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The Strain Episode 5 escapes with the evidence!

Read about Episode 4: It’s Not for Everyone

Unlike previous reviews of the show The Strain Episode 5 review has spoilers throughout, so read on at your own risk.

This week The Strain episode 5 opens up by going back to rockstar survivor Gabriel.  The urologist that was recommended to him back in episode 3 makes her house call, but finds a little more than an eccentric rockstar with personal problems.  Gabe has undergone all the necessary changes and drags her off to some room in his club.  He seems very possessive too, saying “mine” to his manager after she catches him feeding on the doctor.

Getting back to Ephraim and Abraham, we find them at french girl’s house.  Apparently they didn’t have to burn down the whole house.  While trying to explain the reality to Eph, we begin to get some flashbacks of Abraham’s first encounter with the vampires back in Nazi Germany.  Abraham also summed up where we are in he and Eph’s relationship by saying “you believe you are drafting me to your cause… but I am drafting you into mine”.  This episode also takes us back to the lawyer, who is still undergoing the change.

The Strain Episode 5: Lawyer

The Strain Episode 5 – Can you hear me now?

Apparently cellphones are working again as we touch in briefly with Fet and Nora.  Fet remarks that the only reason the rats would be leaving the sewers is because of a bigger predator.  Meanwhile, Nora is dealing with her mother who is a resident at a retirement community.  During another flashback, Abraham reveals that he first seen the Master back at the Nazi work camp and in present day he reveals that a silver mirror can detect an infected person via a vibrating reflection.  The next person on Abraham’s list was Ansel, and upon arriving we see that his wife could not cope and has hanged herself.

Eph and Abraham quickly dispatch Ansel and the annoying neighbor he was fed.  Gabe’s manager had apparently hired a “clean up” guy to make the incident with the doctor “disappear”, but he too falls victim to Gabriel.  Abraham’s flashbacks also reveal that he witnessed his friend/brother die at the hands of the Master.  A brief check on Stoneheart Group reveals that Eldritch Palmer is out of surgery, but would not survive another.  That’s really all we get of him.

The Strain Episode 5 Vasiliy Fet

Heading back to the cranky lawyer, the nanny sees the changes and freaks out and grabs the kids.  Before leaving, the lawyer stops them at the door before going on a run.  Fet goes into the sewers to investigate what’s going on with the rats.  He discovers the discharge all over the walls before finding a herd of vampires fully changed.  He runs out before being overrun and we witness  the affect sunlight has on them.  A rough burning sensation.  Nora gets a taste of the fight first hand as a vampire is on a feeding spree at her mother’s retirement community.  She very quickly decides to take her mother out of there.

Eph heads back to the CDC Canary Team to show video evidence to his boss of The Strain, but he is wanted in relation to the death of Cpt. Doyle.  Jim Kent manages to use his access badge to get Ephraim out of the building with him hounding him the whole way to help get the infected and related quarantined.  The Strain Episode 5 and 6 will be directed by a cult hero of geeks everywhere, Peter Weller.  Good direction goes hand in hand with good story.  The Strain has gobs of good story and most episodes have been very well directed, but tonight’s episode was exceptional.  Looking forward to next weeks show as the series just keeps getting better and better.

Next Episode: Occultation

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods

Luckily for me I had used Fandango to buy my ticket, because when I showed up at the local cinema I witnessed something that I did not see at Guardians of the Galaxy.  A sold out show and every single one of them a dedicated Dragon Ball Z fan.  I got to see t-shirts that I’m pretty sure were ordered direct from Japan!  Scouters everywhere!  Mom’s and Dad’s taking kids to experience Dragon Ball Z for possibly the first time.  There were even older parents going to see it because the show was such a big part of their child’s after school experience.  Did I mention it was a sold out show?  I would bet that my local cinema signs up for more things like this in the future.

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods

Dragon Ball Z on the Silver Screen

The movie itself was good.  It’s not going to win any fancy awards, but it was a solid DBZ movie.  Not my favorite, and I believe I have seen 13 of the 14 currently released.  Tree of Might is my favorite, by the way.  Well, Broly is pretty awesome.  No, I’m sticking with Tree of Might.

Anyways, if you like the show or the previous movies then you will love Battle of Gods (or Kami to Kami for my anime purists out there).  It’s combines some of the best comedy of the show with some of the best action scenes of the movies.  They also introduce a new Saiyan character (sort of).  The world destroying enemy is the God of Destruction Lord Beerus, an easily upset always hungry cat person.  He sets himself an alarm to wake up and face a prophesied enemy, the Super Saiyan God.  We find all of our familiar Dragon Ball Z characters gathered at Capsule Corp for Bulma’s birthday, except for Goku.  Goku is training with King Kai, mostly to avoid the party.

Battle of Gods Spoilers

Not only does Lord Beerus not succeed in destroying the Earth, Goku doesn’t actually defeat him.  Nobody does.  He acknowledges that with a little time he might be able to have a worthy opponent.  He did manage to use 70% of his full power.  It was amazing that the Super Saiyan God form that Goku took on actually only lasted a minute or two.  It was during the initial attempts at doing this group activity that it’s revealed to all characters that Gohan and Videl are expecting a baby.  Shenron is summoned and asked how to find or become the god Beerus seeks, and Shenron tells them that it would require five Saiyans giving their power to a sixth.  With Goku being the recipient, Videl steps forward and offers the in utero quarter-Saiyan.  This works out though.  One of the coolest things is that in the end, it’s revealed that Beerus is not the most powerful person in the universe.  Instead, it’s his keeper, Whis.  The very unsuspecting attendant that we really only see eat a lot.  I’m hoping the next movie, which has a Japanese release date of sometime next year (2015) will touch on this character.

This was one of the coolest movie events I’ve been to.  The fan energy and love was so present it was almost another character.  Did you see the movie?  Let us know what you thought in the comments.

New shows coming to our YouTube channel!

Hey folks,

Just wanted to let everyone know that the AnonymousGeek YouTube Channel will soon feature two regularly scheduled shows!

The first will be a podcast style show starting out as audio only, with the plan to eventually move into video.  On it I will talk comic books and comic book movies/tv with regular contributor and co-founder Brock.  He’ll be Skyping in from Tempe, Arizona.  Our plan is to also feature guests on the show, but we do not have a guest schedule at this time.  If you are a comic book creator, or reviewer, and would like to be a guest on the show, please reach out to us on Twitter @anonymousgeek5.  The show will be coming early this Fall.

The Longbox Adventures: Exploring the Latest and Respecting the Greatest!

The second show we’ll be offering revolves around Tabletop gaming, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer Miniatures, Magic: The Gathering, and whatever else we can get our hands on.  This show will offer hands-on visual reviews of the latest rules books, miniatures, games, and more.  It also promises us to teach us all how to play some of these games and give ourselves a big boost to our nerd credit.  Brock will be the primary host, dungeon master, and teacher on this amazing project.  At this time, the only specifics we can release on availability are that it’s coming 2014.

The Dungeon Master’s Vault: Your Place for Boards and Swords!

If you would like to be kept informed about these shows, please use the form below to sign up and be emailed updates about them as we make progress.

If you would like to suggest a guest for The Longbox Adventures or suggest a tabletop game to be reviewed on The Dungeon Master’s Vault, please leave a comment below.

The Strain Episode 4 is burning down the house!

Read about Episode 3: Gone Smooth

In The Strain Episode 4 we pick up where we left off  just after Ephraim has bashed in Doyle’s head after he attacked the CDC team.  The team prep for a makeshift autopsy, but first we touch base with “survivor” Ansel.  He definitely understands that something bad is happening to him and sends his children away.  We also check back in with Stoneheart Group’s favorite driver, Gus (played by Miguel Gomez).  We spend a lot of time with Gus in this episode.

The Strain Episode 4: Gus

 The Strain Episode 4 Explains Vampire Anatomy with Great Detail.

Back at the autopsy, Eph explains that the infected lose their genitals because their systems have changed to excrete feces and urine through the same opening… like a bird.  He also discovered that behind the lashing stinger that comes out of the mouth is a giant, gruesome worm that lives in the host.  Most of this stuff we had pretty much figured out, but going forward there will be definite spoilers.

The Strain Episode 2 Spoilers

Gus got his hands a little dirty by stealing a car, so it looks like he’s not necessarily done with a life of crime.  I get the feeling we’re going to get Gus involved more actively starting very soon.  He did return Setrakian’s clock to him so at least there was some interaction there.  I was a little disappointed that we didn’t touch on Fet, but there was a lot going on with Eph.  Jim (Sean Astin) finally confessed to letting the box out of the airport, which was just another button getting pushed for Ephraim.  After so many things happening in a matter of so few hours, Eph was very agreeable to joining up with Abraham for the hunt.  Heck, I would have joined up with him after seeing how well he handles that silver sword cane.  Impressive.  But..  Nora not so much, hence the title of this week’s episode “It’s Not for Everyone”.  I might be getting a little ahead of myself.  Anyways, I think we’ll be seeing just who it is for in the next episode.

Ansel’s wife did return and find him very much not the same and he had even locked himself up in the shed..  His outward physical changes were a lot slower than his inner changes.  Also the creature was speaking through Ansel, something we haven’t seen yet.  In a surprise turn of events, Ansel’s wife actually feeds an angry neighbor to him to keep the police from getting involved.

The Strain Episode 4: Stoneheart Group

Stoneheart Group managed to get a hacker involved that brought the Internet in New York to unusable speeds.

The episode ends with Abraham being a total bad ass and saving Ephraim and Nora from a monstrous Emma and her newly infected Dad.  Ephraim is totally on board with Abraham’s plan, and so we actually get to see what we can expect going forward.  Very exciting.

Next Episode: Runaways

Sailor Moon Crystal Debut Episode for Sailor Mars

Debut Episode for Sailor Mars

This week was the debut episode for Sailor Mars.

So, last week I was finally able to unpack and reread the first three chapters of my Sailor Moon manga to refresh my memory. So far, Sailor Moon Crystal is following the manga very closely with only a few alterations. A few that I noticed this week: The communicator watches weren’t explained/tweaked upon receipt, Mamoru did not over hear Luna talking on the bus, Usagi and Mamoru did not postulate that each other resembled their transformed counterparts, and it wasn’t really clear if Jadeite was killed. I guess we’ll just need to see how the next episode kicks off in two weeks. I was happy that we encountered two more of the four kings (just like in the manga) and that their rivalry seems to be intact.

On a separate topic: I enjoyed the shortened transformation scene of Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury in this week’s episode. Also, the theme song “Moon Pride” by Clover Z went on sale this week. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is for sale in the iTunes store. I watched the video for the full version of Moon Pride, and I really like the song in its entirety. I haven’t been able to really embrace it as it is in the opening sequence yet. I think it must be a combination of nostalgic attachment to Moonlight Densetsu, the sheer awesomeness of Moonlight Densetsu, and not the right editing possible for Moon Pride.

I am so excited that we are only four weeks away from Jupiter’s debut episode. She has always been my favorite senshi. I do wish that they wouldn’t have forgone the scene where Usagi and Mamoru begin to recognize each other as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen. However, I loved this episode, the two before it, and the accuracy to the original material.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment below to share what you liked/disliked about the debut episode for Sailor Mars.

First Look at The Flash coming to the CW this Fall

Back in 1990 there was a TV show that lasted only a season. It could be said that it was an ‘okay’ show… buuut lets leave it alone. What I am about to review only a few have seen and it is GLORIOUS!!! I was very lucky to have the opportunity to get a first look at The Flash, the new show coming to the CW this Fall.

Editor’s note: The Flash pilot appeared publicly on a popular video website, but has been removed due to copyright violation.  The editor and contributors of do not condone internet piracy or copyright violation.

The Story

The first episode moves along at a nice steady pace, has excellent character development, and has a strong foundation so long as they stick to the source material. Like most new shows involving superheroes of late it starts off with a tragedy. Young Barry sees his mother being attacked by yellow streaks of lightning that has the form of a man in it (gee, could this be a setup) and somehow Barry finds himself suddenly down the street. He manages to get back to his house only to find his father under arrest and his mother dead.

Now we fast forward, Barry is now a CSI that is always late, but excellent at his job, and has a knack for science (not surprised). On this particular day we see Barry go to an unveiling of some new kind of technology at Star Labs with a friend, who later gets mugged. Barry tries and fails to stop the attacker. However, later that same night something goes wrong and Star Labs goes ‘BOOM!’ and a massive electrical storm grows over the city. A single bolt from this storm lands in Barry’s lab striking him and knocking him into his array of chemicals and sends him into a coma.

Nine months go by until Barry awakes to discover that he has changed. It is a gradual change that appears to be just his physical appearance, but he quickly (pun intended) learns of the other aspects of his change.

The Cast

The CW has done so well with the success of Arrow and it seems to have carried over to The Flash. Grant Gustin, whom is playing Barry Allen, may look wiry but I feel that is what the Flash would look like. He has a runner’s build which is exactly how I would picture the Flash. Jesse L. Martin, Detective Joe West, acts as an un-official guardian for Barry after the death of his mother and incarceration of his father. He has tried to convince Barry of his father’s guilt only to learn that what Barry saw that night was true and becomes one of the few that know about Barry’s new found power. Tom Cavanagh, Harrison Wells, is the man behind the new tech of Star Labs, as well as the accident that occurred. Wells along with his team help Barry to understand and harness his new talents.

First look at The Flash Suit

First Look at The Flash Suit

Now I know this is one of the key points about the new show that you uber geeks want to hear about. Well, at least not this episode, Barry’s suit doesn’t come out of a ring but the look is modern and it is very fitting. It is supposedly made of a highly heat retardant material designed for fire fighters which works perfect for Barry, as you will see in the episode he ran so fast that his coat caught on fire as he was running to Starling City (oh, that means what you think it does). Which brings me to my top three likes about this pilot episode.

Three Likes

First Look at The Flash - John Wesley Shipp

John Wessley Shipp: Then and Now

First has to do with Harrison Wells. Yes he appears to be a man crippled by the accident but there is more to him and I look forward to how it plays out. Second, as I alluded to a moment ago, Oliver Queen does have a cameo in this episode which leads me to believe there will be more probably for both shows (gee, took DC long enough). And finally, and this is the best one, John Wesley Shipp is playing Barry’s father! For those of you that are too young to remember he played Barry Allen in the 90’s version of the Flash TV show. I find this to be the best in that it ties both the old show with the new.
I have nothing but positive feelings about this show. I can’t wait to see it’s official air date. I just hope that it will be just as successful as Arrow and that it will spawn more DC characters to get their own shows. Only time will tell.

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers and Spoiler-free section

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers Free

The first few parts of this review will have no Guardians of the Galaxy spoilers, and there will be a banner that says “spoilers ahead” when I start telling all.  Guardians is hands down the best movie I’ve seen all year, or in recent years for that matter.  This movie is exactly what Marvel needed following Iron Man 3.  Don’t get me wrong, Captain America and Thor’s recent movies were good, but they don’t have the comedic punch that Iron Man has.  I really feel that the ball got dropped in Iron Man 3, and that’s ok, because it seems that Guardians of the Galaxy are picking up that role.  This movie is really impossible to pin down.  It has great drama, action, and comedy.  It’s exactly what the end of Summer of needed.  Marvel studios have announced plans for a sequel in about 3 years.  This could be before the big Avengers 3 movie.  It’s a long road to see Thanos as the big bad guy, but Guardians takes more steps than previous movies.  You’ll get to have these Infinity Stones all the uber geeks have been talking about actually explained to you in the movie (in case you’ve never read the comics saga).

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers - Infinity Stones

Special effects and make up really pull you into this alien world.  Computer generated Groot and Rocket were very well done and blended in perfectly with everyone else.  This is definitely a must-see movie!  I’ll also add that if you have any Marvel background at all, there will be something or some name that you recognize.  They very effortlessly used more references than I could count.  I say effortlessly because it did not burden the movie or make it inaccessible.  Ok, I think that’s all I can say without geeking out and spoiling something for you, so if you’re ready let’s really get down and dirty with some good Guardians of the Galaxy spoilers!

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers!

So, Star Lord aka Peter Quill has a pretty rough thing happen to him back in 1988.  His mom dies, and then he’s essentially abducted by extraterrestrials.  We find out later that Peter’s dad is alien and that the abductors were supposed to be delivering young Peter to his father.  Instead they raised him to be a Ravager, a sort of Space Pirate Junker type.  We get introduced pretty well to Marvel’s Outer Space universe, including the Kree and the Nova Corps.  The entire plot of this movie revolves around Kree fanatic Ronan trying to get his hands on a sphere that contains one of the Infinity Stones (more on that later) as part of a deal with Thanos.  We see a ton of Thanos in this movie.  You hear about how he tortured and transformed his “daughters” into weapons, and it’s definitely understood that he is a bad dude.

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers - Ronan

Ronan The Accuser wielding the Stone of Power in his hammer.

The Infinity Stone of this movie, which was purple, almost made it’s way into the hands of The Collector.  His last appearance was at the end of Thor 2: The Dark World.  Follow the link for the review.  At that time, Volstagg and Sif were leaving the Aether with him.  Funny enough, the Aether has been identified as an Infinity Stone, just not a particular one.  They have also said that they may not be exactly like the gems in the comics.  Color is a big indicator here.  There’s actually a wikipedia article for the gems so you can read about the original colors and powers.  I’ll show you the current movie take.

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers - Infinity StonesAs you can see, they’re not sticking to the original color / power chart.  But who cares really?  Not this guy.  At the end of Guardians we know that the Stone of Space is in Asgard, the Aether is with The Collector, and the Stone of Power is with the Nova Corps on Xandar.  It seems that the third Avengers movie, which will feature Thanos as the main villain and will tie in every single character Marvel Studios has the rights to, will start with Thanos or his pawns hitting several locations of the Marvel universe to gather the Infinity Stones.  Should make for an action packed start to an already epic scale movie.

Let’s talk about the end of the movie now.  Nebula, portrayed by Karen Gillam, was a fierce adversary in this movie and in the end managed to get away.  That definitely helps answer the question of whether or not Nebula could help in saving the Universe from Thanos.  I’m going to go with a yes to that one.  I’m hoping that she will pop up elsewhere and try to not be so evil.  Her end goal with helping Ronan in this movie was the hope that he would kill Thanos, so she does have that going for her.

After the credits, you don’t exactly get a shawarma scene.  Guardians flipped those on us.  You’ve got to sit through all the credits for the next interesting bit.  What would have been a shawarma scene: Groot as a little tree dancing, was moved to the front of the credits sequence.  So… what was all the way at the end of the credits?  We go back to The Collector sitting amongst his destroyed collection and then get a new character to the mix.  A character that is featured in The Infinity Gauntlet comics saga.  Howard the Duck!

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoilers - Howard the Duck

From the demeanor and style, this is definitely a Howard from the comics and not the Howard from the 80’s movie featuring Lea Thompson.  I guess Marvel figured if the public was ready for Rocket Racoon, they’re ready for Howard the Duck.  Of course, we may not see Howard again until the Avengers 3, but who knows?  After Avengers Age of Ultron some of these smaller characters may be popping up as cameos in all the movies.

If you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy, let us know what you thought by leaving a comment below.