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Supernatural “The Hunter Games”

Spoilers….We have been waiting patiently for the return of Supernatural and we finally got what we wanted. If you remember from last time Dean “reactivated” the mark of Cain and maybe demon Dean again. Will we get some answers in this episode? We also found Castiel looking for his vessel’s daughter, Claire, and finding her but with her not really wanting anything to do with the angel that essentially killed her father. Will these two have closure? We also met a witch named Rowena. Who is Rowena? Well she is no other the Crowley’s mother. What does she have in plan now that she knows her son is the king of hell? We will see……

The mark of Cain has everyone worried and I guess it should but why? I mean Cain has lived with the mark since the start of man and he hasn’t always been a psycho crazy person. Does that mean you can only be a son of Adam to keep the mark and not want to kill every person you see or does it mean that maybe all of us have a little bit of a killer in us and it just takes a little will-power to over come it?
Castiel has asked for help with the mark from someone we know all to well and wish we could forget and that is Metatron. Honestly I do not like this guy. He may be the scribe of God but boy does he have a big head. I think he believes he is better than everyone else and he isn’t. I mean have you seen Dean and Sam Winchester? You know he has something up his sleeve and he isn’t willing going to help the boys but will that hurt him in the long run? Dean has no problems with killing he has made that perfectly clear. All that he tells the boys to begin with is that they need the first blade again, and then says he will need “payment” for every piece of information he gives them from here in out. When he doesn’t freely give Dean the answers he wants he starts beating up on him, which causes Castiel to have to blow the door apart so that him and Sam can come save Metatron.

The Hunter Games

We catch Rowen hiding hexbags making her “bonnie lass” have visions, but what is her end game. She has already killed on of his demons and ends killing another one in this episode, after getting him to steal the first blade for her. Does she think she can take over hell, I mean we already had one chick try to do that and you seen what happened to her. Not to mention if she took over what would happen to Crowley, we would no longer have the bromance that we have now. Although I could really see Crowley getting all boo who on the boys couch eating bon bons and drinking whiskey all day in nothing but his sciveys, while watching bad soap operas. That is until the boys kicked him in the butt to take his throne back.
Claire in the mean time has made some new friends and tells them about Castiel killing her father and Dean killing the man who was like a second father to her. They hatch a plan to have Dean come to her to “talk” and they will beat some sense into him or more if needed. We all know what happens when someone tries to kill Dean. These people have no idea what they are dealing with, but they go ahead and set it up. When they jump Dean he immediately fights them back but when Claire screams for him to stop he does. Does that mean he can control it?

This episode answers a couple of questions for us but of course rises up a few more. We see some humor from Castiel when he is dealing with new technology when he says he will text Dean and include some emoticons. Could you just the text you would get from him? “Dean got the bad/good guy. Will meet you back at headquarters ” I think it is something we should see in a future episode. Next week we will see Dean face off with Charlie……..

LEGO Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle

Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle (41062)

Do you want to build a snow maaaaaaansion?

Lego: Frozen set

Hop aboard the sleigh and join Anna and Olaf as they pay a visit to Queen Elsa’s beautiful ice palace for some frosty fun! What will they do first? Play hide and seek behind the secret staircase, or go skating around the castle? They could ski down the ice hill or prepare frozen treats in the castle’s ice cream bar and then get ready for a picnic in the snow under the magnificent icicle tree. It’s all up to you! First have fun building Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle. Then it’s time to play! Includes Queen Elsa and Princess Anna mini-doll figures, plus Olaf the snowman.

In late 2013, Disney surprised the world with their latest theatrical fairytale, Frozen. It also seemed to surprise Disney themselves along with their licensors, as merchandise of the Arendelle crew was in short supply that first Christmas. Knowing there were still kids (and parents, and single men and women) still craving ice themed product Disney (and said licensors) made sure shelves were well-stocked this last year (though I can personally attest it can still be difficult finding a regular Elsa doll). In addition to restocks of sold-out favorites, new products appeared – including the no-brainer of Frozen ice castle.

Lego: Frozen playset

The set comes with two instruction booklets and is laid out into three vignettes – Olaf and a picnic, Anna and a sleigh, and the muti-leveled castle. Starting with Olaf the snowman, the figure is mostly composed of regular elements. Lego did wisely choose to make his head a new piece, as opposed to a build – though you do get to put in the carrot [but not the usual carrot element?). Though the instructions leave his base mound flat, there are enough extra parts that you can give Olaf two round white studs for feet (though you do gain a bit of height, he’ll still be shorter that the girls). Olaf’s picnic blanket is composed of a 4×4 red base with flat elements added for white pattern on top. Studs are left at the corners to hold the figure or his food – a sandwich and a cookie. Yum!

Lego: Frozen Playset

The next mini build is Anna along with a sleigh, though no “talking” reindeer are to be found here. Maybe you’ll get a set of your own, Sven and Kristoff. The build is mostly brown with pink accents. The highlight of the sled is the curved rails on the back which are repurposed Indiana Jones whips in a cute touch. What could be cuter is Anna’s face. Oh alright, it’s cute enough, but her expression is missing a bit of the manic-ness that was her trademark in the film. The softgoods cape definitely helps sell the look though. The Lego Disney Princess line does feature the “mini dolls” body first introduced in the company’s Friends line. In spite of being taller than the famous Lego minifigure there are some limitations, such as solid arms with no wrist swivel. To complete the vignette is a nice little, hinged ice slide that Anna can sled or skate down. Why is it hinged? Why, to hide an additional cookie, of course!


Finally, we come to the Queen and her castle. Elsa looks great as a “mini-doll” and even her own cape manages to get the look of the diaphanous drape she created on film. The castle is composed of three levels, and as you may remember from the official copy up top, contains a few features to actually scene in the movie. Does Elsa really need a lever-activated ice cream machine? Who cares!? She’s got one now. Chalk it up to the Friends influence, I suppose. Of more practical use is the set of skis Elsa has…acquired? Made? Well, she was shown creating everything from a snow pile to a sparkly dress from ice – skis are certainly not out of the question. The moving spiral staircase does seem to hew a bit closer to the movie’s castle, in any case.

Lego Frozen Elsa

Moving up a level, we find sleeping quarters inside, and a balcony that Elsa can sing to everyone to leave her alone from. There is also a stand for a crown and a bottle of…something. Maybe it’s a lamp? Use your imagination. On the third and final level is located a dais of somesort, which includes a fairytale book and a letter, presumably from Anna. The castle is topped by a large purple(?) snowflake. The main elements the form the castle are large transparent sparkly elements which give the set it’s name. Though there may not quite be enough transparent pieces to sate some fans longing for a more screen accurate ice castle such as this one seen on Lego Ideas. Obviously, Lego erred on the side of affordability, which is probably smart.

Inside Elsa's Castle

The set, scheduled for January, juuust made it into some stores before Christmas. And for the regular price, isn’t too bad. Now that the holidays are over Frozen fanatics shouldn’t be as tempted to fork over double to scalpers just to get it. As said, the Frozen train keeps on rolling, including an animated short scheduled to air before the live action Cinderella this year. So if you are a Frozen fanatic, or have one in your life, keep an eye open for this set. Just don’t expect it to come with a Lego ice mountain.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Review

Just over a decade ago we saw the end of an epic trilogy that rivaled the grandeur of the Holy Trinity of movie trilogies. Many will argue as to what IS the Holy Trinity of movie trilogies: Back to the Future, The Godfather, Indiana Jones (not counting Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). But for me it was Star Wars. Although there were a few issues that I have with the story but for the most part I loved the vision, the characters, and most of all was the fact that we would never see a movie (or trilogy) of its like again. Case and point the horrible prequel trilogy. It tried to mimic what Star Wars was almost forty years ago and failed! Now, when it comes to the Hobbit I will not say it failed but I will not say it was a success either.

True to the Story

Billy Connolly - Dain the Ironfoot

For the most part it followed the story of Bilbo and the Company of Thirteen fairly well with several embellishments that are forgivable but did not deviate from the overall aspect of the Hobbit. The dwarves did reclaim their long forgotten gold, they did fortify their dwarven hall, they faced off against two armies: one of men, the other of elves, an army of dwarfs led by Thorin’s cousin did come to pick a fight (casting Billy Connolly was a terrific choice I must say), they were eventually attacked by an army of orcs far greater in number than all three armies combined, the three armies join forces, many deaths ensue including several of the company of thirteen Thorin chief among them, and Bilbo returns to his hole in the ground. All of this did happen and the portrayal of it was magnificent. Still, there were several downfalls that I feel could have been avoided entirely.

Three Movies

This will always be my biggest complaint about this trilogy: IT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A TRILOGY!!! I have read the book, it is not more than 250 pages. I have it as an audio drama (you must remember I am a big fan of those) and it spans eight thirty minute episodes. I also have the animated movie that was made back in 1979 that was not more than 80 minutes long and still managed to encompass all the main elements from the novel. We did not need three feature length pictures to tell this story. I am all for the movie industry making money but give me a break! Peter Jackson! Did you not learn the folly of George Lucas or are you trying to make bank the way he did? Please say no, please. This movie could have easily been made into one movie, now it may have been nearly four hours but I would have seen it just as many times in theaters. Return of the King was almost five hours with the extended edition DVD and still was awesome. Now had they just made the Hobbit as one movie I think a lot more could have come later. Which brings me to my next issue with this trilogy.

The Lord of the Ring References

Yes, we all know that the Hobbit is a precursor to the Lord of the Rings but constantly including those references were not in the original story. Was Gandalf there? Yes, he brought the company of thirteen to Bilbo and did travel with them and leave many times throughout the narrative. Was Elrond there? Yes, the company went to Rivendale and he looked at the map for them. Was Gollum there? Yes, Bilbo did exchange riddles in the dark with him and find the ring (which we would find out sixty years later is the ring of power!) which helped him to escape the mountain of the goblins. All these other references should not have been there which includes a fat Legolas (see Doyle’s rant about that one), one of Bilbo’s ring wearing moments where he sees the burning eye of the Dark Lord, and, of course, the visiting of the graves of the nine kings of men. All should have been left out and all those that have not read the book, or books just to hint that there are quite a few stories that Tolkien wrote, would be none the wiser for missing these things. But, now we go on to my biggest issue with this trilogy that began in the second installment.

The Love Story

Hobbit Love Triangle

Okay guys, we know not all women get these kind of movies even though there are a fair amount of geeky girls out there that do know about the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings but, Hollywood, not every story is supposed to have a love story in it! In this trilogy it is pointless and distracting from the main plot! Further, and chime in fellas if I am wrong, I have read many fantasy stories that feature elves and dwarves and not ONCE has either ever been said to be attracted to the other. There has always been a silent (snigger) animosity between the two races. Why, I beg you, would you try to have it happen in the Hobbit of all movies? And to make it worse, you then incorporate a love triangle of a fashion to it! Argh! In short let me be plain and clear: If it is not in the source material do not ad-lib, please, for all our sake. *Deep breath* Rant ends, let me say what I did like.

The World of Middle Earth

Peter Jackson does do one thing with these movies that I have not really seen in that many films which is incorporate the one really unnamed character that many that do not read realize exists: the world. This is not some hippie remark but it is an actual character of many story tellers that is easily overlooked. The world they create is a living thing that goes un-noticed by many and the fact that he takes time to let you visualize this on the big screen is just breath taking. The first time I saw the Shire, Gondor, Rohan, even Mordor I was rendered speechless. I had never pictured those places like that (hard to believe given how descriptive Tolkien got later on after the Hobbit) in such detail. The way Lake Town was designed, Goblin town where the dwarves are taken prisoner, Mirkwood and the realm of the elves, and of course Lonely Mountain. Absolutely phenomenal.


To sum up, would I watch these movies again? Yes, I will even own them but that will not keep me from ranting about the issues with them or stop me from rolling my eyes when the lovey dovey flirting takes place, I will focus my energy on the part that makes me smile the most: the story of the Hobbit and the beginning of the Ring of Power.