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The Strain Episode 12 Leaves everything it loves behind.

Read about Episode 11: The Third Rail I’m not offering a blow by blow synopsis of this week’s episode.  Not after the epic, but exhausting, weekend at Wizard World Nashville.  So, tonight’s episode was very good in my opinion.  I find it to be no coincidence that it was directed by Peter Weller.  His direction seems… Read More »

The Strain Episode 11 WILL hunt you down!

Read about Episode 10: Loved Ones Tonight’s episode was really fast paced and brought things a lot further along than the last couple episodes did.  It was all in all a very good episode.  Not everyone enjoyed last weeks episode, but I did.  I liked the story telling style, but this weeks was much more straightforward… Read More »

Doctor Who – Time Heist

The puzzling heist… (Spoilers going forward!) Last week’s episode, Listen, provided us with on the edge of our seat anxiety. This week the audience and the characters uncovered the plot together. I loved the scene change from answering the phone to flinging a memory worm from their hands. Everyone experienced a “What just happened?” type… Read More »

BlizzBuzz Episode 6

NECA vs DC Unlimited: It’s not a very fair comparison since NECA has only one character under their belt and DC has 4 characters from the StarCraft universe and more than 20 characters from World of Warcraft.  Initially, NECA’s Diablo Prime Evil figure has loads more articulation than the DC Unlimited figures, if that’s something… Read More »

The Strain Episode 10 is not going to stop looking.

Read about Episode 9: The Disappeared The Strain Episode 10, Loved Ones, takes us on Ephraim’s journey to find his ex-wife Kelly.  The story is told through a mix of flashbacks and present time, which definitely keeps your attention and interest.  There’s also a deepening relationship between Vasiliy and the hacker as they overcome an… Read More »

The Strain Episode 9 Receives its final reward

Read about Episode 8: Creatures of the Night My DVR failed to record and I had to catch a later showing, which resulting in catching bits and pieces throughout the night.  There were a lot of things I really enjoyed about this episode.  Most of all, I liked Setrakian’s interactions with Ephraim’s son Zach.  The… Read More »