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Supernatural “Paper Moon”


We meet the Winchester boys this week relaxing in Washington.They are talking about how it is nice to take some “we” time. You then notice that Sam is still in a sling despite the fact that after all of his injures this is probably the most minor, which Dean can not help but point out. Dean also points out he thinks Sam is guilty about Lester, the guy he tricked into selling his soul. He probably is because poor Sam seems to harbor guilt. It doesn’t take long for Dean to ask if Sam has seen a potential job in the paper that morning, and so it begins.

Werewolves is what we find out the boys will be hunting. They get pointed in the direction of a unrealiable witness and find out about a farm where the witness believes a ghost is living. While investigating, they run into a young girl. A young girl we all know, a werewolf from their past that they let go. She tells the boys that it is not her that is doing all of the killings, it is her sister and she will help her because she has found her own ways of dealing with the curse, including yoga. YOGA! Who knew that yoga was a cure for being a monster? It does beg the question: can a monster not be a monster? This young lady is made to make us think that a “monster” could be as normal as you or I.

She then tells them about how she turned her sister to save her life. Sound familiar? It should, the boys do this with one another ALL the time. They chase the “monster” sister and in doing so you end up missing Crowley for a minute because poor Sam doesn’t get called Moose but instead gets called Paul Bunyan. When will he catch a break with the name calling? The boys end up killing two lackey werewolves and while they are doing that the “not a monster” sister kills the monster sister and takes off and that is the end of the werewolf story.

Supernatural Paper Moon

Sam and Dean are now in the car driving to what can be assumed is either another job or another relaxation spot. Dean starts talking about how maybe he hadn’t been ready to do this job after just being psycho-killing-Dean. REALLY? You have literally been to hell and back and you going all “Here’s Johnny” is your breaking point? Put your big boy pants on Dean and carry on my wayward son. He then says that he was just trying to do the right thing because he is tired of doing the wrong. HELLO! There is no manual for this and everything you have done you thought was the right thing at the moment!

This episode was pretty boring compared to some of the others that we have seen in the past. The good news is that they are coming back in 2 weeks and not only is it the 200th episode but there will be singing! I am super excited about it and can not wait. I only hope they are bringing Crowley and Cass into that episode.

Doctor Who In The Forest Of The Night

The latest episode of Doctor Who, In The Forest Of The Night, is full of adventure and good old-fashioned fear. This was a very tightly written episode. Unlike the first few episodes of this season, the viewers, just like the children, are treated as intelligent beings. We are not spoon fed every morsel of information. We are allowed the freedom to find the little nuggets of social commentaries and moral story lines on our own. These are fun extras which add to the experience, without taking away from the main plot of saving the world.

Doctor Who Spoilers Ahead!

Doctor Who In the Forest of the Night

Right away we are introduced to London with the same deep internal fears which begin many great movies and childhood stories. A little girl, we later learn her name is Mave, is lost in the woods. She has ran away from a school trip supervised by Danny and Clara. She is seen running through the woods, brushing something away from her face and head. (Her coat is red. Remember this coat, it will be important for a later scene.) The frantic running, the deep woods, and the dark music, sets the stage for a horror flick in motion. In a normal movie the evil doer would have chased her down, but, instead, Mave finds the TARDIS and proudly announces she is looking for The Doctor. The fear and tension are decreased with a well placed joke from The Doctor. After stating he is The Doctor, he promptly asks, “Do you have an appointment? You need an appointment to see the doctor.” When she tells The Doctor she is being chased, he allows her in the TARDIS. When Mave enters the TARDIS we are treated to our first social commentary plug concerning the great amount of sugar contained in soda. The Doctor uses the description of a small soda’s ratio to sugar to describe how the TARDIS is bigger on the inside compared to the outside.

The jam-packed opening moments also brings to the forefront that children just accept things the way they are and they trust that is the way things are supposed to be. When Mave did not question the fact the TARDIS is bigger on the inside compared to the outside, The Doctor seems flustered. As grownups, we know there comes a time where all things are questioned and our minds can’t accept something we don’t understand. Throughout this episode, all the children seem to just accept what they see as fact. There is no reason to question it. They assume the TARDIS is normal, the trees will eventually go away, and the grownups will save the day. All they wish is to be with their Mums and Dads. This is a very deep look into how people grow from a trusting child, to a lack of trust as an adult.

For instance, the entire plot is set around the earth being taken over by nothing greater than trees. Something, humans assume, as weak and as vulnerable as trees has encased the entire planet. The humans assume they must burn or poison the trees to get rid of them. Even The Doctor has a very hard time understanding how this happened and for what purpose. He is very vulnerable in this episode. As DR Who so plainly points out, he sonic screwdriver is worthless on wood. Without his sonic screwdriver and no way to scan the trees, The Doctor will have to rely on the people around him to discover the truth behind the invasion of the planet. He does this while running from wild animals and protecting the world from a gigantic solar flare. He must rely not only on Clara, but also on the children and Danny Pink.

Relying on the children really points to the fact many grownups do not pay attention to their children enough and instead of listening to their children, they medicate them into silence. Mave is one such child. She has the ability to feel and hear the spirits which inhabit the trees. She can literally speak for the trees. This ability came after her sister disappeared, so everyone assumed she was losing her mind. She was medicated so she would no longer hear the voices. DR Who makes it very clear in this episode we should listen to children more and find out what they are trying to say, instead of trying to silence them. This stab towards over medicating people is written so professionally the message is clear without overtaking the plotline.  The class, which Clara calls the Gifted and Talented, is really a class of children with emotional issues. During this episode, the children find they have their own talents, and given the right circumstances, everyone has something wonderful to contribute.  One child needs a flashlight to sleep. This flashlight is later used to scare off a tiger. Ruby is so smart, she points out many obvious points about the trees, which the adults seem to miss. Mave is seen as weak and scared, yet, she is the one who is able to tell The Doctor what is happening.

This is one episode that shows a side of Clara which is complicated. Normally she is this wonderful, strong-willed, responsible teacher, but throughout the episode she is constantly wanting to know more about what is going on, be in the middle of the action, she continues to lie to Danny, and forgets to call the children’s parents. It is Danny who steps up as the responsible one. From the moment they step out of the museum he takes charge of the children, he uses his military service experience to keep them on track, and make sure they are not scared. He works with the children to bring out the best in them. When Clara runs after The Doctor, she leaves Danny to stay with the group of children. He and his little band of students end up saving Clara, The Doctor, and Mave. Maybe this switch of roles was written on purpose to develop Danny’s character. When Clara eventually must compare a long-term relationship between The Doctor or with Danny, this episode proves Danny is a very intelligent, reliable, responsible, and a trustworthy choice for a lifetime of memories. One side note; With so many little children, I did get the slightest vibe of another fairy tale, Snow White. The forest full of fears, with little people, and a Prince Charming to save the day.  Of course, Missy would be the evil step mother.

I found this episode very interesting since The DR really did not save the world. Just like in “Day Of The Moon”, he was merely a co-star in the whole system of events. The earth actually saved itself. Danny saved Clara. Danny was also willing to die with the children and Clara was willing to die with Danny. It seems, from a few of these episodes, the earth is figuring out how to save itself many times without The Doctor. Is this a hint to something more?

Wizard World Comic Con

There are some very memorable moments, which many people will enjoying discussing day after this episode airs. One moment is when Mave, in her red coat, is running from the wolf.  The comparison to “Little Red Riding Hood” is very obvious in this scene. The fear of the woods, running from the evil in our minds, written and remembered in our fairy tales, is something we can all relate to. Of course, for long time DR WHO fans, I can’t see a wolf in an episode without thinking BAD WOLF. I don’t think the reference here was to BAD WOLF, but it would be a lot of fun if somehow it was.

Of course, it is blatantly clear that humans should show more respect to our forest and not treat them so badly. They have been protecting us before The Doctor and will be here protecting us long after he is gone.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the moment when Danny Pink stated, “I didn’t try too hard to survive, but, somehow, here I am.”  Was that just a throwaway line or was there a deeper meaning to that statement? Was it somehow linked to Colonel Orson Pink? It would be really awesome if there was a connection between these statements and some deeper meaning.

Again, we are given a glimpse of Missy. What was Missy surprised about? About the big solar flare? The Trees saving the world? Clara willing to save The Doctor? The Doctor willing to stay on earth? I have the feeling we will get to know Missy all too well.

One wonderful part about this episode, as far as we know, no one dies. For a DR Who episode, that is always a good thing. Don’t get too comfortable. I have a feeling, over the next two weeks, the death toll will more than make up for the lack of death in this episode. Until then, enjoy your solitude in knowing the earth is saved once again.

Until next week….


Constantine: Non Est Asylum

Constantine Non Est Asylum

The Constantine premiere, Non Est Asylum, opens up with John Constantine committed in Ravenscar.  Ravenscar is like a more realistic British version of Arkham Asylum.  Either before or after some counseling with Dr. Roger Huntoon (it’s hard to tell), John gets the ole zap from the electro-shock.  The line and its deliverance that stick out most to me during the first third or half of the pilot is when Huntoon says, “There are no demons!” and John firmly fires back “That’s what you keep telling me!  Now make me believe.”  Definitely puts you in the headspace that Constantine is in.

In the pilot we also meet Liv Aberdine.  She is the daughter of John’s late friend Jasper.  There has been so much speculation around who exactly Jasper Winters is and all the goodies he had acquired.  Much of the speculation doesn’t matter since the writers will more than likely explain a lot of that in next week’s episode: The Darkness Beneath.  One of the most important things to understand about Liv is that she will not be a regular character on the show.  If you have seen the pilot all the way through you know that she leaves but leaves John a map.  The original premise of the show was going to be Liv scrying out danger and John fighting it.  At least for a while.  The changes are going to be very welcome, interesting, and appreciated by fans.

Non Est Asylum Spoilers

Jasper’s Mill House holds several magical items including the Helmet of Nabu (Doctor Fate), the Ibistick, and Pandora’s Box.  Pandora’s Box was the odd looking skull thing.  There are also several rumors that the books of magic down there are THE Books of Magic, which would be truly amazing.

Updates (10/30):

NBC is pushing really hard for fan involvement, delivering online content such as behind the scenes and “extras” that you would expect to find on a DVD/Bluray.  Here’s a list of what they’ve released so far:

Modern Mystery: Who Is John Constantine?

To Hell and Back: Non Est Asylum

Behind the scenes photos

The Devils You Know: Ritchie Simpson

Sneak peak at Zed Martin


Since this is one of my favorite characters and aspects to the DC/Vertigo Universe, I’ll be keeping a close check on ratings numbers.  Unfortunately, NBC thought it would be good to premiere this show on a Friday… Monday would be a much better choice. (do we really need “The Voice”?)  So, the viewer count is 4.28 million US viewers.  A number everyone is frowning about, but in all reality is not too shabby for a Friday night up against game 3 of the World Series (Go SF Giants! #ChampionsTogether).

What do the numbers really mean?  Why are people so down about these numbers?  I have no idea why bloggers are already speculating cancellation based off the pilot’s 4.28 million viewers.  The Flash premiered with 4.83 million in a much better time/day slot and was previously introduced in another DC show: Arrow.  Speaking of Arrow, it only grabbed 2.83 million viewers for it’s season 3 premiere.  Ok, ok, ok, one more DC show.  Gotham.  Gotham is a show that is also getting a lot of “nobody is watching this, it’s stupid” treatment from other bloggers.  They’re all quick to praise Arrow and Flash, but the Gotham pilot scored more viewers than Flash and Arrow: 8.21 million!  That’s 2.23 million more than Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2 premiere!  So, 4.28 is a respectable number of viewers given all the data.  (by the way, I’m not even going to talk about The Walking Dead’s numbers… they shame the big two comics companies.  Congrats to Image and Robert!)

The Flash Things You Can’t Outrun

In this week’s episode of The Flash Things You Can’t Outrun, we find the team struggling with some personal issues as they tackle a very real question: Where to put these meta-human criminals?  Lots of spoilers with a sprinkle of speculation going forward.  If you haven’t seen this week’s episode yet, buy it on Amazon.

The Flash vs Mist

Kyle Nimbus was a death row inmate in the middle of his execution when the particle accelerator went boom.  The result is that he can take the form of poisonous gas.  He attempts to take down anyone that had anything to do with his incarceration and subsequent death, including the crime family that testified against him, the judge, and the arresting officer.  Unfortunately for Team Flash, the arresting officer happened to be Joe West, Barry’s father figure for the last 12 years.  The attack against Joe is the last and happens while he is visiting Barry’s father Henry at Iron Heights Prison.  Joe is professing to Henry that he now believes he is innocent and will do anything he can to prove his innocence.  This is when Mist attacks and The Flash is forced to perform a rescue, which must have been unnerving for his father to see such a display that he has not witnessed since the death of his wife Nora.

The Meta-Human Prison

The team at S.T.A.R. Labs manages to retrofit the accelerator to function as a prison for the meta-humans while undergoing flashbacks of the night of the failure.  There’s a big focus on the events surrounding Ronnie’s death.  I think it’s safe to say that we will see Firestorm very soon on the show.

Wizard World Comic Con

The Flash is definitely building momentum, and I think it’s a lot more than just the planned Flash vs Arrow episode 8.  There’s the Atom and Firestorm to consider.  Not to mention we finally meet fan favorite villain Captain Cold next week.  The Wells situation is also very interesting.  This week he was remembering what he did when the accelerator failed and went boom.  He was in his secret room, watching Barry.  Wells is such an interesting character and I can’t wait to see what the writers do with him.

The Flash Things You Can't Outrun

Gotham Viper

This week’s episode of Gotham Viper, gives us more teasers and gives rise to more theories.  This is going to be filled with spoilers, so if you haven’t seen Viper yet now is the time to watch it.  The show opens with Maroni planning a casino heist to mess with Falcone and a mysterious guy giving a very honest street performer free drugs.  The side of the vial said “Breathe me” in a twisted homage to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Gotham Viper

Gotham Viper – Fish and the “Secret Weapon”

The whole Fish storyline is a little boring.  Clearly, she will not make it out of the show alive, or at least in power.  The only reason to keep watching her is to see just how she will fall.  We see her training her “secret weapon” early in the episode before Falcone calls a family meeting to give everyone the current status of things.  Fish has an altercation with another mobster, but we later see them in bed together and find out that they’re in it together to take out Falcone.  More than likely, Fish is just using him though.  At the end of the show we see Falcone feeding the pidgins when Liza struts onto the scene singing the song Fish was teaching her.  Apparently the song was sang to baby Falcone by his mother.  Essentially, Liza’s in for Falcone.  I have a feeling that Fish may lose the attempted coup on Falcone due to a double cross from Liza.  That’s just a theory.

Gotham Viper – Viper: the precursor to Venom

The title of the show and drug plaguing the streets of Gotham is revealed to be a flawed version of a super soldier serum.  The flaw has been corrected and the new version is called Venom!  The chemical that fuels famous Bat-Villain Bane.  In the investigation, Gordon discovers that there may be a connection between Viper and Wayne Enterprises via Wellzyne.  Bruce also thinks there may be some concerning relations between Wayne Enterprises and what is going on with the corruption in Gotham.  The episode closes out with Gordon looking into a warehouse he was tipped off to by the Viper killer.  Definitely a Wayne Enterprises enterprise and Venom is one of their projects.  The intrigue builds.

The Penguin’s story continued

The Penguin reveals his secret, former employee of Fish Mooney, to Don Maroni.  Which gets him into some immediate danger, until Gordon is called in to validate the story.  Gordon tells the truth, which is what Oswald had done.  So he gets the trust of Maroni and becomes his secret weapon.  This season seems to be mostly the story of The Penguin with a general story about Gotham progressing slowly.

The Walking Dead Strangers

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead Strangers was written by the creative master mind behind it all: Robert Kirkman.  There will be spoilers in this article, pretty much going forward.  Make sure you’ve watched the Season 5 Premiere or at least read our review before reading this one.

The Walking Dead Strangers - Father Gabriel


This week introduced a new character to the cast: Father Gabriel, a lone preacher without a congregation.  Before we rescued him from some of the walking dead, most of the group began making amends with one another.  We rescue Father Gabriel, and he leads the group back to his church where he has been surviving alone since the outbreak.  Here’s the big spoiler, and the thing that’s making Rick uneasy (but he can’t quite figure out).  Father Gabriel ran off his congregation and sealed himself in the church.  He continually turned away his congregation and listened as they condemned him from outside.  They begged and pleaded, but he turned them away.  Eventually the dead came and he had to listen as all those people begging to be let in were killed.  That’s his big secret.  As far as secrets go in the Zombie Apocalypse, it really isn’t that bad.  At least he didn’t torture them personally, or barbecue them.  Speaking of which, if you had any doubts about the cannibalism happening at Terminus, they’ve been put to rest at the end of Strangers.  Poor Bob caught stalked, picked off, taken away, and had his leg amputated.  Then we get to see Gareth eating it.  Oh, the guy Tyrese thought he killed back at the shed?  Definitely alive and having a good time at the all-Bob Barbecue.  So, Bob was wrong and Rick was right.  They should have left none alive from Terminus.  Now it’s going to come back to bite them… (pun intended).

The Walking Dead Strangers

Rick and the gang do decide to follow Abraham to Washington DC so that Eugene can cure the world, which is about when Bob gets abducted.  It was very unclear last episode just how far behind Morgan was to everybody, but he was not in tonight’s episode.  Or was he?  He could be the mysterious person stalking the group that left no tracks.  I don’t think Gareth would really know how to hide his tracks to make it look like he wasn’t there… but then again, how would Morgan know how to do it.  So much up in the air.  I have a feeling that we’ll finally be checking in with Beth’s crazy situation next week, and that’s really all I care to speculate about.

WW Ohio ComicCon

Arrow Sara – Is a revenge story with a twist

Tonight’s episode of Arrow Sara takes some interesting twists and turns and brings back Colin Donnell to play Tommy Merlyn in flashbacks.  There will be spoilers going forward.  You have been warned.

Arrow Sara - Oliver grieving

Arrow Sara – Season 3 Episode 2

Following the events from the end of the Season 3 Premiere, Laurel brings Sara’s body back to Verdant (the basement headquarters for team Arrow.  The team immediately begins researching and digging, trying to find out who the killer could have been.  Also in this episode, Roy (Arsenal) is forced to show Oliver the note Thea left, after he continues to leave messages for her with no reply.  Grief is big driving force for changes with Felicity too.  After buying the Radioshack Clone she was working for, Felicity confronts Ray Palmer.  He clearly sees that she is going through something much deeper than a loathing of him, so he comforts her somewhat.  In the end, she decides to come work for Palmer.

Meanwhile, the team has been tracking the too obvious mercenary known as Komodo.  It seemed too easy to me.  In the end, I was right.  After several great fight scenes, including one on motorcycles, Komodo reveals that he has no idea what Arrow and Laurel are talking about.  He has an alibi for the night Sara was murdered, which puts the team back to square one.  Not long after this, we cut to see someone taking down two Kendo sparring partners.  In walks Malcolm Merlyn, which can only leave the fierce warrior as Thea.  This scene is almost placed to give the impression that Merlyn is a possible suspect in Sara’s murder.  I’m not so sure.  Earlier in the episode, the suggestion was made that it could be someone from the League of Assassins.  Ollie brushes the suggestion aside far too easily, so my money is on either a member or Ra’s al Ghul himself.

The flashbacks tonight revealed that Tommy had responded to Oliver checking his email and took his dad’s private jet to look for him.  Of course, this means that Amanda Waller ordered Oliver’s first hit on him!  Ollie formulated a plan to discourage Tommy from looking for him, which had to impact both Tommy and himself.  Playing on the overall theme of grief this episode had.  That’s all I have to say about Arrow Sara.  This show continues to amaze me with it’s good writing, good acting and direction, and overall amazing story telling.  The next two months are going to be wild, what with The Flash going simultaneously.  All these great DC heroes finally getting a good chance at being fleshed out.

WW Ohio ComicCon

The Flash Fastest Man Alive

In tonight’s episode of The Flash Fastest Man Alive, Barry works through some issues, both emotional and physical.  There will spoilers throughout this article for The Flash and possibly Arrow.  Please be advised.  I’m really enjoying Geoff Johns‘ involvement with the show so far.  It’s good to have a big name from DC actively working on one of their most important characters most promising TV debuts ever.  The episode of tonight’s episode, being a great throwback to The Flash’s moniker: The Fastest Man Alive!

The Flash Fastest Man Alive

The Flash Fastest Man Alive versus Multiplex

The picture above is the outcome of Barry’s first encounter with this week’s villain, Danton Black.  Cisco dubbed our villain Multiplex, which seems to fit in with some comic stories.  Which makes me think that despite watching Black fall to this death, he may not be gone forever.  He’s a notable nemesis to Firestorm, who will be played by Robbie Amell.  If you haven’t sorted that out yet, Caitlin’s fiancé that ‘died’ in the S.T.A.R. labs explosion is the Ronnie Raymond from the comics that fuses with Dr. Stein to become Firestorm.  So there’s a good spoiler for you, Caitlin’s guy is not gone.  Okay, back to Multiplex.  He’s also notoriously served some time on the Suicide Squad, so it’s not impossible for him to show up in Arrow next season.  Or maybe Suicide Squad shows up in The Flash next season?  The lines begin to blur with these two shows.  I love it!

Barry and Joe go through some serious issues tonight.  Some of the story is told through flashbacks to show us post-murder what it was like for Barry.  It wasn’t easy.  It also wasn’t easy for his dad locked away in Iron Heights.  Dr. Wells reaches out to Joe so that he can convince him to help encourage Barry.  It seems that all Barry needed was some encouragement from the people around him.  I’m still waiting for something to happen between Barry and Iris, but there is the Felicity situation… and… the Professor Zoom situation…

Advertisement:  Puma – Faas Men’s Digital Watch – Gray

I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, since this is going to be such an action packed season.  Without even mentioning the Arrow crossovers.  Goodness.  Speaking of Arrow, be looking for a review tomorrow night of the latest episode of Arrow!  I’ll probably be doing a few live tweets while I watch.  It’ll be on the official Anonymousgeek Twitter: @anonymousgeek5

So, tonight’s episode ended with Dr. Wells going to the clearly crooked Simon Stagg.  Stagg confesses straight away that he’d like to get his hands on The Flash which causes Wells to rise from his wheelchair and stab Stagg in the chest.  Wells is definitely looking out for Barry, but the methods do seem questionable.  Anyone care to speculate?

Gotham Arkham (this episode gets behind the scenes)

This week’s episode of Gotham Arkham is the first to start unraveling the very complex plot that our main hero, Jim Gordon, stumbled onto when he began investigating the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.  Spoilers will be found throughout the article going forward, including a minor spoiler for the AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Gotham Arkham Asylum

Gotham Arkham – It’s all about the Asylum!

We’re made to think that the rival mobster families are fighting over the Arkham district of Gotham City.  It’s being hinted at for the uninitiated that there may be some unseen forces beyond that pulling strings.  With the wild popularity of video games taking place at Arkham these days, it’s no surprise that Arkham Asylum may be the staging point for some big big things.  The Waynes were attempting to have the old Asylum torn down along with the surrounding slums so that a new state of the art mental health facility could be constructed and low income housing built throughout the district.  The deal as it stands at the end of the episode is that the old Asylum is merely going to be retrofitted and upgraded with minor improvements to some of the surrounding housing.  Also, Maroni’s crime family get a new contract for a dump.  This is a recipe for disaster, but I really get the feeling that some of our yet to be introduced bad guys are playing everyone perfectly.

One of the most interesting characters to follow so far has been Oswald Cobblepot, aka the Penguin.  (WALKING DEAD SPOILER)  After being killed off on The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere last night, Robin Lord Taylor seems to be doing alright for himself in Gotham as the Penguin.  Hippie Sam didn’t have it so good.  If you watched last week’s episode, The Balloonman, you know that he slipped into Maroni’s main restaurant as a dishwasher.  He also managed to catch the eye of Maroni himself.  Tonight, he engineered a robbery that put him in charge of the restaurant and got some cash in his pocket, after he took out his hired thugs.  He now has Maroni’s ear and trust, as well as a decent stash of cash.  I’m not really sure how much longer Fish Mooney will last this season, not that she isn’t making her own plans to take down Falcone.  I’m just not sure that she’ll be able to get herself into a position where she could come out on top.  After all, Penguin is a name that has some weight to it in the Batman Mythos, Fish Mooney not so much.  At the same time, I’m not so sure Carmine Falcone is going anywhere since he has been such an important character since his introduction in Batman: Year One by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli.

I didn’t mind Alfred so much this episode.  He seemed to be a lot more tame, like he is settling into his role.  That would be a relief.  Bruce was still playing detective, trying to tie the Councilman murders to his parents as an elaborate scheme surrounding Arkham.  Of course, the kid is probably right.  If you look at some of the casting, you can definitely see that we’re going to spend a lot of time in Arkham this season, which was extended to 22 episodes from its original 16.  So that’s good.  Especially since I think I’m enjoying it.

Be sure to watch The Flash tomorrow night on the CW and Arrow Wednesday night to continue getting your DC Comics television fix.

Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

Be warned, it’s hard to talk about The Walking Dead season 5 premiere without talking about spoilers.  So this is the official spoiler warning going up for the duration of the article.  Also, I’ve noticed that Facebook ignores special descriptions for it when you share the article, so I don’t want someone inadvertently getting a spoiler in the first two or three sentences.  On with the article!

Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

I loved the opening episode of this season.  Carol was such a BAMF!  (Look it up. Samuel L. Jackson has it on his wallet. LOL)  If you were wondering what happened to the hippie guy from Season 4 Episode 4, Sam, well… he headed for Terminus.  He’s the first one to get a whack and slash in the Terminus Cannibal Kitchen.  By the way, I totally knew they were cannibals.  My saying for the last few months has been “soylent green is people!”  I also have a hunch that the names in the big memory room are those they have eaten.  Anyways, Rick and gang do get away sort of, but it isn’t solely based on their awesome plan.  Of course being in that “go get ’em” mentality definitely helped.  Carol actually comes to the rescue, using a gun and a bottle rocket to blow up a propane tank and zombie camouflage (a beautiful throwback to the first season) to sneak in and rescue her friends.

Eugene, the scientist with the mullet, finally reveals his big “save the world” plan.  It’s not a very good one.  He apparently worked with Department of Defense people while he was a genome researcher and plans on setting off a doomsday device that would normally eradicate all human life.  He thinks he can reset it to just target the walkers.  Hopefully someone will tell him that if he targets using the infected DNA, it will still wipe out all human life, since we’re all infected.  No mention of Beth in this episode, but will probably see her in the next.  Otherwise, the big character reveal in the final minute of The Walking Dead was Morgan!  He’s got himself together and was heading to Terminus.  Rick marked through a Terminus sign so that it would read “No Sanctuary” and headed into the woods.  It looks like Morgan is heading in that direction, but a bit later.  We didn’t see our group marking trees, but when Morgan heads into the woods the trees are marked.  The speculation in my house is that Morgan will meet up with Gareth.

Comic Book Crossover: The Penguin in The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere!

If you’re loving all this comic book based television, then look for Gotham tomorrow night!  Sam, the aforementioned hippie that bites it right away in The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere?  He’s totally the Penguin on Gotham!

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