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The Strain Episode 8 Leaves Fire In Its Wake!

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The Strain Episode 8: Ephraim meet Vasiliy

The previews for The Strain Episode 8 revealed that Eph and crew would soon meet Vasiliy Fet, and we were all taking bets as to how soon in the episode that scene would happen.  I was pretty surprised that it followed the opening scene.  Ephraim comes up with the idea of creating artificial sunlight as a weapon and the crew breaks into a medical supply store.  Mistaking them for looters, Vasiliy confronts them at gunpoint in the store.  After some banter and haggling over UV lamps, Setrakian gets Vasiliy to himself to have a conversion about the creatures.  Inside a nearby convenience store our team is buying goods alongside the mysterious hacker that gridlocked the cities data channels.  Outside, however, many vampires are closing in.  Abraham takes out a few and hits many with silver nails using his nail gun.  Everyone retreats inside the store to regroup, but during the retreat Jim gets a scratch from a stinger.  Vasiliy gets the rules from Setrakian on how to kill the vampires, before a store worker makes a run for it and gets attacked.  The hacker attempted to run with him, but stopped short and was pulled back by Ephraim and Nora.  During this time we find out that The Master sees and hears through the other vampires.  Unfortunately, we also find out that Jim has been infected, but Eph is going to try to cut out the worm.

The Strain Episode 8 – Convenience Store Surgery

Eph manages manages to pull out the parasitic worm while Vasiliy and the others are prepping a car for a getaway.  A vampire breaks through the front door as a distraction while another climbs the pole outside to cut power to the store.  As the vampires start to close in all on sides, Setrakian formulates a plan to go for a bread truck in the parking lot.  During the prep-work Setrakian elaborates that Eichorst is special and chosen and granted the ability to retain parts of himself.  During this time we also discover that the parasite inside Jim had multiplied.  Jim volunteers to be put down as he would “rather be dead than turn into one of them”.  Vasiliy is the only one, other than Abraham, with conviction enough to very quickly pull the trigger on Jim which enrages Ephraim.  As the vampires storm and swarm the store, our team makes their break for the truck.  During the escape, Ephraim puts down the bread truck driver, realizing that it is the humane thing to do.  The team makes it away from the convenience store leaving fire in their wake.

The Strain Episode 8: RIP Jim Kent

What a great episode!  Tonight seen Vasiliy Fet join up with our team right at the beginning and we also group up with the mysterious hacker.  Cannot wait to see how the next episode goes, even if I am a little bummed that Sean Astin’s character Jim Kent was killed off.  It’s now public knowledge that FX has renewed the show for a second season, and I couldn’t be happier.  Also, my Mom’s pretty happy about it too!

Next Episode: The Disappeared

A Good Dalek: Doctor Who (Season 8 – Episode 2) into the Dalek

Doctor Who: Into The Dalek (A Good Dalek)

Let me start out by stating that I was not a huge fan of the writing/formatting of this episode. I figured out at least one reason why about 40 minutes in. I still have no idea when this episode takes place. I’m used to hearing about the third or fourth or fifth great and bountiful human empire. Was this battle(?) during one of the human empires? Was this a more modern era like that Christmas special with Kylie Minogue with human-resembling aliens? With out that detail I didn’t really feel a connection to who these people were. I still don’t know how they met the daleks or how vast the fight was. Was it just the one ship? or was this a small piece of some much larger war.

Another minor setback was interpreting the Rusty’s voice from inside the Rusty. Booming echoes aren’t very easily understood.

Doctor Who: Season 8 - Mr. Pink

Clara stepped up in my opinion of her as a companion. She was resourceful and confident in this episode. Any companion who has the nerve to strike the Doctor is doing something right in my opinion. Also, as a teacher-to-be, I appreciated the many references to her profession in this episode. Teachers are awesome, and they should make for amazing companions. However, I was a little shocked at one of her seemingly callous remarks to Mr. Pink about how if there’s more to modern soldiers it’s that they shoot people and then cry about it afterwards. That didn’t seem to have any of the sensitivity that is necessary of a Doctor Who companion. I will be watching this season closely for how Mr. Pink’s background as a soldier is addressed in this season.

This episode seemed be a dark and cynical episode. I suppose some measure of that is to be expected of an episode that is titled “Into the Dalek”. However, I feel like part of the cynicism is to be attributed to the new Doctor. I get it, but his personality is very abrasive so far. Matt Smith had his moments of hostility, especially in his second episode when he lashed out at Amy for choosing to forget, but most of the time he and David Tennant led with kindness and followed up with arrogance/distain for the shortcomings of humans. I am hoping that Capaldi’s Doctor softens over the next few episodes.

Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere - Missy

Overall, this episode was fairly good, but I don’t think that it was as good as any of the other second episodes for newly regenerated Doctors. “The End of the World”, “New Earth”, and “The Beast Below” all rank higher on my list of favorite episodes. I am still excited to see where the writers and actors will take us this season. There was a brief scene featuring Missy once more, so we still have that mystery to unravel. I am also looking forward to the possibility of having two companions again. I really liked the dynamic that two or three companions could bring to Doctor Who.

Read what I thought of the Season 8 Premiere!

BlizzBuzz Episode 3: Dragons and Lizards and Warlords, oh my!

Curse of Naxxramas: the final stage unlocked.

I squared off against Sephiroph with my usual Mage deck and no problems, but wow oh wow Kel’Thuzad… That guy is no joke.  I tip my hat to those that have beaten him on Heroic mode.  It took me forever to get him, but I did get him.  I used a pretty common Priest deck that uses the Divine Spirit / Inner Fire combo.  Oh yeah, you can check out my leftover gold… 15.  BUT!  I didn’t have to spend any real money on Curse of Naxxramas, it was 100% paid for with Quest Gold.

Hearthstone - Kel'Thuzad

Diablo Tavern Talk for Patch 2.1.0

Tavern Talk last Thursday went on a little longer than I thought it would.  They really took a lot of forum and twitter questions.  Biggest things I got from hearing the guys talk about 2.1.0 was Legendary Gems and Critical Strike.  I’m not really going to jump in on the Legendary Gems thing, there is so much information already out there for them.  The doing away with Critical Strike is fascinating though.  So many good reasons that make a lot of sense.  Unfortunately, it’s not going away with this Patch, but maybe in 2.2.0.  They also talked a lot about gear changes and specific class changes.

DDoS attacks by Lizard Squad

A group called Lizard Squad is taking credit for a distributed denial of service (DDoS) series of attacks that happened this past weekend.  Their primary objective seems to have been the Playstation Network (PSN), but also suffered some major blows.  The attacks were highly political in motivation, but I cannot see that they accomplished anything other than denying paying customers access to their digital goods.

Lizard Squad

Warlords Beta gameplay

Whew… Beta gameplay.  I apparently got in on the latest patch, which is apparently the most buggy patch to date (according to players in general chat).  There were lots of quest objective I couldn’t see or had trouble seeing.  I got into Mists of Pandaria somewhat earlier and it was a much smoother experience for me.  The interfaces seem to be mostly unchanged.  The default guided help system drove me a little crazy, but I got it turned off… I think.  Anyways, animations are good and new character models are pretty nice too.  I’d like to compare gear between what my Deathknight has now and what my beta toon has, because it seemed like I was cutting through mobs like nothing.

Be on the lookout next week and be sure to comment on YouTube or Tweet @anonymousgeek5 #blizzbuzz

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Painful Review You Need To Read

I had serious reservations about this movie but still went to see it… only to find that my reservations were well founded. I won’t say it was a horrible movie but it was a horrible let down to a fan such as myself. As a fan of the original movies, 80’s cartoon, and the comics it was rather painful watching this movie. What was so wrong with it, you ask? Let me count the ways.

The Turtles

The turtles have an easily recognizable look and it has carried on even to the movie that was made in 2007. The new look of the turtles is not appealing. Now, I get the reasoning why they made them look the way they did. They wanted their appearance to be an extension of their individual personalities. I get that but I feel they went WAY over the top with some of the designs. Donatello’s look was particularly painful: Glasses! They had him wearing glasses! First, how are they going to find the right prescription? It is not like he can walk into LenCrafters for an eye exam. Second and more to the point, he and his brothers were exposed to a mutagen that made them grow, develop vocal cords, gain superhuman strength, and take to martial arts like a bird to the wind. So, I seriously doubt the mutagen wouldn’t have given them excellent eye sight.

TMNT - Donatello in glasses

Shredder and The Foot Clan

I get that like everything these days that are being rebooted or redefined a big part of that is modernizing the feel and look. The Foot Clan in this movie seem more like thugs with delusions of being covert, special forces wanna-bees. None of them seemed to have any knowledge of martial arts of even the simplest form and relied heavily on automatic weapons. Another thing, they are pinning the Foot as a terrorist organization. I get there are terrorists in the world but I feel it is a bit over played. The Foot led by Shredder were a criminal empire that wanted to control not to destroy.

Now the Shredder, oh the Shredder, they put him in an exo-skeleton suit. Yes, we are in a new century where technology is the norm and can be used for many great and wonderful things BUT a man such as the Shredder I seriously doubt would ever use such a thing. It would really limit his mobility I don’t care how they made it look in the movie, I still question it. Even in the first movie from the 80’s they had Shredder wearing a cape but when it came to fighting the Turtles he removed it.

TMNT - Shredder

April O’Neil

This has got to be the worst choice ever for a representation of April. I was near tears (not really but you get what I am saying). I had qualms when they got Sarah Michelle Gellar to voice April in the CGI movie of 2007, but she grew on me. It would have been a better, believable casting choice if they had gotten her (Sarah) in her Daphne red wig than seeing Megan Fox. Her portrayal of April was laughable at best, a tragedy at worst. I did not believe for a second that she was April at all.

TMNT - April


I would be lying if I said there was nothing about this movie that I liked but there were a few things. First, in the lab where the Turtles were given the mutagen we see a canister with the letters ‘TGRI’ on it. Second, Will Fichtner mentions that they had considered using rabbits instead of turtles which made me think of Miyamoto Usagi. Finally, we get to see the Turtle Bus! I have been waiting to see the Turtle Bus in the movies and they finally did it.  (Editors note: think Party Wagon)

Final Thoughts

If I had kids of my own I would take them to see this movie but would enlighten them later on to the greatness of the Turtles  and let them enjoy the movie as it stands. COWABUNGA!!!

The Strain Episode 7 Leaves No Corrupted Alive

Read about Episode 6: Occultation

The Strain Episode 2 Spoilers

Tonight opened with the lawyers husband arriving back in New York and receiving a call from the Nanny warning him that his wife is not well.  From there he hops a taxi home and finds many infected.  Once inside the house, he finds his wife, but not exactly as he had left her.  It took a while, but it looks like she went through all the changes and is not a vampire.  A good action packed start to The Strain Episode 7: For Services Rendered.

Coming back to Abraham’s place, Nora and Ephraim get the primer on vampires and The Master.  Abraham Setrakian’s new plan involves going after The Master.  Then we flash back to 1944 Poland where we get to see Eichorst at his Nazi worst.  Brandishing a confiscated Jewish talisman, he begins interrogating the workman in the shop.  Abraham is the wood worker in question and he gets taken for a special project, creating The Masters coffin.  Gus is being processed by the police, but they will not heed his warnings about the monster he encountered.  Jim is packing for the trip with his wife Sylvia to Palo Alto to get her treatment.  She senses something is wrong, but Jim denies it.  It gets harder to deny when Eph, Nora, and Abraham show up.

The Strain Episode 7 - Eichorst

Eichorst holding the talisman.

Ephraim spills all the beans about Jim’s involvement and the current outbreak.  Sylvia denies everything they’re saying, even when it’s from Jim.  Abraham has Jim describe the German he’s been working for and confirms that it is Thomas Eichorst.  He tells the story behind himself and Eichorst.  Apparently, Eichorst was a particularly nasty Nazi, not just a follower.  Back with the lawyer’s Nanny, her daughter, a nurse, is going to return the children.  Onward to Stonheart Group, we see Eldritch recovering from his surgery as Eichorst enters to discuss the overarching plan.  We get to hear a voice message Jim left for Eichorst through Eldritch.  Our heroic team is attempting to draw Eichorst out in an attempt to get to The Master.

In lockup with Gus we see that Felix is very sick as the infection is raging through him.  Unfortunately they’re both locked in a holding cell with about a dozen others.  Back with the team, Abraham is still trying to win them over on the merits of silver against the vampires.  We get another flash back to the work shop where a young Abe has stolen a piece of silver cutlery from the adjoining smelting room.  He gets an unexpected visit from a drunken Eichorst.  After arguing politics for a few minutes, Eichorst offers our young Setrakian a choice to try to grab his pistol from the table and kill him.  Abraham does not accept the offer and chooses to continue his work.

Following the Nanny, we arrive at the lawyer’s house and the children blindly run inside and find their father dying and are attacked by their mother.  She attempts to give chase, but sunlight keeps her at bay.  Unfortunately they are trapped in the house due to locked doors.  At the meet up, Jim comes face to face with Eichorst, who senses not only the trap but also Abraham.  Eichorst threatens to kill Sylvia and walks away.  He seems to be luring our team into a new trap.

The Strain Episode 7 – Traps for Everyone!

The traps appears to be just for Setrakian, but Eph and the others are moving quickly to intervene.  This is very much a game of cat and mouse, but our mouse has friends with silver bullets who just make it time.  Flashing back again we see that Abraham finished the coffin in his workshop.  Back at the lawyers house we meet a new character!  A strange hooded vampire saves the Nanny and children with a stake gun.  With a small group behind him, he inspects them for the infection.  Unfortunately, the Nanny’s daughter was “corrupted” and he puts a stake in her head.

The flash backs really made The Strain Episode 7 fantastic.  It interwove a lot of what we knew with the characters we love.  The new hooded vampire may remain a mystery next episode too, but we did see Ephraim meeting Vasiliy!

Next Episode: Creatures of the Night

Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere

Just in case you needed to know:

Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere - Spoilers

In the newest episode of Doctor Who we find both Clara and the Doctor struggling with the Doctor’s new face/persona. In one chilling scene we see the new Doctor abandon Clara in the enemy’s clutches, after she had come back for him to insist that he leave. Clara doesn’t believe that she understands or knows the Doctor any more. Meanwhile, the Doctor is bewildered by the recognition he feels towards his new face. He mentions that it feels as though he is leaving himself a message, but he would rather just know why his face looks familiar and why he chose it. I am very anxious to see where this branch of the plot will go and how soon it will be wrapped up. I was actually wondering about this very situation about a week before the premier. The show has a track history of acknowledging when the same actor or actress is used in more than one role, but in this case there would be no one to remember the father of the family in Pompeii.

Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere: Vastra

We rejoined Vastra, Jenny, and Strax in this episode. I have enjoyed every episode I’ve seen with these characters, and tonight’s was no exception. Their chemistry is as vibrant as always, and we even got to see some slightly romantic moments between Vastra and Jenny.

Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere – “Did he or didn’t he?”

The big question I am left with after the premier episode of Doctor Who is “Did he or didn’t he?” The big showdown between the Doctor and the enemy was a battle of the wills. Did the Doctor have it in him to murder, or did the enemy have the ability to end his own life.

Another mystery unveiled is how Clara obtained the TARDIS phone number last season – a mysterious woman is tangling with the relationship, presumably keeping Clara and the Doctor together.

To top it all off, another mystery is presented in the final moments. We are introduced to a strange woman in Victorian garb. She claims that the Doctor is her “boyfriend”. My initial reaction to this was offense. How could anyone presume to replace River Song?! However, now that I have had time to step back and take a deep cleansing breath I can examine this comment as an exaggeration, a ploy, or fact. This is a new Doctor. He could develop a new love interest, but that would still be my least favorite option.

Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere - Missy

Could this new woman be the mystery woman who is pulling strings in Clara and the Doctor’s relationship? My first reaction when I heard that a woman gave Clara the number and neither of them placed the ad in the newspaper was… “Uh.. you guys travel in time. Why couldn’t it have been them?” I guess that theory might not pan out now though.

So far, I feel that Clara and the Doctor have begun to find their chemistry and that we can expect many wonderful adventures during this season.

If you enjoyed the Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere, join the conversation on our Facebook page or leave a comment below.

Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For – Spoiler-free Review

“The night is hot as hell. It’s a lousy room of a lousy motel in a lousy city.” – Marv

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

I have to say it is difficult for me to pick a favorite character from the Sin City graphic novels but if I really had to Marv would be the winner with John Hartigan a very close second. He is a mad man with scruples, can take a hit (fist, brick or bullet) and keep on coming with an air of chivalry. And when I heard that Troublemaker Studious was coming out with Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, I was a happy camper (even though it took nearly a decade for it to be made.

Much like the first Sin City it starts off with a twist but instead of Josh Hartnett and a woman in a form fitting red dress it is my man Marv retracing his steps of destruction and mayhem.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For – Story

Now, I need to be up front, I still haven’t read any of the Sin City graphic novels (slapping hand, bad Geek) so I am not sure if everything that occurred in this film is all from A Dame to Kill For or if it included additional material from the other graphic novels like how the first movie was done. There were three characters that the movie followed with a lot of crossover of many of the characters from the comics: Dwight (Josh Brolin), Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), and Nancy (Jessica Alba).
We follow Dwight acting like a P.I. taking photographic evidence of infidelity to his office, then to Katie’s where he meets up with Eva Green, The Dame to Kill For. From there it is a roller coaster of tobacco, booze, sex, betrayal, and violence of the brand only Frank Miller can provide. At this point it is hard to say any more without giving away spoilers (although, if you have already read the comics it really isn’t spoilers).


The interconnection of all the characters, no matter how loose, is one of the things I love about this series. Sometimes the impact is small, other times they are alongside one another breaking skulls. Marv is actually the one that did a lot of the interacting in this one. First by helping Dwight with a little breaking and mangling, then assisting Nancy on her quest for revenge.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For - Nancy (Jessica Alba)

Also, the way it was filmed still made it feel like a comic. This was what had a lot of people complaining back when the first movie came out. It is a comic book movie and that is what we got with this one. The action is over the top, superhuman at times, which just looks awesome on the big screen!


This is really more like nit-picking but it gets to me. I do not like issues of continuity. I get that actors have other obligations or their own purgative when it comes to what role they play but if they take on the mantle of a role then they should make sure they are available to reprise said role. Don’t get me wrong I like Josh Brolin and thought he did an excellent job as Dwight but when they did the whole face changing thing, which was mentioned in the first movie, they could have brought Clive Owen back for that part at least.

However, I do have to point out that even though this a comic book movie and, in a fashion, a continuing story it felt rushed. Maybe it is just me but it didn’t have the smooth flow of a story being told at a relaxed pace. Again, maybe it is just me.
“Walk down the right back alley in Sin City and you can find anything… anything.”

BlizzBuzz Episode 2: Reaper of Consoles

News from Gamescom2014 in Cologne, Germany.  Joshua Mosqueira, Game Director, Diablo 3 and Matthew Berger, Senior Level Designer, Diablo 3 tell us that Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition includes a feature called Nemesis.  If your friend dies a creature may form from them that looks like them and attacks you, if it kills you it becomes even more powerful and hunts down someone else on your friends list.  If you kill the Nemesis, you receive some great loot and will send good loot back to the player that died and spawned the Nemesis.

If you link your Diablo 3 console account to your account, you can carry over your characters to Reaper of Souls. Playstation has some exclusive goodies including a Last of Us Nephalem rift and Shadow of the Collosus transmog gear.

On the show, I also showed off this awesome sword I ordered from my local comic shop.

NECA Diablo 3 sword


This is El’Druin from NECA toys and is an amazingly detailed plastic replica.  Wish they would do more like this.  Hopefully the relationship between Blizzard and NECA blossoms.


Curse of Naxxramas: Construct Quarter

Here is the deck list I used against Patchwerk:

BlizzBuzz Episode 2: Patchwerk Warrior Deck

The Strain Episode 6 has a new plan!

Read about Episode 5: Runaways

Occultation opened with this very sci-fi scene of New York from space and followed a telecom satellite slowly passing over while we were fed all the goings on.  Everyone seems to be talking about the upcoming eclipse.  Like last week’s episode, The Strain episode 6 “Occultation” was directed by Peter Weller.

The Strain Episode 2 Spoilers

Eichorist has some guy locked up in a room chained to some medieval-like torture system, and feeds on him.  Eph’s wife gets a call in person from the FBI.  Fet’s still recovering from his experience in the sewers.  Eichorst pulls Gus in for more work.  Zach sees his dad on TV “wanted” as Eph runs into the house to warn his wife to get Zach out.  Kelly pushes back but her new boyfriend calls the FBI who arrive promptly and take Ephraim into custody.

Kelly tells off the new boyfriend, Matt, and takes Zach after he flips out about the Eph situation.  Abraham goes to the next person on the list and finds dishes and food still on the dining table and an empty main floor.  Walking into the basement looks like something out of a horror movie, but quickly finds multiple infected and goes to work with his sword and takes one down before having some sort of medical episode.  Fighting his way out with his silver nail gun, he makes it to the kitchen and turns all the gas on.  Back with whats-her-face, the FBI show up as Jim is telling her that Eph was arrested.  Abraham has to take a cab ride back home before the eclipse starts.  Gus meets with Eichorst and after a disagreement gets a taste of the power these vampires possess once they’re fully transformed: Super fast and super strong.  Gus begrudgingly accepts his assignment of moving a body from the morgue.

The Strain Episode 6 - Eichorst

Back at FBI HQ, Ephraim is being interrogated and abused by agents.  Gus’s wheel-man turns out to be Jim Kent.  Nora takes her mother to Abraham’s.  Fet returns to his office to find it deserted.  Even cellphones were left behind.  His boss is infected and after attacking Fet gets fried in the sunlight as does Loretta (the flirty coworker).

FBI HQ: Eph gives the whole story to the FBI and tries to get the agents to follow him for the answers.  Back at Kelly’s house, she’s boozing it up with a friend instead of fleeing the city.  Jim and Gus got Cpt Doyle’s (no relation) body and dumped it in the river.  Fet pays a visit to his folks.  It’s blatantly obvious of the falling out between them regarding his chosen profession.  Moments before the eclipse, we’re back with Kelly and Zach.  Talking about what had happened with the FBI and deciding if they should leave the city like Eph said.

The Strain Episode 6 – The unfortunate return of the Medical Examiner

The Eclipse hits the city and the first vampire comes out.  It’s the medical examiner. Needsless to say, Eph doesn’t have to worry about the FBI Agents anymore.  Matt is at work worrying about Kelly when one of his employees comes into the back injured and attempts to confront two vampires.  In a strange turn of events, Gus and Felix run into the M.E. which Gus whacks with a pipe, but not before Felix gets infected.  The police show up just in time to take them both into custody.  Ephraim finally makes it to Abraham’s and finds Nora Martinez with her mother.  Abraham announces that they are both ready and he has a new plan.

This was a very fast moving episode and really tried to touch on almost every character.

The Strain Episode 6 - Eclipse

This promo image certainly makes sense now.

Next Episode: For Services Rendered

BlizzBuzz Episode 1: Warlords and Peons

Today AnonymousGeek launched a new show on it’s YouTube channel.  BlizzBuzz is a show dedicated to all things Blizzard Entertainment.  On the premiere show I discussed the Cinematic reveal for Warlords of Draenor that happened today and the beautiful update to Blizzard’s Career Site.


So, during the big live event in Los Angeles this morning, Blizzard had a couple game designers come out and basically run down most of the stuff they said on WoW-Source.  Read our shortened article instead of watching the video.  The biggest addition they had was stating that there would be a special currency in Warlords (fragments) and that in the PVP zone Ashran, you would be able to loot a defeated player for half of their fragments.  This adds a whole new twist to WoW that hasn’t been seen since Diablo 2.  Before rolling the highly anticipated Cinematic, they unveiled and premiered a video short series titled Lords of War.  There will be 5 episodes to this and will be spread out leading up to the release of the Warlords of Draenor on Novemeber 13, 2014.

Warlords of Draenor Release Date


Now is the time to join Blizzard.  If this is your industry and you want to work for the best, I would definitely recommend getting into Blizzard if you can.  Their service awards are just fantastic.  A sword for 5 years of service?  I once worked for a company that gave you a $3 pen for sticking it out with them for 5 years.  Don’t get me started on the epic 20 year service award…  With Project: Titan gearing up to hopefully make some big progress over the next year, you want to get in now and be involved with the game that most people agree will definitely change the industry.  Just check out the beautiful new careers website.


It is the goal of BlizzBuzz to be uploaded and public on our YouTube Channel every Tuesday.  If you have a comment or question for me and don’t want to leave a comment here, then tweet @anonymousgeek5 and use the hashtag #blizzbuzz