot in common. Maybe this would be good for Dean he needs to have a good woman in his life. He needs something to take his mind off that mark. The woman goes to leave and Dean notices a very creepy man following her so Dean has to be the knight in shinning armor sand save the day, except what he finds is a blinding light. The next thing he knows he wakes up as a child.

Supernatural - About a boy

In this episode a witch is turning adults that wouldn’t be missed into children, because taking an actual child would raise to many red flags. You have to give it to the witch though at least she isn’t harming actual children even though it is only because she doesn’t wanna be caught. That sounds familiar doesn’t it? A witch that wants little children. Especially children to eat.
“Hansel took his little sister by the hand, and followed the pebbles which shone like newly-coined silver pieces, and showed them the way.” ― Jacob Grimm

Supernatural - Retelling the story of Hansel and Gretel

Know the story now? Of course this is Supernatural so we can’t have it the same way. According the witch Hansel helped eat his sister and continues to help her find people who no one will miss and turn them into children so they can eat them. The witch does tell us that she is doing some work for the grand coven and that it has to do with Rowana. What is going on with Crowley’s mom?
We missed them in this episode and that kinda made me sad and wonder what do Crowley and Castiel do when they are not with the boys. Is it business as usual or while the boys are out protecting people is Rowana getting her claws in deeper. It will be interesting to find out what is going on there.

The good news is though that the witch still meets the same fate only by the hands of Dean and not someone else and Dean didn’t go all kinds of crazy and kill everyone in the room so that is a victory. While Dean was a child again he was introduced to some new music too. I am sure Taylor Swift will be happy to know that the best hunters in the world are now on her side.
This episode reminded us why we fell in love with Supernatual to begin with. It isn’t always demons, marks and the end of the world. Sometimes it is bad people who need to be stopped and when you have knights like Sam and Dean there will always be damsels in distress.

Supernatural “There’s No Place Like Home”

Lions, Tigers and…….. CHARLIE! The last time we seen Charlie she was headed to Oz (yes that Oz) with Dorothy. What is she doing back? Well we will find out.
Dean has decided the way to beat the evil within him is get all health guru. He even makes Sam and himself egg white omelets, which of course Dean hates. They are still looking for leads on how to remove the mark, I hate to admit it but I think he is stuck it for right now and the future. While doing research Sam comes across Charlie torturing people. Sweet little Charlie, it was hard to believe.

There's No Place Like Home - Felicia Day

We find out that Charlie is going after the person that was drunk one night and killed her parents in a car accident. You can understand why she wants revenge but enough to torture people to find the man who did it? She escapes from the boys by slashing the tires on baby. I thought Dean was gonna cry, but while they look on Charlie pulls up. Wait she just left? something happened in Oz and it split Charlie in two. One that is Evil and one that is good.

They think it is a good idea for Dean to follow Evil Charlie and for Good Charlie and Sam to go back to the bunker and find a way to make them whole again. Sending Dean to watch over someone who wants blood is like taking an alcoholic and setting them in a bar. I don’t see how this was such a good idea.

Evil Charlie ends up finding the guy who killed her parents and of course kills him. Sam and the Good Charlie find out how to bring them back together and one of the things they have to do is kill the wizard. This episode was good but kinda predictable. It was a nice little break from all of the end of days stuff they talk about in every other episode I only wish it would have had more OZ stuff going on in it. Give me a flying monkey and a green witch. At least a lollipop kid or a munchkin, but alas they didn’t. I do wonder if we will see OZ again in the future though, and if not Oz maybe some other fairy tale land. I am sure there is a wardrobe in the bunker somewhere. I guess we will just have to wait and see and until then, in the words of Charlie…..”arrivederci bitches” (I love Charlie’s spunk)!