Monthly Archives: August 2014

The Strain Episode 8 Leaves Fire In Its Wake!

 Read about Episode 7: For Services Rendered The previews for The Strain Episode 8 revealed that Eph and crew would soon meet Vasiliy Fet, and we were all taking bets as to how soon in the episode that scene would happen.  I was pretty surprised that it followed the opening scene.  Ephraim comes up with the idea… Read More »

BlizzBuzz Episode 3: Dragons and Lizards and Warlords, oh my!

Curse of Naxxramas: the final stage unlocked. I squared off against Sephiroph with my usual Mage deck and no problems, but wow oh wow Kel’Thuzad… That guy is no joke.  I tip my hat to those that have beaten him on Heroic mode.  It took me forever to get him, but I did get him.… Read More »

BlizzBuzz Episode 2: Reaper of Consoles

News from Gamescom2014 in Cologne, Germany.  Joshua Mosqueira, Game Director, Diablo 3 and Matthew Berger, Senior Level Designer, Diablo 3 tell us that Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition includes a feature called Nemesis.  If your friend dies a creature may form from them that looks like them and attacks you, if it kills you it… Read More »

The Strain Episode 6 has a new plan!

Read about Episode 5: Runaways Occultation opened with this very sci-fi scene of New York from space and followed a telecom satellite slowly passing over while we were fed all the goings on.  Everyone seems to be talking about the upcoming eclipse.  Like last week’s episode, The Strain episode 6 “Occultation” was directed by Peter… Read More »

BlizzBuzz Episode 1: Warlords and Peons

Today AnonymousGeek launched a new show on it’s YouTube channel.  BlizzBuzz is a show dedicated to all things Blizzard Entertainment.  On the premiere show I discussed the Cinematic reveal for Warlords of Draenor that happened today and the beautiful update to Blizzard’s Career Site. Warlords So, during the big live event in Los Angeles this… Read More »