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Supernatural “The Things We Left Behind”

*Warning Spoilers*

Do you have a dysfunctional family? Well so do I, but my family and your family is nothing like the 2 families in this episode. We didn’t see too much of Sam and Dean in this one, but it was still full of what the heck moments. Don’t say you don’t wanna watch it now, because the boys are present and you do find out a couple of things about them. The most interesting is that no matter how hard their life was growing up and how much they hated it they still loved their Dad no matter what, and isn’t that what every Dad wants to hear?

Supernatural - The Things We Left Behind

Let’s start off with Castiel. I know what you’re thinking. Your thinking I said this was about family and Castiel’s family is God and a bunch of angels that nine times out of ten end up being major jerks. Well, your wrong. Remember a man named Jimmy Novak? No? Well he is Castiel’s vessel or was. He is actually dead now torn apart by one of those lovely angels you see all the time, and then Castiel was put back together with his body. I know I know, that is the craziest thing I have heard too. Why not just make him go find another vessel, well these are angels and they don’t have to make sense. Any-who, Jimmy had a family that was left behind when he accepted Castiel. He had a daughter, named Claire, and she hasn’t exactly been on the up and up since her Dad disappeared. Castiel is having what can only be called a mid-life crisis and decides he wants to know what is going on with her and finds out she is in a group home. He ends up busting her out of there and she takes off.

While Castiel is off looking for Claire, let’s talk about the other family, Crowley’s family. As you know from last week, we met his mother. A witch that was kicked out of her coven. Crowley feels no love for his mother but then again when your Mom gives you a name like Fergus, how much love can you feel? He doesn’t seem to like it much either. He seems to be mostly mad about the fact that his mother left him and that he doesn’t know who his father is. She tells him he was conceived during a winter solstice orgy and that she wasn’t taking names. Honestly, did you expect anything different? I honestly thought his mother was gonna be a two-bit hooker that left him on the street corner to be raised by wolves.
Things come to pass where you find out that the man Claire looks up to is in for some money with a loan shark and the loan shark is willing to make a deal. He will forget the debt if he gives him Claire. Right about that time is when Cass comes in and saves the day with the boys. They get Claire out but not before one of the goons hits Dean over the head with a bottle. Bad idea. That is all Dean needed to let the mark of Cain take over again and he kills everyone in the room. What does that mean? Is Dean gonna be a demon again? We will just have to wait and see next time……

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Supernatural Hibbing 911

*Warning Spoilers*

This episode was fun. It had our 2 favorite lady sheriffs in it so that always makes it interesting, you know when non-hunters pick up a blade and go after the big bad monsters. We meet our two favorite sheriffs at a sheriff’s retreat. Who knew sheriff’s had retreats? I completely understand the need for them but do they actually have them? It is like marriage counseling? Could you imagine a bunch of police sitting around a campfire singing Kumbuya because that is what I picture. You may remember these two ladies as sheriff Jodi Mills and super cheery (I mean like sickening cheery) sheriff that had her fat sucked out a few episodes back.

Supernatural - Hibbing 911

While those two get to know each other a little better. the boys are at home. That sounds funny considering for 8 seasons they have lived out of a suitcase, looking for something if anything that can tell them a little bit more about the mark of Cain. (You know that mark that made Dean into a murdering “Here’s Johnny” psycho). When a body turns up half eaten, Dean can’t just sit back and research anymore he has to follow the trail of blood to the body and essentially to the sheriffs.

The ladies end up getting partnered up with one another. What are the odds that the only two people at the retreat that know Sam and Dean would work together? Even though sheriff cheery doesn’t know about any of the monster stuff, sheriff Mills does some things that sheriff Cheery does not agree with and decides to take a break. While on this break she comes across a body of a fellow police officer, who is standing over the corpse but another one of the sheriffs with what looks to be sharks teeth in his mouth. She immediately goes back inside and tells sheriff Mills what she has seen. Sheriff Mills already knows what to do and calls the boys and lets them know they are dealing with a vampire. Sheriff Mills has dealt with so many vampires lately I think she needs to change her name to Buffy.

All 4 of them, both lady sheriff and the boys, track the vampire down to a farm on the outskirts of town. How cliché’ is that? It seems like every vampire in the history of mankind has hidden out in an abandoned farm-house on the outskirts of town, just once I would like to see it be a booming hotel in the middle of a big city. I am sure there has been some like that but none that come to mind. They go and check out the house and of course the boys get knocked out and the ladies get caught, when the boys come to they are tied to poles in what appears to be a barn. Come to find out sheriff Vampire is actually not killing anyone and it is the other vampires that are doing it. They of course take him out, he is crimping their style and they can not be having that. While they are taking care of that Dean and sheriff Cheery are getting themselves untied and when they do they take out all of the vampires.

Sheriff Mills tells sheriff Cheery that she will fill her in on all the stuff that she knows about when it comes to monsters. Does that mean we will see more of her in the future? Dean tells Sam that he felt normal killing the vampires and not like he wanted to continue to kill. Does that mean the mark doesn’t have hold anymore? We will have to wait until the next episode to find out……

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Supernatural Girls, Girls, Girls

*Warning Spoilers*

When Dean was demon-Dean we met a man named Cole, who was out for Dean’s blood because Dean killed his father when he was a little boy. Cole has been hunting him down ever since.
This episode reminded me on how we were able to get to 200. It had a lot of the old Sam and Dean in it. All the way down to Dean saying he had a monster alert on his phone. WHAT? If there is anyone that would have an app that would alert them to “monster”cases it would be the Winchester boys. No, guys and gals, there isn’t really an app for that, instead it is a dating website alert. I know what your thinking. Sam can’t find true love like that but it isn’t Sam that is on the site it is Dean! Dean does not need a dating app, that is for sure, but you know Dean, the ever-loving womanizer out to get any hot woman he can, but at least we know he is getting back to his old self.

A hooker!!! The ‘lady’ he brings back to the hotel room is a hooker and she starts telling him what her conditions are for them to have sex (she needs his soul!) I know, right?!  When did demons start hooking? But no, she isn’t the demon, her pimp is! The woman then goes on to explain that she works for a brothel and that she isn’t the only girl. The boys know they can not allow this to continue so they go after the brothel. Crowley doesn’t seem all that impressed that some of his subjects have decided to do this.

They get to the brothel and someone has already beat them to the punch and has liquified one of the demons. What can do that? I have never seen anything like that. I don’t think the boys have either. We find out it is a witch that has done it and she is out to recruit some girls to be in her coven that she is starting.
Cole does end up catching Dean again and Dean finally gets to explain to him why he killed his father. He was really a demon and was out to hurt people. Cole finally comes to realize that Dean is telling the truth and goes back to his own family and hopefully is done pursuing Dean.

Supernatural - Girls, girls, girls

What is going on with Hannah and Cass? I know you have been asking yourself that. What have they been up to? Have they gotten all the angels back to heaven? What happens to the vessels when an angel enters it? All those questions get answered in this episode. Hannah eventually decides she is done with the mission on earth and decides to give her vessel back to her family but only after she kisses Cass. It would be very interesting if the writers gave Casstiel a love interest, something besides the boys to occupy his time. Could you see him taking a woman out on a date? I think it would be hilarious.
Demons kidnap the witch that has been causing havoc on earth and Crowley goes to take care of her himself. It looks like Crowley knows her. Did he know her from his human life? Is she a demon he cast out? I can’t wait to see how this plays out. I have a feeling that he was in love with her once when he was human. We will have to wait and see. The episode kind of left you hanging on a bunch of different things with hopes that soon we will have answers. Maybe next week when we see cops (ones that we have met before) chase monsters.