Monthly Archives: August 2014

New shows coming to our YouTube channel!

Hey folks, Just wanted to let everyone know that the AnonymousGeek YouTube Channel will soon feature two regularly scheduled shows! The first will be a podcast style show starting out as audio only, with the plan to eventually move into video.  On it I will talk comic books and comic book movies/tv with regular contributor… Read More »

The Strain Episode 4 is burning down the house!

Read about Episode 3: Gone Smooth In The Strain Episode 4 we pick up where we left off  just after Ephraim has bashed in Doyle’s head after he attacked the CDC team.  The team prep for a makeshift autopsy, but first we touch base with “survivor” Ansel.  He definitely understands that something bad is happening to… Read More »

Sailor Moon Crystal Debut Episode for Sailor Mars

This week was the debut episode for Sailor Mars. So, last week I was finally able to unpack and reread the first three chapters of my Sailor Moon manga to refresh my memory. So far, Sailor Moon Crystal is following the manga very closely with only a few alterations. A few that I noticed this… Read More »

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers and Spoiler-free section

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers Free The first few parts of this review will have no Guardians of the Galaxy spoilers, and there will be a banner that says “spoilers ahead” when I start telling all.  Guardians is hands down the best movie I’ve seen all year, or in recent years for that matter.  This… Read More »