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Supernatural – Ask Jeeves

*Warning Spoilers*

This episode had a lot of creep factor in it and it had nothing to do with the creatures the boys normally hunt. It came in the form of rich people. I mean stereotypical rich people. Snotty and after nothing but money and ways to look good in front of people. They do nothing but feud with their family and look down on everyday people. The women in it could not keep their hands off of Sam. How was Bobby affiliated with these people?

Sam and Dean can not find a job so they decide to follow-up with a message they got on one of Bobby’s phones. It seems a very rich lady has left either him or his next of kin something in her will. We see inside the mansion where they are preparing for a funeral for a woman named Bunny. The next thing you know Bunny is killing one of the maids for trying on a pearl necklace.

The boys arrive just after the viewing and are informed that they do not have to stay for the reading and the butler gives them an envelope with a cross necklace in it. Not a little silver or gold thing you hang around your neck. No something that you would use as a key chain that has rubies and diamonds in it. They go to hock it and find out it is a fake but it does hold a key.

Supernatural - Ask Jeeves

Does the butler know something about it? The boys decide to ask him if he does. They go back to the house and they find that there has been another killing but this one is by Bunny’s late husband Lance. What does that mean, there are two ghosts? While at the house this time, poor Sam is treated like a piece of meat by the women. They will not leave him alone and it is almost embarrassing.

They find out the key is to a secret room and in there Dean finds the body of a maid and another maid crying. He lets the other maid out to go in search of the butler. It doesn’t take long until Sam find hims with a knife in his back, but Dean is talking to him. It isn’t a ghost they are hunting it is a shapeshifter.

The family is fighting about who the killer is, and in doing so lock Sam and Dean in a room. They watch from a screen as the shapeshifter goes after the family because they treated her mother Bunny wrong in the past. Bobby had killed the young lady’s father and her mother kept her locked away and in her death gave her to Bobby to take care of. The boys escape the room and end up shooting the shapeshifter. Dean keeps shooting though. Does he still have some demon in him?
The episode could have been better. I have seen better from the boys in the past. Could supernatural be going down hill? Are they in a rut? I hope not, but lately they haven’t been as exciting as in the past. I guess we will know next week when we meet a Brothel of Witches.

Constantine “The Devil’s Vinyl”

The Devil's Vinyl - Papa Midnite

Introducing Papa Midnite (James Shaw)

So far the show has been great, but I believe it’s actually getting better.  Some programs lead with a really strong pilot and then fail to deliver.  At this point I would guess that they held back a LOT for the pilot, just so they could keep pushing for good characters and plots.  The Devil’s Vinyl is about a legendary acetate recording of a man (who had sold his soul for music) being dragged to Hell during a recording session.

Here come the spoilers!

Papa Midnite makes his show debut as the man trying to get his hands on the acetate record (I say acetate record, because they refer to it as “the acetate” during the episode).  If you haven’t seen the episode yet, or any of the show, you can watch it for free on NBC now.  The main plot involves a woman who sold her soul to rid her musician husband of cancer 20 years ago.  With her time running out, the soul broker that had made the original deal approaches her to trade her soul for the mysterious record.  She uses her available resources and money to track down the acetate and takes it to her husbands record producer to have it analyzed to make sure it’s genuine.  After warning him not to actually listen to it more than once, he still does and it takes hold of him and he drives a sharp object through his ear into his brain.  This triggers a stigmata on the map to moisten and John checks the papers to find that his old friend, the record producer is dead.  Zed shows up in Atlanta and joins the crew officially, but Constantine doesn’t trust her.  When John and Zed get on the trail, he quickly comes face to face with Papa Midnite.  Midnite does inadvertently save John while he is trying to reclaim the acetate from rogue agents, but it’s because he’s trying to get his hands on the record.  Constantine destroys it by sending it back to Hell.

Quick note about the viewership numbers since I’m getting this out here so late… hours before the next episode actually.  Constantine is on the rebound!  800,000 more people tuned in for The Devil’s Vinyl than The Darkness Beneath.  At this point, gaining viewers is very important to get those extra episodes ordered and even another season.

One of the most interesting characters introduced in this episode was… the Mill House itself.  It’s bigger on the inside… and if you didn’t think that was enough of a Doctor Who coincidence, John even had a psychic playing card!  Although, his card shows people what HE wants them to see.  Way more reliable than the Doctor’s psychic paper.  Constantine really pulled out the toys this episode.  It even featured a Hand of Glory.  Papa Midnite was perfect!  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll really liked the character played by Djimon Hounsou in the Constantine film, but it wasn’t really true to Papa Midnite at all.



Supernatural Fan Fiction

The Road So Far……

Remember Chuck Shurley? He was the very first prophet that Sam and Dean met on their travels, that ended up disappearing awhile ago. He couldn’t find work because of the blinding visions that he kept getting so he started writing them down. His writings were turned into books that he titled Supernatural (see what they did there).Castiel tells us these are called the Winchester Gospels. could you imagine a bible of sorts with Sam and Dean in it? That would be an interesting religion that is for sure.

Now…….(*Warning Spoilers*)

Congratulations we have reached 200 episodes of Supernatural. That is an amazing accomplishment for any show! We have been teased with a musical episode and I was a little disappointed, because Sam and Dean did not sing. Could you imagine the boys singing and dancing around like they where in some twisted version of cats? Although that is a story line that I could have seen with the Trickster. Doesn’t that sound like something he would do? Put Sam and Dean in Phantom of the Opera or something. Instead we find out that a high school is putting on a musical based on the Supernatural books. Really? Why couldn’t my high school have been that cool?

Supernatural Fan Fiction

What will the boys think of their lives set to music? I don’t think it would be Andrew Lloyd Weber type music that would be the back drop for them, it would be more like Metallica (Enter Sandman) or Ac/Dc (Highway to Hell) and I think Dean would agree.
People start disappearing pretty quickly which is why the boys take on the job and find out about the musical. They see their lives played out on stag taking us back all the way to episode 1 where it all began, and boy are these kids intense. They take this show very serious. What kind of critter takes high school kids putting on a play? Is it leather face, a scarecrow, a local legend? No it is a muse, Callopie to be exact. Callopie is the muse of epic poetry, daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne, and is believed to be Homer’s muse for the Iliad and the Odyssey. That means the boys are dealing with a type of god and that usually doesn’t end well for them.
They set up a plan to draw Callopie out and of course the show must go on. At this point you catch Dean dancing along to one of the songs in the show. I didn’t think Dean would like it but he seems to really enjoy watching him and Sam being portrayed on the stage. Sam ends up disappearing in the same fashion as the other people and comes face to face with the muse they are hunting. After a little back and forth he ends up killing her, but you have to expect that after all if they didn’t put an end to the monsters the monsters would put an end to them and then we wouldn’t have any more Supernatural and we all would be sad.
The musical ends with them doing a cover of Wayward Son which we all know is the theme song of the show so they had to put that in there. At one point Dean asks who one of the characters in the play is and we are reminded about John Winchesters third son Adam. He is still in hell trapped in the box. What does that mean? Will they try to save him now? The boys leave the school, riding off into the sunset like they are in some sort of romantic comedy but you wouldn’t expect anything less. Sam and Dean have left so at this time your turning off the tv to get up and refresh your drink or get some snacks, but wait….
Someone came to see the show. Who you might ask. Chuck Shurley! Wait isn’t he dead? Only one prophet at a time. I know he only disappeared but we had Kevin and for us to get a new prophet the old one had to die. What does this mean then? Is Chuck a ghost? Is he back from the dead? We do know that God, the angels and even Crowley like bringing people back from the dead.Hopefully soon we get some answers on that front.
This episode was good even though the boys did not sing and dance, which is what I was looking forward to. It did raise some questions though that could keep the show going for a bit which I do like. This whole season so far has been pretty serious so I am waiting for the little break that the writers do every season and just have a funny episode. I beleave we will have that next week when it looks like the boys are trapped in CLUE…..

Constantine “The Darkness Beneath”

Constantine The Darkness Beneath

Constantine meets Zed

John Constantine heads to a small mining town in Pennsylvania this week and meets up with the artist that has been wildly drawing him for some time.  Their meeting is brief at first but gain each others trust throughout the episode.  They definitely keep you guessing at the true villain the whole episode, which was good in my opinion.  The special effects were right on and more importantly the sets were great.  Loved the church and the camp site and the general feel of the entire town.

This section contains spoilers

Firstly, on the “previously on Constantine” segment we get absolutely no mention or image of poor Liv.  It is her blood on the map though and I think she will come back on the show (if the bridge wasn’t burned when they changed direction with the premise).  Secondly, the title sequence was wicked.  My wife thought it seemed a little dark until I reminded her of the Hellblazer part of the comic’s title.  Then it actually seemed about right to her.

The dried blood on the map is apparently going to dampen and get wet when John needs to hit the road, and this time it’s to a Pennsylvania mining town.  Chas is sitting this one out due to a previous supernatural encounter that got him a warrant for his arrest in the state.  Once there, Constantine pretty quickly meets a confused Zed.  Through some hypnosis techniques he begins unlocking some of her abilities and learns that she can be pretty useful to the cause.  Throughout the course of the episode both talk to Ellis McGee, the former priest of the town (see more in the next section of the article).  After they sort out the business with the mine, Zed convinces Constantine that she should accompany him.  From our previews, looks like she’ll be going with John back to Atlanta.

Thoughts and speculation

A lot of commenters on the Constantine Facebook page observed that John was depicted with cigarettes this episode, but he was actually shown putting one out at the end of the first episode.  This is really an argument I’m tired of hearing.  You can be a chain-smoker without having a cigarette in your mouth 24 hours a day.  I watch this show for the awesome supernatural world and characters.  How many people would tune in to watch a character smoking for the entire show and missing out on the action.  Maybe the entire episodes action could be told in flashbacks narrated by John as he worked his way through a pack?  No, boring! Also, smoking is banned from almost everywhere now (Dennis Leary had it all figured out).  Besides, if I wanted to watch a Constantine where the main emphasis on his character was his smoking I would turn on the Constantine movie starring Keanu Reeves.  Another thing I’m sick to death of reading about is John’s bi-sexuality.  It’s a topic barely touched on in the comic series and hardly defines the character.  It could not be mentioned for 3 seasons and be holding true to the character.  Besides, if you think sexual orientation defines a character (or person) you need to examine your feelings.  Constantine is not a symbol for LGBT rights… he’s not really a symbol for anything.  He’s an antihero, that’s his appeal.  Okay, that’s enough ranting about those two subjects.

John questions Zed about what she may be running from in her life.  She’s pretty reluctant, but I think it’s pretty obvious (if you have some knowledge of the character in the comics) that it’s her father.  He’s kind of a scary guy.  Being the leader of the Resurrection Crusade and all.  It’s hard to have Zed and not tell that story.  It may be the final events of season 2… hopefully we make it that far.  I don’t really see a reason that the show will shy away from some of these stories.  Including what could be an illustration in Zed’s apartment of Ironfist the Avenger, a grotesque being composed of 4 people created by John’s nemesis Nergal.

So many hardcore fans have decided, based on this week’s episode, that Constantine will be a procedural show.  In my opinion, it will have both elements of a procedural drama and a serial drama.  Most people need that tiny bit of closure at the end of an episode, but it’s too early to jump the gun and say the series is a procedural.  I wouldn’t even say that it’s a procedural with serial elements.  I would reverse that.  The serial element so far is the growing evil and whatnot that was discussed during the first episode as well as this one.  I also think that the network of allies that John is making may also be a serial element for a season finale.  This is speculation though and we’ll have to keep watching to find out for sure.  Father Ellis McGee seemed very well versed in one of the prayers John uses when he’s battling demons and devils.  We may see him pulled in to fight the coming evil before the season ends.

Update 11/13: Numbers and Links

Ok, numbers are in.  3.06 million US viewers… still more than the comic fan favorite Arrow’s season 3 premiere.  The one thing that’s disappointing about that number is that it’s more than a million US viewers gone.  I almost wish they had re-shot more of the pilot and did an hour and a half special including the meeting of Zed.  But they didn’t do that, so there’s no since in complaining.  Let’s put this drop into perspective though against other DC television shows that premiered this fall (numbers represent US viewers): The Flash lost 500,000 and Gotham lost 760,000 after their pilots.  Looking back, Arrow lost 590,000 after its pilot and looking way back Smallville lost 1.1 million after the pilot.  So looking at the Smallville number, I’d say it’s a little early to give up on a show based on a million viewer drop after the pilot.  Of course, something else to consider there is that Smallville’s pilot had 8.3 million viewers.  Looking at one of the comic industry’s most popular television adaptations, The Walking Dead, it becomes hard to know what will happen.  Sure, there was some drop after the pilot, but by the end of the first very short season viewership was stronger than it had started.  In fact, the latest season premiere had triple the viewers of the pilot!  5.35 million versus 17.29 million.  So, what I’m trying to say and maybe prove here is that you can’t tell a lot about trends based on initial numbers.  The show does need to make money for it to get another season and the way shows do this is with advertising.  Advertisers care a great deal how many people are viewing, because those are the people that are seeing their commercial.

Well, this is a tired and dreary subject, so here’s a list of the latest links (it will be updated before “The Devil’s Vinyl” to be inclusive for the week):

Doctor Who – Dark Water

Editor’s Note: This article contains a scene by scene synopsis with the author’s reactions thrown in.  There will be spoilers, so proceed with caution.  If you have not seen Dark Water yet, you can purchase it by clicking this link: Doctor Who – Dark Water

This episode raised more questions than anything. It is not the best episode I have seen but it is not the worst either. I wish it would have answered more questions than it has brought up and I wish that Clara and Danny would have had a different ending this episode. I also wish that it would have been something different than Cybermen, but that does raise some more questions. What is Clara? Is she a Dalek? She has been in the past and future. I personally think you will find out that she is a Cyberman.

Blow-by-blow Synopsis:

Clara is trying to tell Danny about everything she has done wrong, meaning all of the adventures she has had with the Doctor after she told him she was done traveling. How does she start? She tells him she loves him. Aww, she loves him, but then the line goes silent. Danny has been hit by a car! He is dead. Wait? What just happened here? Didn’t we meet their grandchild before? He can’t be dead, they have to grow old together. You immediately start asking yourself, will the Doctor help? Will he figure out a way to save Danny? Clara trys to manipulate the Doctor into saving Danny by throwing the keys in a volcano, but you know the Doctor is on to her and all she does is show him how much she is hurting due to Mr.Pink’s death. Clara asks where they are going and what does the Doctor say? “Go to hell.” What? Is he really her friend? Did he really just tell her to go to hell? She starts crying and it seems like the Doctor doesn’t know what crying is. He is thousands of years old and he doesn’t know what crying is?
An interview? To get into the afterlife? Is this heaven? Is this hell? Why in the world are they in an office building? Did they really just ask Danny if he wanted coffee? Is that really a whole city? Ok as you can see there are a lot of questions about where they are. You soon find out that he is in the underworld or the nethersphere. The interviewer asks Danny if he has ever killed anyone. Well, he was a soldier so it isn’t that much of a stretch and then we are made to think that he has and that his “victim” wants to meet him. It is a child, you can tell that Danny is upset about meeting this boy and you can understand why. Maybe this is why he was so protective over the children from the last episode.

They have locked onto the time stream of Clara and Danny again so they know where he is. You see bones in fish tanks. Like full human skeletons in fish tanks sitting on chairs. They have been placed sitting down post-mortem, but who does that? Are we keeping watch on the dead? Wait… that one just moved. The dead are watching us! A woman meets them and boy does she come off as crazy. She says that 3W is in the business of after life or after care. Have you received the welcome package? The woman kisses the doctor. Not a peck but full on the lips kiss! THIS WOMAN IS CRAZY!!! She has a heart! No she has 2 hearts! Is she a time lord? She says she is a droid and calls on a doctor, her creator, to assist the Doctor and Clara on whatever it is they are looking for.

Doctor Who Dark Water

Dr. Chang as we have learned to call him takes them to his office and describes the water as something they call dark water. It will only allow organic material to be seen through the water. He then tells them what 3W stands for. Three words,  standing for “Don’t cremate me!” However, they are here for another reason, they are trying to contact someone. He will let them video chat with that person. What? They have wi-fi? Of course they have wi-fi they have Steve Jobs. The Doctor and Dr. Chang leave her to give her some privacy to talk to Danny. Before the Doctor leaves, he tells Clara to make sure it is Danny that she is talking to, ask him questions that only he would know the answer too.

Ms. Oswald does just that and the only answer Danny gives her is that he loves her. That isn’t what she asked. Tell her! He is trying to protect her, he doesn’t want her to be where he is but she loves him so much that she is willing to do anything to be with him. He won’t give her any other answer so she hangs up on him and both of them are heart-broken. Danny is given a choice so that he doesn’t have to feel the pain anymore. He can delete himself. WHAT? Delete himself? What does that mean? Where will he go if he deletes himself? Is there an after afterlife?

The doctor knows he is missing something, what is he missing? She isn’t a droid, she is the boss! She is a Timelord! The bones in the fish tanks, they are cybermen. Cybermen everywhere! They are actually in London not in an underworld. The cybermen are being told to burn everything. Everything will be destroyed. Who is this woman? She is Missy, you know, short for Mistress or Master as you may know! What will the doctor do? Will he be able to save Earth? We will find out at a later date. The questions will keep coming because this episode is to be continued……….

Geek Media Expo 2014

GMX Vol 6

GMX (Geek Media Expo) was held over the past weekend at the Cool Springs Conference Center in Franklin TN. The event, which was sponsored by Gamestop, is a great convention to check out for people new to conventions or long time fans. This years convention had several guests for participants to meet. Some of my favorites included Greg Grundberg from Heroes, Lee Arenberg from Pirates of the Caribbean and Once upon a Time, and the Marble Hornets. The convention had several fun activities to participate in but one of my favorite things about the convention is the game rooms. GMX hosts two game rooms one is a digital game room where you can play video games, and the other is an analog game room where groups can get together and play table top games.

GameStop, Inc.

I decided to venture into the analog room and have a little fun. I ended up meeting up with some new people and playing a game called The Call of Cthulhu, a fun horror fiction game. As a long time fan of table top games I am sad to say that I had never played this game because it was a lot of fun and easy to learn. After a few hours of playing games I decided to wander around and check out my personal favorite thing about every convention that I have ever been to, the cosplays. The amount of work that goes into these costumes is just amazing. I stumbled into some favorite characters from movies, comic books, and even video games. My two favorite characters included Big Daddy from Bioshock and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. GMX, like any convention, had some great booths to shop at over the weekend. I picked up some new comic books and had my eye on a Steampunk watch which I ultimately did not purchase to keep my spending under control, one of the most difficult things to do when you are surrounded by awesome geek stuff. The Steampunk watch was produced by a local leatherworks shop. The guy working the booth was really cool and gave me his card so I can get a custom watch made be sure to check them out at

steampunk watch

After doing a great deal of shopping I ventured into a room where the beginnings of a full scale replica of the Millennium Falcon was on display. If you didn’t get to attend the convention you can check out the project at GMX also had a Jedi Training going on outside which was basically a fun obstacle course that included light saber duels and trying to find all the pieces of poor C-3PO. The countdown to GMX Volume 7 has already began so make sure you check it out next year October 30-November 1st more information can be found at


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