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The Strain Episode 3 Knocks us out! Again and again!

The Strain Episode 3

Jim Kent meets Thomas Eichorst

Read about Episode 2: The Box

“Gone Smooth” – The Strain Episode 3

This weekend found me moving into a new house, and luckily I had time to stop and watch The Strain Episode 3.  Let me just get this out of the way real quick…

The Strain Episode 2 SpoilersSo, the title caught me off guard, and even as the show started I was a little puzzled by it.  By the way, the introductory scene this week was Thomas Eichorst putting on all his facial prosthetics and makeup.  Not a scene from the book series, but awesome all the same.  You get to see that underneath all that makeup and stuff, that he’s a pretty grotesque looking vampire.  I’ll come back to the show’s title.

As I predicted last week, we got to see a lot more of Vasiliy Fet, played by Kevin Durand.  We even get to see the scene with all the rats of New York going crazy.  I had hoped there would be some crossover between Fet and our main characters.  There was not.  Looks like that may not happen until episode 5.

Even though there wasn’t a lot of advancement with Setrakian, my favorite character, I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  In the first picture up there, you see that Kent meets with Eichorst at the Stoneheart Group and gets himself in a lot deeper than he already was.  Now we know why he is in with Stoneheart though, which sort of gives Kent an underdog quality that we all know Sean Astin can play perfectly.  His wife has a rare form of cancer and he’s doing everything he can for money and favors to get her experimental treatment.  You might feel terrible, like me, for thinking he was playing a simple double-crossing villain.  When in fact, it’s so much more complicated than that.

The Strain Episode 3 – “Gone Smooth”

The Strain Episode 3 - Gone Smooth

By staying with our favorite rock star, Gabe Bolivar, we discover two things about this episode.  The first involves all the physical changes everyone seems to be going through, and the second is the title of the show.  We seen hair loss last week, and with this week’s intro scene we find out that there might be a lot more to lose.  It almost seems fitting that they use Gabe to show us certain parts of the transformation.  Gabe’s genitals just fall off after a day of pain and leave him with nothing, like a Ken doll.

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Next Episode: It’s Not for Everyone 

Guy Hasson Interview – From New Worlds Comics to Wynter

Recently, I reviewed a digital comic called Wynter.  I had the opportunity to interview the books creator and writer, Guy Hasson, and took it.  So be sure to check out my review of Wynter and Brock’s review of Goof from New Worlds Comics.

Guy Hasson – Crafter of New Worlds and Digital Comics Businessman

Doyle:  I noticed a strong George Orwell 1984 influence in Wynter.  Maybe I’m wrong.  What was your inspiration for the world?

Guy Hasson

Guy Hasson

The world in Wynter came from the concept: Suppose there were so many human beings spread across the galaxy that every DNA permutation that could exist does? So every person that could exist does. Not only that, but there are so many people that every person would have to exist hundreds of thousands of times. Each time they would be born to different parents, in different circumstances, in different places.

I wanted to get to that world, because, in my eyes, it’s just a question of time. And once we get there, how can you ever be unique? I connect all these people through a Facebook/Twitter/Whatever in their brains that immediately logs all emotions and thoughts. So the AI in your head can tell you that emotion you just felt? Exactly the same emotion was felt by 5 billion people in the last five seconds. And a small blink will lead you to find out more about them.

Wynter takes place in a future where there are no limits to space or human societies. Everything is possible. But no one can be special. It’s the most open prison in the world – and the prison bars are simple and true facts: Everything you do has been done millions of times. Every emotion and thought you have has been felt and thought of millions of times over.

That’s how the massive galactic world in Wynter came to be.

Doyle:  My family and friends love reading independent comics from publishers like Archaia, Dark Horse, and Image.  Was Wynter shopped around to any publishers before starting New Worlds Comics?

Guy Hasson:  Wynter was never shopped around. In the short time we’ve existed, and even though we’re still a small company, we’ve been called the best science fiction comic on the market today by Living Myth Magazine and by Adventures in Poor Taste. So I have no doubt that if I had shopped it around, one of the bigger companies would have taken it.

I didn’t create New Worlds Comics because no one would accept the comics we’re creating. I created it because I wanted to craft a new standard of comic books. I wanted to give the artists artistic freedom. I wanted a quality of story no one has. I wanted the stories to appeal to teenagers, of course, but to be complex and good enough to appeal to the most intelligent ones, too, and to the 30-year-old, 40-year-old, 50-year-old (etc.) comics lovers. I wanted to create stories that actually have endings, which allows us to create entirely new types of stories for comics. I wanted to create comic books with women as the main characters, with realistic characters and realistic bodies.

So Wynter is the result. And hopefully the readers will support us in what we do.

Doyle:  I read in the manifesto for New Worlds Comics that you are very pro female characters.  I’m always for good female characters, mostly due to the unrealistic body types mainstream male characters have.  Don’t get me wrong, the big two have some very unrealistic female characters too.  Most guys can’t just lose some weight to realistically cosplay one of their favorite characters.  They’d need to use steroids and hit the gym every day for a year to look like a “hero”.  What’s the story behind the pro female stance at New Worlds Comics?

Guy Hasson:  Do you remember what it’s like to be 15-year-old and love superheroes? You imagined you’re Spider-Man or Superman, and it empowered you. Now imagine what it’s like to be a 15-year-old girl? What empowers you when you read comics? Would you imagine you’re a big busted copy of a hero or maybe just a sidekick or a love interest?

It is a crime that there are almost no main women characters that you can look up to. It’s ridiculous that it hasn’t happened yet. Just ridiculous.

Personally, I’ve always loved writing about women more than about men. I found women more interesting. And when writing women, you can always get to the emotional core immediately. With men you have to first punch a hole in their male ego, and then let them access their emotions. Besides, when men really break, they just collapse to broken, shattered, tattered pieces on the floor. Women can break down and still function just as well. Which behavior is more heroic?

Doyle:  Wynter is a purely digital comic now, but would you consider doing a print version when the current story arc or series is finished?

Guy Hasson:  We are actually discussing doing trade paperbacks of all our titles, once we have 4 issues of each. But that’s not closed yet, so we’ll officially announce in a couple of weeks. Even when we do, at first we ‘ןךך only be in selected indie stores. So if you want to support us, don’t wait. Get on ComiXology and get the digital copies now.

Doyle:  The artwork and lettering on Wynter is amazing.  Definitely better than most digital only comics.  Where did you find Aron Elekes and what was his initial reaction to this scary but all too familiar world you’ve created?

Guy Hasson:  Thanks. Aron Elekes’ artwork is astounding. He treats the work as art, not work. And as such, he gives it everything he’s got, and he puts his soul in it. As you can see, he really connects to the futuristic world, to the darkness, and to the story.

His initial reaction to the work? He quit his job and started working on Wynter even before I could promise that it would be a long-term thing.

Doyle:  Having read issues #1 and #2, I can’t wait to get my hands on #3 which was released last week.  How long will the wait be for the fourth issue?

Guy Hasson:  Issue #4 will be released in October. Let me tell you a little bit about what you’re going to see: The world will suddenly be expanding quite a bit in that issue. We’ll also be introduced to a major character we haven’t seen yet. We’ll learn quite a bit about the last character seen in Wynter #3, about whom I will say nothing. Liz will have to deal with her own personal demons. There’ll be quite a change of pace, and there’ll even be time for something very… steamy. And lastly: I’m going to take a huge bat and hit you over the head with it. That’s what you’re going to feel when you finish reading Wynter #4.

Doyle:  How soon until we see New Worlds Comics in the convention circuits?

Guy Hasson:  That’s going to take a little while. We have a small budget and a very small team. We’re working on releasing another new series and a graphic novel series. We’re working on getting some trade paperbacks out. And we’re working on writing a Wynter pilot for TV. But the official news for that will come another day. Hopefully, next year we’ll be making at least part of the convention circuit.

Doyle:   Thanks for an outstanding interview. I can speak for the comics team at AnonymousGeek, and say that we are very excited to see all the things happening at New Worlds Comics, and look forward to working more with you to get the word out.

Magic 2015 for XBOX 360 reviewed by longtime player


I recently started playing the new Magic 2015 game for Xbox 360. The game is also available on Xbox 1, Steam, PS4, Google’s play store and Apple’s app store. I have played every single one released and I will start by saying this one does not disappoint. If you have never tried one and are a fan of the game from way back in the day, playing at the lunch table in high school like I was, then this is a great way to get back into the game and have very little cost. You can purchase the game from the marketplace for $9.99, it has some additional cost if you want to unlock foil cards or just not bother winning enough to get all the cards but ten dollars will truly get you everything you need.  The game has two modes single player (the campaign) and multiplayer.  Several great things I love about the game and a few that just didn’t quite cut it.

Magic 2015 – The good

Magic 2015

This is the first game that truly lets you build your own deck. The previous title allowed you to do a booster draft and pick cards as well as sort of pick out your own deck but for the most part the campaign felt like you are given a deck or several decks and just unlocking the full potential of the deck. In this one you get a starter deck and each victory nets you booster packs. After I would say about ten victories, you have enough cards to truly rip open the deck and start from scratch. The game has a few little extra things thrown in that to me just made the game awesome. One of these is when you cast a flying creature the card actually hovers over the game board so clearly you know it is a flying creature.

Magic 2015 – The Bad

The multiplayer mode does not allow you to have a truly private game. You can start a game, select the number of players and invite your friends however, you cannot make that game invite only so if a random stranger joins you have to back out and start a new game. Also while this game does have booster packs that you get to open they did away with the complete draft format style of playing which if you have ever been to a local card shop is truly a fun way to play. The standard draft format you have a set amount of booster packs and each player takes one card from the first booster pack and then passes the cards to the left. Then with the second booster they do this and pass to the right. It allows a truly random game experience. I really like this game type and was sad to see it not be included. They also have done away with scenarios. Scenarios can only be won in one manner and are setup to truly teach new players how to be better players. I think this was a foundation piece for the game that should not have been removed. Another pain point at least in the xbox 360 version is the font used in the game it is very small and hard to read even on a 55-inch television.

Magic 2015 - Ajani

Magic 2015 – Overall

Overall the game is great and very fun to play. At a low cost of ten dollars it is well worth the money and I highly recommend checking it out.  For all of the other achievement hunters like myself the game also includes 30 achievements. I give the game 4 out of 5 stars.

Naxxramas Arachnid Quarter Guide

Naxxramas Arachnid Quarter Guide

Due to some video editing issues, this Guide is about a day late.  At the end of the article I’ll have the Naxxramas Arachnid Quarter Guide video embedded.  This Guide is a little more in-depth than the video and will be have some info about the three bosses you face in Hearthstone’s New Adventure Mode.  Please note that this guide is for normal mode and not Heroic mode.  Blizzard really knows how to put the hurt on, by the way.


The great Spider Lord’s hero ability costs him 2 mana and generates a 3/1 spider.  He uses Warlock cards for creature damage and Mage cards for some creature damage and some direct damage.  I didn’t really notice any cards that were exclusive to him, so you have that going for you.  Anub’Rekhan seems to be using an overrun strategy.  If you can manage your spells well or get larger creatures out, you’ll stay ahead of him easily.  Spells that deal damage to all enemy minions are great, but remember to look at those new deathrattle abilities before you pop that spell.

Grand Widow Faerlina

This cult master has a devastating hero ability.  2 mana and she fires a missile at you and your minions for every card in your hand.  Spend them fast or be able to take the damage.  She seemed to wait until mid game to start using the ability though.  She uses the Priest card Dark Cultist and several Warrior cards.

Naxxramas Arachnid Quarter Guide - Dark CultistNaxxramas Arachnid Quarter Guide - Worshipper

Faerlina also has access to her Worshippers, which grant her the ability to attack as long as they are alive.  I managed fine against her with my Mage deck, but if you’re having issues consider using a Rogue deck.  Rogue’s will usually combo their hand empty, which is a slight counter against her hero ability.  Also, dealing damage directly to her, instead of burning through your best cards on her minions, is the best hint I can give.


The Giant spider is very tricky.  She will use her hero ability to the advantage and definitely knows how to combo her own cards.  Beware of getting overrun.  She uses Hunter and Shaman cards, and along with her hero ability of 3 mana to return 2 random enemy minions to the owners hand, she can be very frustrating.  Minions with battlecry are strong against her because you get to keep playing them over and over.  Especially those that summon a minion with their battlecry.  If you can use primarily spells against her, you should also do fine.  That was my advantage as a Mage that doesn’t rely on minions for damage.

Naxxramas Arachnid Quarter Guide Companion Video

New Worlds Comics Goof delivers laughs in a superhero setting

New Worlds Comics Goof

Now, I am picky when it comes to my comics (if you haven’t figured it out by now I am picky about many of the things I like) but I am always willing to give things a try especially when it comes to all things geek and this little gem was brought to my attention. Goof is described as a sexy comedy. Comedy is right with a little sexiness thrown in to keep it lively. Its story flows nicely and doesn’t leave you scratching your head trying to figure out what is going on.

New Worlds Comics Goof – Dirk Daring for a new generation.

New Worlds Comics Goof is the story of the one and only superhero on Earth by the name of Captain Gorgeous (not the name he picked as he states multiple times in the narrative) whom received his powers from a race of aliens known as the Jun. However, as the title implies he ‘Goofs’ a lot while trying to embrace this mantle of responsibility. As to be expected, because of his constant goof ups, he is not really taken all that seriously by anyone even when he does do good without messing up. Captain Gorgeous (and if you haven’t guessed it yet, he is an average looking Joe) doesn’t appear to have too many aspirations other than to prove to the Jun that their giving him his super powers was not a mistake and he has only a month before they return to do it.
My first impression of this comic reminds me a lot of Dirk the Daring. Now for many of you young’ns out there that have no idea what I am talking about… shame on you! Dirk the Daring was the protagonist from Dragon’s Lair. A great game and cartoon from back in the day. He was a knight sent to save the damsel in distress, Daphne, and bumbled his way through many of the challenges he faced, much like the hero in this story.

My detail oriented side has to point out that there are a couple of grammatical errors (mainly missing words or misused words and it doesn’t feel intentional) but they can be easily over looked if you are focused on the story. The artwork is good although the artist changes after the first issue. Coloring is not overstated or dull and the line work is solid in issues two and three; in issue one the coloring was a bit more vibrant.

New Worlds Comics Goof

Issue 2 Page 3

As to the writer of this interesting piece of literature, Guy Hasson, I have to say that I would like to read more of his work just to get a sense of his ability. I tend to like writers that can write more than one type of narrative but even if this is the only thing he has written I have truly enjoyed it and think you all might too.

Editor’s Note: You can get a feel of Guy Hasson’s more serious work in the Sci-Fi comic Wynter (issues 1 and 2 reviewed on AnonymousGeek) but if you’d like to laugh at your superheroes then stay with New Worlds Comics Goof.  Available through the Comixology App.

The Strain Episode 2 Bites deep into the shows premise

The Strain Episode 2

Abraham comes face to face with his Nazi captor from the Stoneheart Group

Read about the Premiere: Night Zero

The Strain Episode 2 – We’ve met the characters and now they get to develop.

Tonight seen the second episode of FX’s new Horror Drama, The Strain, hit the small screen.  After the premiere episode did such a good job introducing us to genuinely interesting characters, the second episode really starts to develop them.  We were introduced last week to a revolving cast of main characters: Ephraim, Abraham, and Eldritch Palmer.  This week expanded upon the problems that Ephraim has been going through in his personal life via some exposition during an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.  Abraham also comes face to face with the Nazi that gave him his number, a Vampire working with Palmer and The Stoneheart Group.  Palmer got a little closer to his goal tonight, which is of course immortality.

The Strain Episode 2 Spoilers

I hope you’ve seen the first episode by now.  The entire premise of the show is Eldritch Palmer’s quest for immortality.  He orchestrates the delivery of The Master, an ancient vampire, to New York City to be given eternal life as a vampire.  Also, he seems to want to spread vampirism and chaos through the city, but the reasons aren’t immediately clear.  I had a feeling that this probably isn’t going to end well for Eldritch, and quietly voiced my concern.  A knowing nod from my Mom (who has read the book series) was all the confirmation I needed.  Palmer’s part of the story was left hanging after The Master reveals his face to him, although in good story telling we the audience did not see The Master’s face.  Also, the “survivors” and victims from the plane are beginning to feed so next week may be an even more gruesome episode.

The Strain Episode 2 introduces the next main character.

Tonight’s episode also seen the introduction of the next main character: Vasiliy Fet.  Fet is an exterminator working for the city in official capacity and, if the tv series continues to follow the books, should prove to become an important member of the team that should start forming in the next episode.  The third episode will premiere at San Diego Comic Con and we’ll try our best to give updates on this and much more through our Facebook and Twitter.

Next Episode: Gone Smooth

Sailor Moon Crystal Mercury Debut

Sailor Moon Crystal - Mercury's Debut

The reboot of the Sailor Moon series, called Sailor Moon Crystal, has aired the second episode. Sailor Mercury made her first appearance and a brief glimpse of Rei was tacked on to the final scene (just like Ami was glimpsed at the end of the first episode). There has been quite a bit of mixed emotions found amongst the American fans. Some dislike the art style, some think that Sailor Moon’s transformation lacked warmth because of the computer generated graphics, and some seem to be missing the “filler”. I will go on record as saying that I love the original series (and when I say original please do not under any circumstance mistake that for the dubbed version). I watched some the original series on TV, but I was never able to catch the whole thing. Later in life I experienced the original Japanese voices and watched the first, second, and third seasons subtitled. I still haven’t seen SuperS (I’m not a big fan of ChibiUsa – or “Rini” as the Dubbers would know her). I have tried not to watch too much of Stars since it isn’t officially dubbed, but I broke down a year or two ago and watched the last ten episodes or so. I stumbled upon the re-release of the manga and devoured each issue as soon as I could find/buy them.

I love the manga.

I love the old show.

They are two very different stories, and I am glad that the manga is being used for Sailor Moon Crystal. I don’t want to see a reboot of the original TV show. I want to experience Naoko Takeuchi’s beautiful artwork and storytelling via the medium of television. I have read complaints about how “skinny” the character designs are. This isn’t really about jumping on some recent bandwagon. Take a look at the source material. This is the way the characters were first drawn. I have seen and own some of the Sailor Moon art books. They are one of my most prized possessions. The artwork is so beautiful and artistic. Sailor Moon Crystal is reaching back to the roots, back to the manga. So far, it seems to be right on the money in that respect (I’ll admit that my manga issues are in storage right now).

Sailor Moon Crystal – Usagi’s transformation is lacking.

So… my opinion of episode two – This is the episode that vindicated one of the fans’ complaints: Sailor Moon’s new transformation is lacking. Why do I think that based on the second episode? I think that, because Sailor Mercury’s transformation had me cheering! It feels right, there’s water-like movement, it reminds me of the original series, but it is different.

I also watched 2 clips of the new dub for the original series. I love the new voice acting. Usagi, Luna, and Mamoru sound young, not annoying, and they have kept their Japanese names. No more Serena!! Hallelujah! However, Luna is no longer an old English nanny. :(

We carry on.

The release date for the blu-ray has also been announced as 11/11/14. Preorders seem to be confined to for now, but hopefully we’ll see that market expand soon.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Sequel to Rise

Planet of the Apes Sequel - Dawn

As Dawn of Planet of the Apes opens, we learn Simian Flu has all but obliterated the human population on earth. This is the much anticipated Planet of the Apes sequel to 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Through a discussion between Caesar (Andy Serkis) and Maurice (Karin Konoval), we learn that it has been ten years since the humans and apes have last had interactions and two years since humans were last seen. In this time, Caesar and his followers have built their civilization in the wilderness, stressing community and respect for each other’s lives. During a shot that scans the Ape colony, “Ape not kill ape” is written on the school wall, reinforcing that belief.

Of course, the humans are not gone for good. They have been creating their own civilization in a building, later called the Human Tower, in downtown San Francisco. While genetically immune to Simian Flu, they have other problems: Are there others left in other cities? What happens when the power supply runs out? Will the nearby apes, who have been angered by a human attack, retaliate? Malcolm (Jason Clarke) volunteers to ask Caesar for permission to access a dam in the Ape colony to restore power, and the two begin to forge a bond of trust between humans and apes. However, when Koba (Toby Kebbell) lets his mistrust of humans and lust for power get the better of him, mayhem and battle ensue.

Planet of the Apes Sequel – “Fantastic” and “Beautiful”

First off, the details in this movie are fantastic. The nature scenes are beautiful, and the Ape colony is well designed. I enjoyed watching nature take over civilization, as evidenced when the apes pass a 76 station covered in vines on their way back from a hunting trip. I also enjoyed the juxtaposition of the Ape colony and the Human civilization and how the film builds up similarities and differences between the two populations. For example, when Caesar has something to say, he raises his hand and the colony get s quiet. When Dreyfus (Gary Oldman) tries to speak, he needs a megaphone to get the crowd’s attention.
The apes do not speak for the entire movie but use a mixture of speaking and signing. This creates some great moments as the actors, ape and sometimes human alike, had to rely on gestures or facial expressions to convey emotion/ intent. In fact, many of the relationship building moments rely on these gestures. The pacing is also good. This little Planet of the Apes sequel runs 130 minutes, but it didn’t seem like we were in the theater that long.

For the most part, the battle scenes were not drawn out to the point that they became boring. There was one moment where I did roll my eyes a bit thinking “Of course they had to knock that down, too.” There were also a few moments in the scripting which were a bit heavy handed. For example , the humans show up right after Maurice and Ceaser talk about them being gone, and we get a couple shots of Ceaser’s son looking pensive before he makes a big decision. I also felt that there could have been a little more development of Koba’s character but he was still developed well enough that his actions didn’t seem jarring.

Planet of the Apes Sequel – “Go see it.”

In all, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is an entertaining couple of hours. Well paced, beautifully shot, and well acted. Go see it. In 3D, if possible.

Planet of the Apes Sequel

New Worlds Comics Wynter no 1 and 2

Wynter is a sci-fi digital comic that will make you stop and think.

New Worlds Comics Wynter is the first comic reviewed on AnonymousGeek, and I couldn’t have found a better book.  Luckily I didn’t have to look at all to find Wynter.  Writer and CEO Guy Hasson reached out to us on Twitter and I am so glad he did.  The company website can be found at

New Worlds Comics Wynter

New Worlds Comics Wynter issue 1

This book throws you into a sci-fi universe governed by a galactic government where humans have populated so many planets that every possible combination of human DNA has already occurred so many times that no one is special.  Also, everyone has a voice in their head that keeps them connected to each other, government statistics, and marketers.  If you own a smart phone, this comic should hit home.  We are quickly becoming an over connected society and some of the initial premises of Wynter are almost natural progressive steps we are taking.  Scary.  Absolutely scary.

Our heroine Liz Wynter is very anti-hero, and I don’t care what Glen Beck says anti-heroes are interesting.  Through just the first two issues we get to see Liz go from nobody special to government enemy.  The story telling does not stop with Liz though.  The government agent sent after her is shaping up to be one of the more fascinating villains I’ve met in a comic book.  Villain may not be the right word for Supreme Agent Alex Grace, after all he is just a guy doing his job.  That job is assassinating those attempting to overthrow the government.

Alex Grace New Worlds Comics Wynter

Wynter #2 pg 6

I am very excited about this book and can’t wait to see the direction it will take.  Issue 3 hit the digital shelves last week, so get yourself the first three issues if you can.  This is a book you do not want to be missing out on.  Nothing seems too taboo for this book.  It is a much more mature book, and the storytelling reflects this in its own maturity.  Before closing this little review, I’d like to touch on one more aspect of Wynter.  The amazing art.  I’ve read a few indie digital only comics and the art was ok at best.  Elekes has a crazy amount of talent and very vividly brings this world to life.  It’s uncommon, if not rare, for a writer and artist to create something new so cohesively, but Hasson and Elekes have done it.

New Worlds Comics Wynter: add it to your digital pull list.

The Strain premiere on FX lives up to expectations

Sat down with my Mom and watched The Strain premiere on FX tonight.  I happened across a copy of The Strain almost a year ago in a bookstore bargain bin.  My Mom happened to be looking for something new to read, and enjoys horror, so I bought it for her.  She loved it.  Read through it and the two sequels as quick as she could get them.  When FX announced the series was coming this summer we were both pretty excited and it was a no-brainer that we would have a small premiere gathering.  With that out of the way, let’s jump into actually talking about The Strain premiere on FX.

The Strain premiere on FXThis show is refreshing in the most unusual way.  It portrays Vampires as scary monsters.  What a concept…  No sparkly or sexy vampires here.  Many thanks to the vision of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan for making vampires scary again.  The series premiere has started out following the book very closely and all the characters are true to their print counterparts.  The opening scene is a little modified, but clearly serves as a better opener for television as it grabs your attention with some action before turning to tense drama with suspense.  The show is gory.  I say that, because articles are already popping up like the gore factor was unexpected.  I could understand that if you did no research about the show or the books.  But it is what it is.  This is a fantastic horror show.

One of the characters I am looking forward to most is Abraham Setrakian.  This old man portrayed by David Bradley (from Harry Potter and others) has some amazing backstory that will take some time for the show to touch on, but is definitely worth the wait.

the strain premiere on fxAnother big surprise to me was Sean Astin.  I didn’t want to spoil too much for myself by researching before watching, but it was good to see him in a new, different role.  I’m very happy about the casting choice because Sean Astin is coming to Wizard World Nashville this year, and is definitely on my list for a photo op or autograph.

With a story and characters closely following the book versions, this is sure to be a success.  The visionary success for at least the premiere is that it was written and directed by Hogan and del Toro, the writers of the book series.  Visually, this has del Toro all over it.  He definitely knows how to make a twisted, amazing world.  I tried to keep this article as spoiler free as possible so there will be some mystery for you to discover on your own.  So, keep your receivers or DVRs pointed to FX on Sundays for The Strain and watch the world change in a scary new way.

Next Episode: The Box