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WoW Source Episode 3 – TL;DW (Too Long; Didn’t Watch)

In WoW Source Episode 3, Morgan Webb sits down with some Blizzard designers and talks PVP and Class Changes you can expect in Warlords of Draenor.  Since the video is a little over 30 minutes long, I thought I would give you the highlights in a “Too Long; Didn’t Watch” post.  Feel free to skip… Read More »

Is the new Transformers movie a success?

The question that everybody has been thinking or asking that hasn’t seen Age of Extinction yet is “Is the new Transformers movie a success?”  I was so happy to learn that Shia LaBeouf was out of the latest movie.  Megan Fox’s character was so useless in Revenge of the Fallen, and LaBeouf’s character was equally as… Read More »

Price details for Curse of Naxxramas

Yesterday, July 8th, Blizzard took a big step forward with the long awaited Adventure Mode for Hearthstone and announced the price details for Curse of Naxxramas.  With the announcement were some other announcements that caught me off guard. Price The picture above shows that each of the wings will cost you 700 in game Gold.… Read More »