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The Strain Episode 12 Leaves everything it loves behind.

Read about Episode 11: The Third Rail

I’m not offering a blow by blow synopsis of this week’s episode.  Not after the epic, but exhausting, weekend at Wizard World Nashville.  So, tonight’s episode was very good in my opinion.  I find it to be no coincidence that it was directed by Peter Weller.  His direction seems to really chive with the shows environment and characters.  Weller directed two other episodes this season, you can read about them here and here.  It seems that The Strain Episode 12, “Last Rites”, would be the first television episode to venture the furthest from the source material:

The hacker returned and she isn’t a character from the book series at all, but she’s very interesting.  For those romance junkies out there, it’s worth mentioning that we learn a little of her past as the chemistry between her and Fet really start to heat up.  Another large departure, is the reappearance of the other Ancient Vampire: Quinlan.  This character should not have come back into play so soon, but the way he did was pretty awesome.  I’m not sure whisking Gus away was awesome, but there’s only one more episode left and they definitely want to pull everyone in since FX has ordered another season.

The Strain Episode 12: Quinlin

One of the things I have loved about this show is the use of flash backs to tell Setrakian’s story.  Tonight was no exception.  Ole Abraham was remembering his last encounter with Eichorst and The Master in 1967 Albania.  It comes as no surprise that we also get to put a name to the infected heart he keeps.  It belonged to his wife Miriam who was attacked and turned by Eichorst after Abraham had fallen for a trap.  At this point in his life he had been hunting the vampires for many years.  Next season should leave us with a great landscape for more flash backs bridging the gap between Germany and Albania.  The Stoneheart Group’s eccentric CEO finally got his visit from The Master, but it was not a full conversion.  The preview for next week reveals as much.

Next Episode: The Master

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Gotham Premier

The Gotham Premier almost flew under my radar, but sister station FX promoted it last night during The Strain.  I’m not sure if I’m in love with the show yet.  After tonight’s episode, I will definitely tune in next week to see what happens and how things are handled going forward.  It was almost burdensome all the names they decided to drop tonight and the imagery they used.  It was very heavy and distracting for a person familiar with Batman and the world of Gotham.  I hope going forward, there can be fewer eventual super villains thrown in and a lot more story.  I know it might sound as though I didn’t enjoy it, but I did and I would easily give it a 9 out of 10 for a pilot/premier.

What follows is a spoiler-rich recap of tonight’s episode.

Gotham Premier - Catwoman

Gotham Premier – Mysterious Girl presumed to be Catwoman

The Gotham premier opens with who appears to be a very young Catwoman, prowling the streets and snatching some items (including a half gallon of milk).  After feeding a stray cat she retreats and spies on the Wayne family coming back from the theater.  She watches as they are mugged and then Bruce’s parents are murdered and he spared.  The assailant was heavily disguised.  A very traditional Batman origin story.  Instead of flashing forward to see a heroic Batman thinking back, we go straight to a Gotham precinct to see Jim Gordon diffusing a hostage situation inside the precinct itself.  Apparently Gordon diffused the situation too kindly.  Cops in Gotham seem to be a lot harder than we’re used to.  Gordon and his veteran partner get sent out to work the Wayne case.  Jim befriends young Bruce pretty quickly, offering wisdom and advice.  The Bruce we see is the very fragile Bruce we encounter early on in Nolan’s Batman Begins.  Alfred Pennyworth comes in to pick up Bruce and wishes Detective Gordon good luck finding the murderer.  Alfred understands exactly how crime-ridden and corrupt the city is.

Gotham Premier - Oswald

Gotham Premier – Oswald aka The Penguin

Gordon and his partner head into a diner to discuss the case and two detectives from the Major Crimes unit come to take the case off their hands if they want.  The next day, back at the precinct, their captain wants the Wayne case closed as soon as possible and Gordon’s partner wants him gone.  Denying the request, the two hit the streets and start rattling some cages.  Back at HQ we meet Ed Nigma as the units forensic scientist.  He reveals that the bullet pulled from Thomas Wayne was a very specialized bullet fired from an unknown gun.  Our police duo next pay a visit to Fish, who seems to be connected with the crime families.  At her side, is an umbrella toting lackey named Oswald whom the other lackeys tease and call Penguin.  Jim prevents Oswald from beating another crook to death, but seems to have missed the information exchange Harvey (his partner) had with Fish.

Gotham Premier - Ed Nigma

Gotham Premier – Ed Nigma aka The Riddler

Back at home, Jim settles in with his girlfriend Barbara.  The romantic night in is interrupted by a call from Harvey to meet him about a lead.  Following their lead gets them to an apartment complex where a young girl named Ivy answers the suspect’s (her father) door.  After threatening to search the apartment for the pearl necklace stolen from Martha, the suspect flees the scene resulting in a foot chase through the neighborhood and a hand-to-hand showdown with Gordon.  This ends with Harvey shooting the man to save Jim from a brutal stabbing.

Gotham Premier - Ivy

Gotham Premier – Ivy Pepper aka Poison Ivy

After searching through the apartment, the team very easily finds the pearl necklace and Harvey and Jim are celebrated as heroes.  We transition to the newspaper headline being read by Oswald as he waits for the partners from Major Crimes.  He jumps in the back of their car and reveals that Mario Pepper, our suspect Harvey just killed, was framed by Fish and the Cops.  We move to see Bruce at his parents graveside service, with our young Catwoman watching over.  After an emotional handshake between Gordon and Bruce, we cut to see Rene (from Major Crimes) going to Barbara and telling her that Jim was in on the frame up.  Of course he wasn’t, and Barbara finds this out quickly when she confronts Jim.  Jim in turn confronts Rene, before heading over to the Pepper household to start getting facts straight.  After going through the guys closet and checking for shiny shoes and finding none, he tells Harvey that it was a setup.  Harvey tries to convince Jim to forget about the whole thing.  But Gordon can’t let it go.  He confronts Fish about the situation and gets into it with Fish’s lackeys.  Gordon gets knocked out and taken captive.

We see him hanging in the meat locker and Harvey makes it to the rescue.  Harvey threatens Fish to get Jim released, but Harvey gets himself in the same predicament as Jim.  After hanging up, Fish confronts Oswald about ratting her out to Major Crimes.  After taunting him and calling him Penguin, he rushes her with a knife and we find out that Fish can take care of herself.  Before the detectives can be chopped up, Falcone and his men come to the rescue to remind Fish’s crew that there are rules to follow with this kind of thing.

Falcone talks to Gordon and explains his role in the runnings of Gotham.  Apparently, he was good friends with Gordon’s father, a District Attorney.  He warns Jim that bringing down the corrupt Police and City Hall would accomplish nothing.  To test Gordon’s loyalty to the program, he’s supposed to kill Oswald.  Jim walks Oswald to the end of the pier and through pleading for his life, Oswald reveals that a massive war is coming.  He whispers in Oswald’s ear to not come back to Gotham before he fires next to his head and pushes him in the river.  We close out with Gordon making a trip to Wayne manor.  Gordon confides in Bruce and Alfred and we see our young Catwoman again as he drives away.  Oswald pops out of the river a very different person, bend on revenge.

The Strain Episode 11 WILL hunt you down!

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The Strain Episode 11 - The Master

Tonight’s episode was really fast paced and brought things a lot further along than the last couple episodes did.  It was all in all a very good episode.  Not everyone enjoyed last weeks episode, but I did.  I liked the story telling style, but this weeks was much more straightforward and to the point.  Very much reminded me of Peter Weller’s episodes.  What follows is a spoiler-filled synopsis.

The Strain Episode 11, The Third Rail, opened up with Fet and Eph testing an experimental UV flash bomb.  “In engineering terms” it failed.  Zach was using his mom’s phone to video the project.

Nora’s mother is having trouble adjusting to life at Setrakian’s but everyone is trying to hold it together.  Back with Gus, who goes home, he discovers his brother, fully turned, and dispatches him as quickly as possible.  Back at Setrakian’s, Eph compares himself to a nondescript Van Helsing confessing that he does believe that killing The Master will stop the plague.  Loading up in the truck, Abraham gives Nora the silver knife that Jim had used, and Ephraim tells Zach to hold the fort down.

Mariela, Nora’s mother, seemed to be almost testing Zach during one of her episodes.  Meanwhile, driving through the busy streets of New York, Eph and the team see the outrageous looting and chaos happening.  Gus is trying to get ahold of his mother and having no luck when he hears a noise down the hall.  He goes into the room and finds his mother in a closet, infected.  At Setrakian’s, Zach is reading the book that Abraham lent him when he hears Mariela having a small break down just outside the Pawn Shop.  He reluctantly agrees to go get her some cigarettes in exchange for her staying in the basement.  Descending into the subway tunnels Abraham and Ephraim give us this exchange: The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure that we seek.  We also find out that The Master is drawn to human suffering.

Trudging through the tunnels, the team begins to see the leftovers of victims. Purses, jewelry, wallets, stuffed animals, and more. Getting closer to the tunnels under the former Trade Center Towers, they find a very large of nest of vampires.  However, seeking only The Master, Abraham tells them to turn off the UV lights and proceed through.  Killing one would alert him.  Back at home, Gus is confronted by his mother turned vampire, but leaves her.  On his way out, he grabs a fire axe just in time to confront the building manager who is also now a vampire.

The Strain Episode 11 brings Gus and Zach face to face

Fet doesn’t know the tunnels quite as well as he thought, they get lost.  After seeing one get fried on the subway tracks, they determine that they are getting close.  Back with Zach, he finds a convenience store to get some smokes from, but a couple scavengers come in and he runs off to the back and down into the supply room where he is face to face with a vampire.  He makes it out and the scavengers get ate by the vampire and he runs into Gus wielding his fire axe.  Gus lets him leave.  Back in the tunnels with the team, they find a very small crawl space tunnel.  Eph crawls through with his Machete and UV lamp.  Vamps come up behind the others and Fet volunteers to hold them off while Nora and Abraham crawl through.  Before the others can make it through, Ephraim hears Kelly’s voice and despite Setrakian’s warnings, walks off to find her.

The Strain Episode 11 - Ephraim and The Master's Coffin

Nora and Fet begin fire a few rounds off into the enclosing crowd before Fet takes them on solo.  With both Nora and Fet through, they leave a UV lamp in the crawl space to keep more from coming through.  Kelly’s voice leads Eph into The Master’s nest, where he finds the coffin.  After finding it empty, vampires close in around him and The Master makes his big reveal to Ephraim.  The Master throws down the gauntlet to Eph, swearing to destroy his family.  Just then, Setrakian comes to help and is quickly rendered helpless shortly after drawing his sword.  Fet and Nora make it just in time to use the UV bomb, but The Master slipped away.  Enraged, Setrakian destroys the coffin he built so many years ago.  The team reluctantly follows Abraham after The Master, but before going too far they find the mother of all nests.  Zach does it make it back to the Pawn Shop before dark with cigarettes.

Next Episode: Last Rites

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Doctor Who – Time Heist

The puzzling heist…
(Spoilers going forward!)

Last week’s episode, Listen, provided us with on the edge of our seat anxiety. This week the audience and the characters uncovered the plot together. I loved the scene change from answering the phone to flinging a memory worm from their hands. Everyone experienced a “What just happened?” type of moment. I was also pleased to uncover the reason as to why they had all chosen to wipe their memories fairly early in the episode. The guilt-tracking alien made for a convenient reason to volunteer to have their recent memories erased. The less they knew about what they would be doing the less guilty they would feel.

Doctor Who - Time Heist

I will admit that I suspected the entire episode that the Doctor was “the Architect.” It seemed exactly like something any Doctor would have done if he needed to interact with his own time stream. I did not, however, expect that the Doctor’s ultimate “reward” was going to be saving a hostage/species. I was busy wondering the whole episode what was in it for the Doctor and Clara, but most of the time I assumed that they would find the TARDIS at the end of this bank heist maze.

I really enjoyed the teammates in this episode, Psi and Saibra. I figured out fairly quickly and easily what their ultimate rewards would be, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was right and that they would be able to use them. I’m not sure if it was my own personal distractions during the show or if the six devices that they found were not thoroughly explained on purpose until it was revealed that Psi and Saibra were still alive and well. I thought that it looked like they had teleported, but I was still confused as to what really happened until they showed back up. I’m also still a little confused about if all of the people in the bank made it out safely or if that was a gigantic tragedy.

Doctor Who: Time Heist - Head of Security

I enjoyed how that Doctor worked out who the Architect was, and his reaction to this realization. We missed out on a second date between Clara and Mr. Pink, but I think that next week will advance that portion of the plot quite a bit. I am really looking forward to seeing how travelling with the Doctor will begin to effect Clara’s personal life, and I am always interested to watch the Doctor pretend to be John Smith. I can’t wait to see Clara introduce Mr. Pink and the Doctor – I can practically feel the tension already.

I have to say that I am beginning to miss some of the well-known secondary characters, even such as Strax, Vastra, and Jenny. I think this is due to how familiar it became for the Doctor to travel with multiple companions in the last few seasons. I understand that right now we are fleshing out the relationship between Clara and the Doctor, but I am really looking forward to adding that third wheel next week.

BlizzBuzz Episode 6

NECA vs DC Unlimited:

It’s not a very fair comparison since NECA has only one character under their belt and DC has 4 characters from the StarCraft universe and more than 20 characters from World of Warcraft.  Initially, NECA’s Diablo Prime Evil figure has loads more articulation than the DC Unlimited figures, if that’s something that’s important to you as a collector.  The figure also looked good in the packaging, in case you never plan on opening it.  Coloration seemed to be spot on and I compared with an illustration from the Collector’s Edition artbook.

World of Warcraft:

10th anniversary celebration.  Launching two new features to celebrate alongside the Molten Corgi.  Molten Core will be available for level 100 players with the reward of a Core Hound mount.

Core Hound Mount

Southshore vs Tarren Mill PVP area with two brackets, one for 90-99 and another for 100.  As a reward, you get another title: Tarren Mill Terror for the Alliance or Southshore Slayer for the Horde.

Also, if you haven’t logged into some characters since 2008, those names will be released and someone could take your name.  They’re not saying these characters will be deleted, but you will go through the name change process that is a vanity service, for free of course.


This week the community reps launched a new thing called The Waypoint.  They’re checking out the community discussions and curating the best or most interesting stuff weekly.  This week was all about “What if…” Legendary Gems and Hellfire farming.

StarCraft and Hearthstone:

The World Championship series has been moved up way ahead of BlizzCon this year so that the finals can actually be held during BlizzCon… so many games now with Hearthstone added.  Speaking of Hearthstone, they have officially hit 20 million players world wide.

Hearthstone: 20 million players


The Strain Episode 10 is not going to stop looking.

Read about Episode 9: The Disappeared

The Strain Episode 10, Loved Ones, takes us on Ephraim’s journey to find his ex-wife Kelly.  The story is told through a mix of flashbacks and present time, which definitely keeps your attention and interest.  There’s also a deepening relationship between Vasiliy and the hacker as they overcome an obstacle.  This was one of my favorite episodes due to the unconventional story telling.  What follows is a recap, spoilers abound.

An unlikely Apple commercial – The Strain Episode 10: Loved Ones

Tonight’s episode opens with Zach going through Setrakian’s pawn shop and pulling out a laptop, a MacBook, to track Kelly’s iPhone using “Find My iPhone”.  Pretty obvious Apple commercial, but at the same time, Apple does control a significant portion of the market now.  During a TV program watched by Nora and her mother, we find out that there is a massive financial crisis happening due to the events of the outbreak.  Fet suggests a battle strategy using a back door, based on his extermination experience with rats.

Ephraim goes out to find Kelly among the looters and discovers the phone with a woman that he helps bandage up.  She takes Eph to Kelly’s car, but Kelly isn’t in sight.  He does discover some bloody clothes before we flash back to 32 hours previous at Kelly’s home.  Vampire Matt has returned home while she is asleep in bed.  He doesn’t seem to have fully converted though and locks himself in the bathroom.  Meanwhile at school, Kelly realizes that Eph’s warning was true.  Her school was dismissed early and she returns home.  Matt is now fully turned and attacks her, but she fights back very well.  Unfortunately, during the fight one of the worms gets on Kelly’s face and enters through her left tear duct.  Explains the promo poster somewhat:

The Strain Episode 10

Outside in her car, Kelly’s eye begin to change like we had seen with the plane survivors.  Later, after sleeping and waking in her car, she seems to be going through other changes.  She leaves her car, dropping her phone.  Which is where Eph had found it.  She goes into Zach’s school and approaches one of the administrators.  She learns that Dianne has picked up Zach and leaves the school.  Outside, she sees a Vampire, but it acknowledges her and moves on.  She walks after it to see it feeding and has a very confused look on her face.

Stoneheart Group – The Strain Episode 10: Loved Ones

Back to the now, Fet and the hacker are on the road discussing themselves.  Vasiliy charms the front desk into letting them into the Stoneheart Group building.  Security meets them and escorts them to Eldritch’s right hand man.  He has them searched and then escorts the hacker into Palmer’s room.  Eph goes back to Kelly’s house and we flash back to 17 hours previous.  Kelly shows up to Dianne’s house.  Dianne tells Kelly that Zach is with Ephraim just before Dianne’s son comes downstairs to be attacked by Kelly.  She next turns on Dianne and quickly kills her.

Back to our beloved hacker, she confronts Mr. Palmer.  After some banter, Eldritch poetically explains why he chose to help the vampires.  The hacker strikes him hard and is taken away.  We flash back again to kelly, 15 hours previous now, as she is prowling the New York streets.  The Master speaks to her mind and calls her to him.  She descends into the subway tunnels and sewers where she meets her new Master.

The Strain Episode 10 - Vampire Kelly meets The Master

Back to Fet and the hacker, Mr. Fitzwilliams lets them go and we learn that the elite security force at Stoneheart Group are in fact loyal to him and not Palmer.  Fitzwilliams does not agree with the deal Eldritch made with the vampires.  Ephraim’s journey leads him to Dianne’s home, of course now we know this is 17 hours after Kelly has infected Dianne and her son.  He goes down to their basement to look around and finds them fully turned.  He is forced to shoot them both.  After discovering a locket, Eph is pretty sure Kelly is gone.  Returning to the pawn shop, he comes in about the same time as Fet and the hacker.  After a squabble, the hacker leaves despite Fet’s attempts to prevent her.  Eph sits Zach down and tells him that he’s not giving up.

Zach gets his own flashback moment as he’s going through his mom’s phone.  He plays a video she had taken during his birthday, and we go back to that moment for a minute.  This closes out tonight’s episode, which definitely leaves you with some melancholy.  The preview for next week shows us the team finding the underground nest of a lot of vampires.

Next Episode: The Third Rail

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Doctor Who Listen

Doctor Who: Listen

This episode of Doctor Who knocked my socks off and tossed them across the room! We progressed in Clara’s timeline and explored the Doctor’s timeline! WHAT?!? Just when I figured I knew where or when we were going next… BAM we are bedside with the little Doctor. Clara showed her merit as a quality companion this episode too. Last week’s episode was okay, but it just felt like too much fluff.

I was excited about this episode going into it, because I was anticipating a spine-chilling, scary episode. There were definitely moments where I was holding my breath, clutching at my blanket, and anticipating a moment that would make me jump. I have enjoyed the scary Doctor Who episodes in past seasons, but this episode is going to be a favorite for me. I loved the pacing from beginning to end. I really enjoyed the first scene where the Doctor postulates about the universal fear of the unknown “monster” under the bed, or the prickly hairs on the back of your neck.

Doctor Who: Listen - ClaraAfterwards we got a heavily edited version of Clara and Mr. Pink’s date that kept me intrigued and guessing as to what had gone so wrong from Clara’s look of exasperation. Once again we see that Clara and Mr. Pink are having difficulties due to the assumptions about soldiers that civilians can have. Hopefully, this issue will shake out fairly soon. I am enjoying the exploration of the topic, but for the sake of the characters and their relationships I would like to see it resolved sooner rather than later.

I feel that the end of the episode was very well written, but looking back it kind of negates the scary scene with little Rupert. I don’t want to think that the creature under the covers was just a prankster; I liked being scared of what in the world a creature that perfect at hiding would do if it were ever seen. I won’t fuss about it though, because of what Clara said to the young Doctor was heartfelt, moving, and clearly stuck with him throughout his life.

Doctor Who: Listen - Orson Pink

I nearly flipped when we were introduced to who the astronaut was. I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out who exactly he was and how he was related to Clara, until they eventually (practically) spelled it out for us/her. I do wonder how much of the Doctor’s obliviousness was real and how much was his charming personality. When it comes to the Doctor’s companions messing with their timelines and relationships, he has a fairly impeccable record for sniffing it out on his own.

Where did the toy soldier end up? Did Clara give it to the young Doctor? Did she keep it? I’m pretty confused because the way they shot the last scene had the background all fuzzy.

One last topic for discussion:

When will Mr. Pink take his first trip in the TARDIS? I miss having two companions with the Doctor. I want to see how he reacts, and now that Astronaut Pink let it slip that his great-grandparents travelled in time, I can barely wait to get Mr. Pink on the TARDIS joining Clara and the Doctor in their travels through time and space.

BlizzBuzz Episode 5

Apple Live Event

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Today, Apple held a live event to announce the iPhone 6 and 6 – plus (a larger version) and the Apple Watch.  As for gamers, the iPhone6plus seems to be a more than capable new device for mobile gaming.  The Apple Watch is a nice accessory, but priced at $349, seems a little out of range.

Warlords of Draenor – Garrisons

Walking through your own Garrison and having the options to decide what buildings go where (with limitation) really gives World of Warcraft a real time strategy feel that is so true to its roots.  During a live Q&A last Thursday, developers stated the importance Garrisons have with endgame play.  You’ll receive some temporary but amazing buffs once you get things maxed out!

The Strain Episode 9 Receives its final reward

Read about Episode 8: Creatures of the Night

My DVR failed to record and I had to catch a later showing, which resulting in catching bits and pieces throughout the night.  There were a lot of things I really enjoyed about this episode.  Most of all, I liked Setrakian’s interactions with Ephraim’s son Zach.  The fleshing out of the hacker character has been interesting too, because I didn’t really think she would become a main character.  What follows is a recap riddled with spoilers.

The Strain Episode 9 opens with Ephraim bursting into his old house to save his son Zach from his wife’s new boyfriend, now turned vampire, Matt.  The rest of the team make it inside after Eph dispatches the vampire and begin searching the house for Kelly.  Not finding her they decide to burn the body and flee the house.  Felix is well into the turn while still locked in a holding cell with Gus and other prisoners.

Eph sends Zach with Setrakian and the others while he and Nora stay behind to take care of Matt’s body.  Nora is still upset about Vasiliy taking Jim’s life and confronts him before they leave for Abraham’s pawn shop.  During a quick flashback we see Abraham’s camp digging their own mass grave.  At the hacker’s apartment, Fet walks her up and for good reason.  Her friend, who got away, has robbed her blind and taken her laptop.  Meanwhile, in the bread truck outside, Setrakian begins talking to young Zach.  Giving him some gentle lessons on the vampires.  During another flashback, we see young Abraham sneaking into the workshop to steal a silver dagger.  Caught inside by Eichorst who assumes he is anxious to work again after finishing the coffin, but informs him that he is to join the others.  Back in the apartment, a friend and neighbor newly infected comes in and attacks Fet and the hacker.  After taking him out, they rejoin the others in the bread truck and head for the pawn shop.

The Strain Episode 9 - Pawn Shop

At the pawn shop, Nora’s mother greets them quite angrily and they all go into the more hidden part of Abraham’s shop.  Abraham gives Zach a book and instructs him to read and he and Fet begin discussing the role humans are playing in all this.  Fet goes home to get a few things and promises to return.  Back at Ephraim’s old house, he and Nora are taking care of Matt’s body and discuss Kelly’s whereabouts.  While burning the body, they discuss Jim and try to get a little closure.  Abraham and the hacker begin discussing Palmer and her role in the chaos.  The conversation turns to Eichorst and Setrakian asks if she can undo what she has done.  Another flashback reveals young Abraham’s face-to-face encounter with The Master.  After a failed attempt to kill The Master, he breaks Abraham’s fingers after a brief encounter.

The prison transport with Felix and Gus are en route to Rikers Island, but Felix (now turned) attacks the driver, wrecking the transport.  Back at Eph’s house, Nora calls her mother to touch base.  Things get very steamy between Ephraim and Nora, leading to sex.  The other guard unlocks the truck and walks toward Felix, only to be attacked.  Gus is forced to put Felix down after getting the keys off the guard’s body.  Gus makes a run for it in his prison orange as fast as he can.  Setrakian sits down with Zach again before flashing back to his escape from the encampment.  Eichorst sees his hands during a sorting of movement or execution and chooses him for execution.  Before the squad can terminate them, Allied Forces move in on the location and the prisoners seize the moment and run for it.

The Strain Episode 9 - Kelly Missing

Diane bursts in on Eph and Nora, looking for Kelly.  Eph confesses his love for Kelly to Diane, in front of Nora.  Clearly causing some tension with Nora.  They decide to get out ASAP since Diane is probably going to call the police.  With Nora and Eph back at the pawn shop, Eph finds out that Setrakian did tell Zach that he had to burn Matt’s body.  Everybody settles in to get some rest before starting the search for Kelly tomorrow.  Eichorst gets home and pull out the silver slug from his leg and has his own flash back.  1944 Poland, he has retreated to a bunker where The Master’s coffin is held.  Beginning to think he has been forsaken, he starts to despair, but The Master comes to him and gives him his final reward for faithful service to the New Order.

Next Episode: Loved Ones